D-Link’s new router is designed to bring 5G into the home

Wireless carriers are busy building out 5G networks and chip makers, phone manufacturers, and other tech companies are busy adding 5G support to their hardware. But while 5G promises faster speeds, more bandwidth, and the ability to get more devices online at once than ever before… I’ve often found myself wondering what benefit consumers will […]

The first OnePlus 5G phone could cost $800 or more

OnePlus plans to launch one of the first smartphones with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 5G network support (although it won’t necessarily be the first as implied during Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 launch event). But the technology that goes into a 5G phone isn’t cheap… and neither will be the next flagship phone from OnePlus. According […]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is designed for 5G and AI

Qualcomm’s next flagship smartphone processor will start showing up in 2019, and unsurprisingly it should offer better all-around performance than its predecessors. But the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 doesn’t just bring the usual speed and efficiency improvements. It’s also Qualcomm’s first chip with built-in support for 5G wireless networks and with a 4th-gen AI engine that […]

Intel says always-connected PCs with 5G are coming in 2019

Microsoft has been pushing the concept of an always-connected PC with integrated support for cellular broadband for a few years, and this year the company is partnering with Qualcomm to bring always-connected PCs with Snapdragon processors (and 4G LTE modems) to market. But rival chip maker Intel says 2019 will be the year 5G-capable always-connected […]

(Updated) Report: Trump administration considers building a national 5G network (but Trump’s FCC chair isn’t a fan)

US wireless carriers have already started working to build 5G networks which will deliver high-speed mobile broadband to devices including phones, automobiles, and millions of other “Internet of Things” devices in the coming years. But it looks like they’re not the only ones thinking about building out a nationwide 5G network. According to a report […]

ZTE demos “Gigabit Phone” capable of mobile downloads up to 1 GBps

Some organizations may say that 5G technology is still a few years away from widespread deployment, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see plenty of companies throwing around the 5G name during the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona this week. Case in point? ZTE is showing off a “forward-looking 5uper Generation” smartphone that uses […]

United Nations defines 5G: At least 20 Gbps max downloads (and 100 Mbps average)

You’re going to hear a lot about so-called “5G” technology in the next year or two, as wireless carriers, phone makers, and mobile chip designers start rolling out new products designed to offer faster, more reliable mobile data connections than 4G LTE. But what exactly is 5G? According to new guidelines from the United Nations’ International […]

AT&T’s Project AirGig could deliver multi-gigabit wireless internet using power lines

AT&T already delivers wireless service to millions of phone users in the United States, but the company’s new Project AirGig is a system for delivering much faster wireless internet speeds, and theoretically the system wouldn’t require a heavy investment in infrastructure, because it could leverage existing power lines. Project AirGig doesn’t actually deliver internet access […]