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PineBoy 3000 wrist mount turns a PinePhone into a Pip-Boy

The PinePhone is an inexpensive smartphone designed to run Linux and other free and open source software. The Pip-Boy is a fictional wrist-worn computer from the Fallout series of video games. And the PineBoy3000 is a 3D printed wrist-mount for the PinePhone that lets you wear the smartphone like a Pip-Boy. Is there any practical […]

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Lilbits: Apple’s iMessage lock-in strategy, Surface Laptop 4, and Verizon’s hotspot is TOO hot to handle

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when something called a “hotspot” overheats, but Verizon has issued a recall on 2.5 million mobile hotspots that may pose a fire hazard after receiving 15 reports of devices overheating. Meanwhile, as Apple and Epic prepare to duke it out in court, Epic is building a case that Apple’s practices […]

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PinePhone becomes a DIY Linux laptop with this 3D printed keyboard

The folks at Pine64 are designing an official keyboard accessory for their Linux-powered PinePhone smartphone. Eventually you’ll be able to purchase a physical keyboard that snaps onto the phone by replacing the back cover, and which will allow you to type with your thumbs without covering the display. Or you could just 3D print your […]

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Peachy Printer turns sour: After crowdfunded $100 3D printer fails to ship, co-founder makes theft allegations

Several years before the makers of the OLO promised to deliver a $99 3D printer, there was the Peachy Printer. The founders of the project took to Kickstarter in 2013, hoping to raise $50,000 to produce a 3D printer and scanner. That product never shipped… and now we know why. Maybe. Peachy Printer CEO Rylan Grayston […]

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$99 OLO gadget turns your smartphone into a 3D Printer, raises over $1 million on Kickstarter

The developers of the OLO 3D Printer wanted to raise $80,000 through a crowfunding campaign for their $99 gadget that turns your phone into a 3D Printer. A few days after the project hit Kickstarter, it had raised about $1.3 million. It’s not hard to see why: this is probably the cheapest 3D printer money […]

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Gizmo 3D’s speedy printer could create objects in minutes

Recently, Carbon3D unveiled a new process for 3-D printing wowed observers by using Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology to print print objects up to 100 times faster than the hours-long traditional 3-D printers available now. Now another company called Gizmo 3D is showing off technology that uses a top-down process which is potentially even faster. According to, […]

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Amazon files patent for 3D printing items on a delivery truck

Amazon seems to be obsessed with offering quick delivery. The company has long offered 1-day and 2-day shipping. Amazon recently launched Amazon Prime Now in New York City, allowing customers to order products that can be delivered in as little as 60 minutes. And the company’s been working on a delivery-by-drone service called Amazon Prime Air […]

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HP unveils Sprout 3D scanning system, Multi Jet 3D printing technology

HP is betting big on 3D printing technology as part of its future. The computer giant recently announced plans to split into two companies, one of which will focus on enterprise software and services and the other of which will focus on consumer devices including notebooks, tablets, and printers… along with 3D printers. Now HP […]

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HP plans to split into 2 companies: Are 2 better than one?

As expected, HP has announced plans to divide into two companies. One will be called HP Inc, and it’ll be a PC and printer company that creates devices fro the consumer market. It’ll also keep the HP logo. The other company will be called Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and it’ll focus on providing hardware, software, and services to […]

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Lilbits (9-05-2013): Lenovo’s done with Windows RT

Lenovo is the latest company that seems to be washing its hands of Windows RT. When Microsoft announced it was working on a version of its desktop operating system that would run on low-power ARM-based processors, it was pretty big news. ARM chips were dominating the smartphone and tablet space at the time (and still […]