LG Optimus Pad (G-Slate) to go international

Just days after LG and T-Mobile announced that the G-Slate would ship in the US this March, LG has announced it will show off the tablet at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month. The international version of the computer is called the LG Optimus Pad, but it’s basically the same thing as the […]

T-Mobile to offer LG G-Slate with 3D cameras, display in March

T-Mobile and LG have finally pulled back the (very thin) veil of mystery surrounding the upcoming G-Slate. As expected, the tablet will feature a 3D camera and 3D display for some reason. Here’s a rundown of the specs: 8.9 inch 3D-capable multitouch display 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor Google ANdroid 3.0 Honeycomb […]

LG G-Slate makes another surprise appearance: 3D cameras confirmed?

The upcoming LG G-Slate tablet with Google Android keeps appearing in the strangest places. While LG hasn’t released any official photos or any real details aside from the fact that the tablet will run Google Android 3.0 and support 3G and 4G wireless connections. But last week the tablet made a brief cameo appearance in […]

Glasses-free 3D coming to tablets, portable media players?

Sitting in a movie theater wearing 3D glasses is one thing. Sitting at home in front of the TV is another. And putting them on to stare at a handheld device? Come on. Nobody’s going to do that. That doesn’t mean that 3D isn’t coming to mobile devices though. We already know that Nintendo plans […]

Quartics QVU video processor brings HD, 3D playback to netbooks

There are a growing number of solutions for improving the graphics performance of low power netbooks. NVIDIA and Broadcom have the two most popular solutions at the moment, with NVIDIA’s ION platform replacing the Intel Atom’s integrated graphics with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M chipset, and Broadcom’s Crystal HD Accelerator working alongside the integrated graphics to […]