Intel’s 2025 roadmap: New architectures, new technologies, and the end of nanometer naming

Over the years, chip makers have moved to smaller and smaller processor nodes in an effort to fit more transistors into a smaller space to improve performance and efficiency. But different manufacturers use different technologies, so what one chip maker calls a 7nm processor may not have the same characteristics as a competitor’s. Now Intel […]

Lilbits: Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake Xeon server chips, Google’s wearables/hearables, and Lenovo’s next weird phone

Intel’s had a hard time ramping up production of 10nm chips, but after delivering two generations of laptop processors manufactured using a 10nm process, the company is finally introducing its first 10nm server chips. The new 3rd-gen Xeon Scalable processors feature Sunny Cove CPU cores based on the same technology as the 10th-gen “Ice Lake” […]

Intel’s first Tremont chip is the Atom P5900 10nm processor (for networking products)

A few months after officially introducing its new “Tremont” architecture for energy-efficient processors, Intel is unveiling some of the first chips to use the new technology. The Intel Atom P5900 series processors are 10nm chips with 8 to 24 CPU cores, base frequencies of 2.2 GHz, and support for up to 128GB of DDR4-2933 MHz […]

Intel aims to be making 1.4nm processors within a decade (Update: maybe)

It took a few years longer than expected for Intel to make the move from 14nm to 10nm processors… and the company still hasn’t completed that transition. Only some 10th-gen Intel Core chips are manufactured using a 10nm process, while others are 14nm chips. But according to a presentation slide from one of Intel’s partners […]

Intel launches the first 11 Ice Lake chips (10th-gen Intel Core Y and U-series processors)

Intel announced that it was shipping the first 10th-gen Intel Core processors based on its 10th-gen “Ice Lake” architecture in May. Now the company says more than 35 laptops and 2-in-1 tablets powered by the chips are on the way, with the first models set to begin shipping soon. Among other things, Intel says they’ll […]

Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake chips shipping now, PCs coming later in 2019

Intel’s new “Ice Lake” processors are the first 10nm chips the company is producing in mass volumes, and the first to feature Intel Gen11 graphics, which the company says offers up to twice the performance of Gen10. Ice Lake chips will be the first members of Intel’s 10th-gen Core product lineup, and they’re relatively low-power […]

Intel says 10nm Ice Lake laptop chips offer up to 2x better graphics

When Intel’s Ice Lake processors ship later this year, these laptop processors will feature a number of first. They’ll be the first Intel 10nm chips to be produced in large volume. They’ll be the first members of Intel’s 10th-gen Core family. And they’ll also be the first chips to feature Intel Gen11 graphics. How big […]

Intel: Laptops with 10nm “Ice Lake” processors will ship later in 2019

It’s taken longer than planned, but Intel hopes to begin the move from 14nm chips to 10nm chips later this year. As part of the company’s quarterly earnings release, Intel said we can expect computers with 10nm Intel “Ice Lake” chips to hit stores in time for the 2019 holiday season. The first Ice Lake […]

Intel demos 10nm Ice Lake chips, teases upcoming laptops (and more from Intel’s CES press event)

It’s been a rocky road to 10nm chips for Intel, but the company is finally starting to show off the first “Ice Lake” mobile chips based on a 10nm “Sunny Cove” architecture. During the company’s keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel provided a brief demo of a few Ice Lake computer prototypes from manufacturers […]

Intel’s mass production of 10nm chips slated for late 2019

The first laptops with 10nm Intel chips are already shipping… but so far they’re nothing to write home about. While the company has started producing a few processors based on the new “Cannon Lake” architecture,  they seem to be low-power, low-performance chips that offer little to no benefit over the company’s existing 14nm processors. That […]