TCL 10 Pro, TCL 10L,and TCL 10 5G smartphones coming soon for under $500

While TCL may not be the first company you think of when it comes to smartphones, the Chinese electronics company has actually been making phones for years… most recent BlackBerry, Alcatel, and even Palm smartphones are actually made by TCL. This year the company plans to sell phones under its own brand name — starting […]

MediaTek Dimensity 800 chip to bring 5G to mid-range phones in 2020

If you buy a flagship Android smartphone in the second half of 2020, odds are that it’ll support 5G wireless networks, thanks to Qualcomm’s decision to only sell its upcoming Snapdragon 865 processor to phone makers who pair it with a Snapdragon X55 5G modem, while rival MediaTek’s Dimensity 1000 chip has 5G support baked in. […]

Redmi K30 5G has a 120 Hz display and 5G support for under $300

Features that are exclusive to high-end phones have a habit of making their way to mid-range devices. But one thing I wasn’t expecting to see so soon? A 5G-ready phone with a 120 Hz display for under $300. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has just introduced. The Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G is […]

Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon XR2 chip for 5G-enabled “extended reality”

Qualcomm’s next-gen smartphone chips are designed to bring 5G wireless technology to premium and mid-range smartphones. But 5G isn’t just about phones — the new wireless networking technology is expected to power billions of devices in the coming years… and Qualcomm wants in on those markets as well. Case in point: the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 […]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is coming to 5G flagships, brings 8K video along for the ride

Qualcomm’s next-gen flagship processor should bring a significant boost to CPU, graphics, and memory performance. But the feature that’s likely to grab the most headlines is that despite lacking an integrated 5G modem, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor will only show up in 5G-ready smartphones. That’s because Qualcomm is pairing the Snapdragon 865 processor with the Snapdragon X55 5G […]

Qualcomm’s 5G-ready Snapdragon 865 and 765 chips coming in 2020

Qualcomm’s next-gen flagship smartphone processor is coming in early 2020, and while the chip maker is waiting until tomorrow to provide details about the upcoming Snapdragon 865 processor’s capabilities yet, the company does note that it can be paired with a Snapdragon X55 modem to bring 5G capabilities to next year’s premium smartphones. What might […]

MediaTek Dimensity 1000 chip coming to premium devices in early 2020 (8-cores, 5G, and WiFi 6)

Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek’s processors are found in many cheap smartphones, laptops, and tablets. But the company’s new Dimensity 1000 System-on-a-Chip is very much aimed at high-end mobile devices. The processor is a 7nm octa-core processor with a whole bunch of the latest technologies including integrated support for 5G, WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1+. It […]

MediaTek is developing 5G modems for PCs with Intel chips

Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek is probably best known for making processors for smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks. But this year the company also introduced its first smartphone chip with an integrated 5G modem, and now the company has announced a partnership with Intel to bring 5G modems to Intel-powered laptop computers. At least two major PC […]