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India’s $35 Aakash tablet: It’s remarkable it ever got made

Recently the company responsible for designing India’s $35 Aakash tablet announced plans to launch a second generation device. It will have a faster processor, and longer battery life, but it will still be designed to meet the primary goal: getting low cost computing devices into the hands of Indian students. The first Aakash tablet had […]

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India’s $35 Aakash tablet could appear in US classrooms

The Aakash Tablet is an inexpensive 7 inch Android tablet designed for use in Indian classrooms. The governent of India partnered with UK-based DataWind to produce a tablet that could be sold for as little as $35. It’s not a very good tablet. It’s hampered by a slow processor, a resistive touch panel, and horrible battery […]

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Aakash Android tablet hits India for $60 or less

For the past year Indian officials have been promising to launch a $35 Android tablet aimed at students. Today it’s finally available — and while the tablet is a little more expensive than promised, it’s still dirt cheap for a mobile computing device. Production of the tablet was outsourced to British company DataWind, makers of the UbiSurfer […]