CrossOver 19 runs 32-bit Windows apps on 64-bit only macOS Catalina

CrossOver is software that allows you to run Windows programs on non-Windows operating systems including Linux, Chrome OS, and macOS. But one problem with that last part is that an awful lot of Windows applications are 32-bit… and even many 64-bit apps have 32-bit installers. So when dropped support for 32-bit apps with the launch […]

Windows on ARM is getting 64-bit app support… and a Linux subsystem

The first Windows 10 PCs with ARM devices started shipping recently, and they really do run a version of Windows that looks nearly identical to what you’d see on a computer with an Intel or AMD processor. The only catch is limited app support. Today you can use Windows on ARM to run 32-bit applications […]

Apple is phasing out support for 32-bit iOS apps

Apple was the first company to offer a smartphone powered by a 64-bit processor. Now it looks like it’ll be the first to end support for phones with 32-bit chips. Sort of. Your older iPhones or iPads won’t stop working anytime soon, but there are signs that any device running the latest version of iOS […]

Google paves way for 64-bit Android apps with new Android L developer preview

Google plans to launch the next version of its Android operating system this fall. Code-named Android L (at least until Google comes up with a good dessert name starting with the letter L), the operating system will feature a new design language and improvements to the lock screen, quick settings panel, graphics performance, and more. […]

Alcatel OneTouch Pop 2 phones and tablets feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 64-bit CPU

Alcatel OneTouch is introducing a new line of Android devices powered by Qualcomm’s first 64-bit processor. The Alcatel OneTouch Pop 2 smartphones and the Pop 8S tablet are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 processor. While that’s a 64-bit chip based on ARMv8 architecture, don’t expect bleeding edge performance: Qualcomm is positioning it as a processor […]