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uBlock Origin: How to hide Google’s script blocking warning for websites using Funding Choices

If you’re using uBlock Origin with your web browser to block ads and other scripts, then you may come across messages from time to time asking you to disable your ad blocker because it’s interfering with the page. And sometimes that’s the last thing you want to do. I was recently alerted to the fact […]

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Google to turn on Chrome’s (partial) ad blocker Thursday, Feb 15

As promised, Google has confirmed that this is the week its Chrome web browser will start blocking ads from some websites. The move may seem odd for a company that makes most of its money by selling internet ads. But it makes sense for a company that wants people to keep looking at some ads, because […]

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Firefox 58 released with support for faster graphics, progressive web apps, and tracking protection

Mozilla changed the way the Firefox web browser works with the release of Firefox 57 Quantum a few months ago, by using separate processes to speed up web page loading and bring more stability to the browser. Now the company has released Firefox 58, and this time the company is promising smoother graphics, faster page load […]

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Google’s partial ad-blocker goes live in Chrome Canary/Dev builds (for Android)

Google makes most of its money through online advertising… so it might seem a bit strange that the company is planning to add an ad-blocker to its web browser. But earlier this year Google announced that soon its Chrome web browser would block “annoying, intrusive ads on the web.” You’ll have to wait until 2018 […]

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Opera web browser gets a built-in ad blocker

It’s no secret that many websites would load much more quickly if they didn’t display ads… and many people are also wary of having their data tracked by the companies that serve up those ads. So there’s a growing cottage industry of ad blocking software for desktop and mobile web browsers. Usually if you want […]

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Google open sources Chrome browser for Android, NoChromo makes an ad-free version

Google recently released most of the source code for the Android version of its Chrome web browser. So it was just a matter of time before developers started to build their own browsers based on Chromium. And not surprisingly, one of the first of those browsers is basically Chrome… with a built-in ad blocker. Meet […]

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Google is booting ad blockers from the Play Store, Android

Google recently rolled out updates to Android that, among other things, prevented many popular ad-blocking apps from running on devices that aren’t rooted. Now Google is going a step further and removing a number of ad blockers from the Play Store, which will make it tougher to install those apps even if you do have a […]