You get anything good for the holidays? A netbook? A 3G modem? A rather attractive looking lump of coal?

Let us know how you made out in the comments!

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35 replies on “So what did you get?”

  1. I got a HP Mini 1000 for Christmas. I absolutely love the thing!!! I unboxed it in on Christmas Eve so I had just enough time to run out to get a 2GB DDR SO-DIMM. I ran it with XP for a couple hours but soon decided to give Vista and Ubuntu it’s place on the driver. I have to say that I’m very impressed how well Vista is running on it….Ubuntu’s performance is a no-brainer. I can’t wait to start using it for my network security/pen testing.
    I may need to replace the wifi card for some of the wireless work I need to do….still researching on that part.

  2. I was planning to get an Asus n10, but I ended up buying the 12″ averatec 2573 instead. I know it’s not the best brand, but an ultraportable with ATI graphics and a dual-core cpu for under $500? How could I turn it down?

    Using the money I saved, I bought an extended battery and 3 year warranty/accidental damage coverage from squaretrade, so I don’t have to worry about averatec’s customer service and I should get good battery life. It’s still in transit, so I have yet to see if it lives up to my expectations, but my hopes are high.

  3. I got an Asus 1000H with 160GB HDD and 8GB stick to transfer files.
    $742 Australian.It has sidelined my desktop for most purposes.
    I use it at home on AC and away on battery (around 6 hours with WiFi) to be my music library and ebook collection.
    I love it,especially the sound reproduction,piped into car amps or homemade active speakers.

  4. I got a ToteGrip laptop handle. It slipped right on – no more balancing act with my notebook computer.

  5. Acer Aspire One AOA150-1049 w/ 160gb drive and 6 cell battery. Onyx Black… still haven’t received it yet though πŸ™ stuck in shipping.

  6. I didn’t get anything but I did fix my Eee PC S101 at the last minute.

    The keyboard latches were ruined and stuck inside the case, took a couple of hours to pull them out with a hairpin and tweezers, and just in time for going on holiday tomorrow. Phew!

    I really didn’t want to take my Mini 1000 on the trip, it’s just too damned slow.

  7. ASUS 1000H. I love this big little machine! The screen is so bright that in the night I have to turn it to minimum. During the day, its matte finish avoids glare. The keyboard size is perfect for touch typists (and I’m almost 1,90 m tall). I just switched right shift and up arrow, though. It’s my first “laptop”, so I was not used to touchpads. I also liked it a lot (even when I kept touching without wanting to, in the first days). Dolby sound is awesome, so I’m planning to use it as a movie player for mi kids in my van. And if you turn off what you’re not using (it’s just a click or combination of keys) you DO have more than 6 hours battery

  8. Almost got a Lenovo S10, but can’t work on such a screen resolution, I need 1600 x 1200 minimum, I knew I would not be using it anyway.

  9. I decided around midnight before “Black Friday” to get an HD LED TV. I stayed up the rest of the night researching which one to get, decided on the cheaper 40-inch Samsung, went out around 6:00 AM, stood in line over an hour, and got one. (First time I’ve ever participated in Black Friday.) Soon followed this with a Samsung Blu-Ray player and Samsung DVD-VCR combo recorder (old ones knocked out by lightening). This was all early Christmas loot. The TV is fantastic.

    The point here is that I researched my HD TV purchase about four hours, then bought one; and I’ve been researching my netbook purchase almost a year and still haven’t bought one. Go figure πŸ™‚ I guess the netbook is a more important decision, and a lot of the fun is in the searching. I think people identify more with their netbooks.

    1. And something tells me you paid more for the TV and Blu-Ray player
      than you will for a netbook — unless you’re holding out for the Sony.

      1. The TV was US$799.99 + 9% sales tax, so I guess it alone cost more than anything that can be called a netbook (the Eee PC S101 is about $650 now). But that’s $200 to $400 below the non-Black Friday prices.

        The LCD TV (not LED as I said above) is really a promotional model that has only two sets of connectors and lacks the third set on the side of the unit, but I can do without those for $200-$400. Also it supposedly has a bit lower contrast, but I can’t tell the difference. Amazon prices were better for the Blu-Ray player and the combo unit, so I got those there.

        Now, to get back to that more important netbook decision πŸ™‚

        By the way, if I get the black Sammy NC 10, it will match the Piano Black or Fine Ebony or whatever of the TV, Blu-Ray, and combo, which show every speck of dust. The TV came with a chamois wiper πŸ™‚

  10. For Yule (last Sunday, yes I’m a “dirty heathen”) I got a Acer Aspire One GZ5 150-1405, 1 GB RAM/ 160 GB HD, XP Home. I also got a Lens for My Nikon D40; a Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED.

    I have been researching Netbooks for weeks. Out of all the choices, I chose the Acer Aspire One because of the feel of the casing, the dual SDHC slots, and its overall fit and finish. The case feels solid. It performs very nicely; Windows XP is responsive and feels snappy. I will be ordering the bigger battery form Acer. The LCD is crisp and bright. Even being glossy, it is easy to read and glare is not an issue. The track pad takes a little getting use to due to the button placement. The keyboard feels nice and the key size is nice for touch typing. When buying a Netbook you need to consider the its designed for word processing, email, and surfing the internet. This acer is superb at those tasks. Its not a digital video powerhouse, its ludicrous to expect that. I’ll be using mine for class notes, and as a secondary laptop for traveling and around the house. The Aspire One much more convenient then toting around a 17” Macbook Pro that is my main laptop computer.

  11. Got a Samsung NC-10 for the Holidays πŸ™‚ Love it! Got rid of Vista and put on EEEBuntu NetBook Remix and love it. The Keyboard rocks, the battery life is solid, and the hard drive space is great at 160 GB.

    I get stares all the time! Definitely recommend.

    1. Marcus, I’m holding off getting an NC-10 until I find out more about how its hardware works with any flavor of Ubuntu, so I would appreciate any details you care to share about what works and what doesn’t.

      I don’t want to be too pushy, but (hint, hint πŸ™‚ It would be even better if you have time to go to the Liliputing forums and say something about it. That way the information would not be pushed out of sight in a couple of days by Brad’s prodigious article posting πŸ˜‰

      By the way, where did you get an NC-10 with Vista?

  12. received a Samsung NC10-14GB. extremely satisfied with it. had to play with settings to get max volume, but got that resolved/ Screen great, keyboard very good. battery life as advertised. definitely recommend

  13. Well if it counts as it was a present to myself. I got a brand new Acer Aspire One with a 120gig HD and a gig of RAM. Actually got it on Tuesday of this week so a couple of days early. Am currently in the process of getting it set up the way I like. Among other things am in the middle of dual booting it with Kubuntu. It is my 2nd small machine. I also have a nicely tricked out HP TC1100. Also had an ASAUS 2G Surf. However that turned out to be a some what less than optimal purchase and it has gone to another owner.

    Mike WN5PMR

  14. Got an hp Mini 1000 with XP as my “christmas gift” about a week ago…and surfing with it now. Nice machine, not having any “slow as hell” speed issues noted by other poster above. Sure the original load time is a little slow but once configured to simply suspend or hibernate you are never loading from scratch anyway….and it wakes up from either hibernation or suspended mode very quickly.

    The Good:
    The keyboard is as good as everyone says it is….I quickly tested north of 140 wpm which is about as fast as my typing gets. And all the keys are where they should be! Battery is okay. Track pad takes grief in many reviews but I find it works well…and the scroll function is great. Sound quality about what you expect on a machine this size and price. WIFI is VERY STRONG. As noted in the laptop magazine comparisons, this unit beats most others (MSI, Samsung, etc.) in just the areas of keyboard and wifi signal strength but I find the ability to make use of even the weakest WIFI signal at good speed a real plus. Bought this machine to use as a secondary computer. My desktop is a powerhouse with massive multi-screen array…..and this little netbook is just for my living room surfing and light email/surfing and remote desktop use on weekend trips. For the intended purpose, it works well while taking up almost zero space in my overnight bag.

    The Bad.
    Screen glare is a bit high….would prefer a matte finished screen. Screen size of 10 inches is standard for netbooks now…but a little tough on the neck if I try and use it beyond the first hour or so. We picked up our HP from Costco and may take advantage of the 90 day return policy to trade up to a “netbook” matte finished 12 inch screen in the same weight class (several models coming to market in January/Feb besides the 12 inch Dell).

  15. A 2133 (They were being sold off cheap in the UK during November) which I am trying to install Ubuntu on.

  16. Dell Mini 9 – Ubuntu 32gb version with bluetooth. Replaced Dell’s OS with netbook remix. Love it.

    Also got a hp Mini 1000 with XP. Hate it. It’s slow as hell.

  17. I got…..some nice gifts for my kids! :-p

    Maybe some time later this year, a netbook shall finally be mine. πŸ™‚

  18. an iphone 3g from o2 in ireland on prepay €570. not as good as my nokia e71 (€340) but very interesting. also looking like i’ll get an olpc in the new year.

    will try the iphone as a replacement for my ipod classic and maybe use it for voice calls (i make very few voice calls but am listening to my ipod for a few hours a day) and stick with the e71 for web, email, ebooks and all my personal data.

    the olpc is to see how well it functions as an ebook reader for the big stuff. the pdfs that are too akward to display on the small screen of the e71. i have many from rpg games that i am involved in. be nice to have the tablet mode and good battery life for that.

    of course a friend at work is thinking that he may be getting a mac book. he’s recently gotten an aspire one up and going dual booting winxp and ubuntu. he loves ubuntu and the small size of the netbook but the mac book is still a mac book.

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