Bloomberg: NVIDIA to buy ARM, deal could be announced within weeks

Four years after SoftBank acquired ARM for $32 billion, the company is apparently looking to sell. And NVIDIA wants to buy. Bloomberg reports that the two companies are in advanced talks and could “reach a deal in the next few weeks,” according to anonymous sources… although there’s still a chance that “negotiations could drag on […]

T-Mobile and Sprint merger moves closer after federal judge rules in favor

The four largest wireless carriers in the United States could become three soon. Nearly two years ago T-Mobile announced plans to acquire Sprint, and the merger was approved by the FCC in 2019. But a group of attorneys general from 13 states and Washington DC filed a lawsuit challenging the deal. Today a federal judge […]

Google is buying Fitbit for $2.1 billion, promises Google-made wearables

The rumors were true. Google has announced plans to acquire Fitbit in a deal valued at $2.1 billion. Fitbit is a 12-year-old company that currently dominates the wearable activity tracker space, but which has struggled to move beyond fitness devices. Google, meanwhile, has been developing software for wearables for the past five years… but the […]

WSJ: Intel considers buying Broadcom… which wants to buy Qualcomm… which is buying NXP…)

It’s starting to look like semiconductor companies are intent on eating each other up until only one is left standing. The latest development? The Wall Street Journal reports that Intel is considering making a bid to acquire Broadcom. Broadcom is the company that’s been trying to initiate a hostile takeover of Qualcomm. And Qualcomm is […]

Qualcomm’s not completely opposed to Broadcom’s takeover bid

It looks like Broadcom’s offer to acquire Qualcomm isn’t falling on deaf ears. In November Broadcom said it wanted to buy the rival chip maker in a deal worth about $130 billion. Qualcomm said no. In a nutshell Qualcomm said the offer undervalued the company’s worth. But Broadcom made another offer, which was also rejected. […]

Verizon to acquire Yahoo’s web business for $4.8 billion

There were rumors floating around last year that AOL and Yahoo were considering a merger. Then Verizon went and bought AOL for $4.4 billion instead. Now it looks like AOL and Yahoo will be under one roof after all, because Verizon is spending $4.8 billion to acquire most of Yahoo’s business. Basically Verizon will handle […]

Chinese consortium’s $1.2 billion bid for Opera falls through, but there’s a new plan to acquire certain assets

A group of Chinese companies that had put in a $1.2 billion bid to acquire Opera Software has scrapped that plan… and come up with a new one. Instead of buying the entire company, now the Kunqi consortium plans to acquire Opera’s desktop and web browser businesses along with certain other assets for $600 million. […]

SoftBank to acquire ARM for $32 billion

Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank is buying UK-based chip designer ARM, which would give SoftBank control over the company that designs the technology used in the processors that power almost every major smartphone, many tablets and a range of other devices including servers, set-top-boxes, and even some Chromebooks. ARM-based chips are also expected to play a […]