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If Google Chrome starts blocking some ads, would you give up third-party ad blockers?

Google is said to be developing an ad blocker for its Chrome web browser. Sounds weird, right? Google makes most of its money through advertising, so why would the company start blocking ads by default in what’s arguably the world’s most widely used web browser? According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s a self-defense move. […]

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Adblock Plus launches an Android web browser

The makers of Adblock Plus offer web browser plugins that let you surf the web without encountering ads… or at least without seeing ads that have been deemed “acceptable” if you choose not to disable that feature. There are Adblock Plus plugins for a range of browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and for Android […]

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AdBlock Vocab for Chrome replaces online ads with GRE vocabulary words

Folks have been using AdBlock and similar tools to strip ads from webpages almost as long as there have been ads on webpages. But while many of those browser plugins will replace ads with a blank spot on the page, AdBlock Vocab aims to replace ads with something useful: GRE vocabulary words. Basically AdBlock Vocab turns […]

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Google is booting ad blockers from the Play Store, Android

Google recently rolled out updates to Android that, among other things, prevented many popular ad-blocking apps from running on devices that aren’t rooted. Now Google is going a step further and removing a number of ad blockers from the Play Store, which will make it tougher to install those apps even if you do have a […]