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Cube i35 Thinker: $700 notebook with 13.5 inch, 3K2K display, Core M3 Kaby Lake CPU

There aren’t a lot of notebooks with 3000 x 2000 pixel displays. There’s the Microsoft Surface Book and the Chuwi Hi13 2-in-1 tablet. And now there’s at least one more: the Cube i35 Thinker notebook. We first heard about this laptop last month, and now it’s available from Cube’s AliExpress store for $700, and the notebook should […]

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Lilbits (9-04-2013): Next-gen Microsoft Surface details leaked… or made up?

Microsoft introduced the original Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets about a year ago when the company launched Windows 8. With Windows 8.1 coming in October, and with most consumer electronics companies habitually releasing new models every year, it seems likely that new models are on the way. Reports from multiple sources (including Neowin,, […]