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  1. I am so aggrevated with this whole situation. I cant watch netflix movies on my android phone list I have windows chrome book or internet explorer or firefox. that was 1 reason my voice is android galaxy prevail and it won’t let me download anything.

  2. I saw this week that Staples is now selling the Alienware m11x. They had just set up the display the evening before, and had it priced at $999. They didn’t have all the specs on the display model, but it did list the 7300 processor with 320GB hard drive and 4GB ram.

  3. any driver can download if ever you loss your driver cd and where site can download full driver of my intel atom 81007 wmc hope to help me tnx any way…

  4. just noticed that the fizzbook is for sale in the argos catalog this year. €350 gets a 1gb 30gb system with a 8.9″ screen. looks nice

  5. hello EXON
    where do you disclose your information on the new findings, can be positive or negative on your past and present products, by your R & D department?? any special sites?? your present and past buyers have the right to know this.. [email protected]