India’s Aakash 3 tablet could run Android, Linux

It’s been less than two months since the student-friendly Aakash 2 tablet launched in India, but educators are already looking ahead to the Aakash 3. India’s low-cost tablet program makes Aakash tablets available to students across the country in an effort to help students get online and run educational apps. While the devices aren’t exactly […]

Aakash 2 Android tablet hits India for as low as $20 per unit

The Indian government and UK company DataWind have launched a second-generation Aakash tablet aimed at students in India. DataWind will sell the Aakash 2 for about $40, but the Indian government will offer a partially subsidized version to students for about $20. DataWind’s new tablet features a 7 inch, 800 x 480 pixel capacitive touchscreen […]

Next Aakash tablet to have faster CPU, Android 4.0

India’s next Aakash tablet could feature a faster processor and newer software than the low-cost tablets India’s government has made available to students so far. It’s expected to have a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and run Android 4.0 software.   The Times of India reports that the new tablet could launch on November 11th. […]

India’s $35 Aakash tablet: It’s remarkable it ever got made

Recently the company responsible for designing India’s $35 Aakash tablet announced plans to launch a second generation device. It will have a faster processor, and longer battery life, but it will still be designed to meet the primary goal: getting low cost computing devices into the hands of Indian students. The first Aakash tablet had […]

Classpad enters the budget Indian tablet market

The Indian government introduced a $35 tablet in 2011, aimed at students in the rapidly developing nation. Recently a slightly more advanced version of the Aakash tablet went on sale for about $45, and people have been signing up for pre-orders like nobody’s business. But it looks like the Aakash tablet from DataWind isn’t the […]