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HP Sure View makes it hard for snoopers to see your laptop screen

Sometimes you want a laptop or tablet with wide viewing angles so that it’s easy to see the screen no matter where you’re sitting or how you’re holding the device. Want the person sitting next to you to be able to see a video without the image looking like a photo negative? Then you’ll want […]

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3M invests in Pixel Qi, enables expansion of sunlight readable display tech

Pixel Qi has been producing sunlight readable LCD display technology for a couple of years. Founded by Mary Lou Jepsen, who also designed the sunlight readable displays used in the original OLPC XO Laptop, the company produces dual-mode screens that can be used with or without a backlight. When the backlight is on the display […]

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Quanta and 3M developing touchscreens for finger, stylus input

While it’s not a hard and fast rule, I’ve gotten kind of used to the fact that most tablets, smartphones, and other devices with touchscreen displays released over the past few years come in one of two varieties. Either you have a touchscreen that recognizes finger input (capacitive), or stylus input (resistive). You rarely get […]