Nokia may be working on dual screen 3D phone, Windows 8 tablet

A few leaks and rumors about Nokia’s future plans are making the rounds this morning. First up is a Nokia Communicator device that looks a bit like a Nintendo 3DS thanks to its two screens and 3D display technology. This device looks like something Nokia is actually considering, having shown up in a patent application […]

iXonos shows off 3D interface for Meego

While I’m still not convinced that most “3D” interfaces offer any real advantages over the 2D interfaces we’re all used to on our devices, they do tend to look pretty cool. If you’re a Meego fan, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the video from Netbooknews of an iXonos concept application which we […]

LG officially launches the Optimus Pad 3D Android tablet

LG is holding the official coming out party for its Optimus Pad tablet at Mobile World Congress this week. We already knew a fair amount about this tablet, also known in the US as the G-Slate. It runs Google Android 3.0, has a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip, and can record and display 3D […]