Lilbits: Microsoft brings new Windows Subsystem for Linux to older Windows 10 builds

One of the most surprising things Microsoft did when the company introduced Windows 10 was to include a Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows users to install Ubuntu or other GNU/Linux distributions and run them within Windows. The optional feature lets you open up a terminal window and run Linux commands without the need to […]

Intel aims to be making 1.4nm processors within a decade (Update: maybe)

It took a few years longer than expected for Intel to make the move from 14nm to 10nm processors… and the company still hasn’t completed that transition. Only some 10th-gen Intel Core chips are manufactured using a 10nm process, while others are 14nm chips. But according to a presentation slide from one of Intel’s partners […]

AMD’s 3rd-gen Ryzen chips (for desktops) coming in mid-2019

AMD’s first 7nm Ryzen processors are coming this year. The company has announced that it’ll begin shipping its the new desktop chips in mid-2019. The numbers get a little confusing from there: we’re looking at the chip maker’s 3rd-Gen Ryzen chips with Zen 2 CPU cores. And AMD showed off an early model that features […]

AMD’s first 7nm GPU coming this year, 7nm CPU in 2019

Intel may be struggling to start producing 10nm processors, but rival AMD is already getting ready to launch its first 7nm chips. During the company’s Computex press conference, AMD demonstrated an upcoming graphics processor based on Vega architecture and manufactured using a 7nm process. The company hardware partners are already testing samples, and the new […]

Life after Zen: AMD is moving to 7nm chips (eventually)

AMD is getting ready to ship its new Zen processors for desktops in early 2017, with mobile chips based on the new architecture coming later in the year. But the company has already started looking ahead, announcing that it’s signed a 5-year agreement with GlobalFoundries, who will continue to manufacturer 14nm chips for AMD for the […]

Unofficial Intel timeline: 7nm chips in 2020, 5nm in 2022?

Intel used to release chips on a Tick-Tock schedule, which basically meant that every other chip would use a new manufacturing process. Since 2006 Intel moved from 65nm chips to 45nm, 32nm, 22nm, and 14nm chips in this fashion. But things are different this time around. The company has already released 14nm Broadwell and Skylake chips, […]