Samsung NC110The Samsung NC110 is a netbook with a 10 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display and Windows 7 operating system. Last year I reviewed a model with an Intel Atom N455 single core processor and was reasonably impressed with the value it offered as an entry-level netbook.

Now Samsung is offering a model with a more powerful Atom N2600 dual core chip. The only catch is that the new model isn’t available in the US.

In fact Samsung hasn’t introduced any new netbooks in the US market so far this year.

The company is hardly alone. Dell has pretty much pulled out of the netbook market. And while Toshiba and Lenovo have both shown off new 10 inch mini-laptops with Intel Atom Cedar Trail processors, neither company has released a new netbook in the US since 2011.

Acer, Asus, and HP have all updated their netbook lines to include Cedar Trail processors, but those changes have come without much fanfare at a time when PC makers are more focused on tablets, ultrabooks, and other new products which are a bit more trendy and which carry higher profit margins.

If you do happen to be in a country where you can get your hands on the updated Samsung NC110, you can expect a computer with up to 2GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, a 1.6 GHz Atom N2600 processor, and GMA 3600 graphics. In China the netbook is offered with Windows 7 Home Basic.

The laptop measures 10.2″ x  7.1″ x 1.3″ and weighs 2.6 pounds. It has 3 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and VGA outputs, Ethernet, and an SD card reader. It comes standard with a 6 cell battery.

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12 replies on “Samsung NC110 netbook gets a Cedar Trail update… but not in the US”

  1. Hi!

    Re: intel atom n2600/n2800 netbooks. Please help me. Im torn between SAMSUNG NC110, LENOVO S110 and MSI WIND U180. They all have the same prices but here are the differences:

    samsung nc110 – 6600 mah battery, atom n2600
    msi wind u180 – 5200 mah battery, atom n2800 (actually US$10 less)
    lenovo s110 – 4400 mah battery, atom n2800

    I’m leaning towards samsung nc110 because of the 6600 mah, but im bothered by n2600. However, I’ve learned that it has a 3.5W TDP so it might still be better. Is the difference between n2600 vs n2800 that big? Is the 0.26 ghz in clockspeed difference and 240 mhz graphics base frequency difference with them is noticeable in everyday use such as playing facebook games, watching youtube videos and playing downloaded 720p videos?

    I currently own an atom n450 and the only gripe i have about it is the choppy HD 720p youtube videos.

    Thanks so much in advance! and for anyone who could help 🙂

  2. I have the N570 version and I have tried the new model as well. No difference. No big deal really.

    So, in real terms, there is no noticeable improvement at all. The new machine is like my Nc 110 with the N570 dual core, its slow like hell. I think its high time Intel drops the Atom processors. Its a waste of time and effort. Netbook operators better get a niche market like the 11.6 inch market caus ethe 10 inch market is already taken over by tablets. That is why netbooks are ont he decline in sales.

    1. well i’m running a hp mini 5103 dual core hd display and win7 home and wouldn’t confirm this jugdment at all. there is only one thing to say, these mini’s are not intended to run aero style. for all the rest the device runs quite snappy – with every sort of application btw

      1. I don’t have aero on my machine and it runs slow. What are you talking about?

        I have formatted and re installed Windows as well without any bloatware.

        1.  In terms of CPU performance you won’t notice much of any difference if you’re already using a dual core ATOM.

          Cedar Trail mainly just upped the clock speed a bit with the N2800 to 1.86 GHz and so is only marginally faster than your 1.66 GHz N570.  While the N2600 dips slightly below with it’s 1.6 GHz.

          However, going from 45nm to 32nm means the Cedar Trail is cheaper to make and more power efficient.  So system costs will be better and run time should see at least a 10% boost.

          While systems with the Instant On app installed can go into an optimized suspend mode that let’s Cedar Trail systems wake up in under 7 seconds and can stay suspended for days to weeks.

          Not to mention the new GMA is over twice as powerful as the GMA 3150.  The only thing holding it back right now is the fact Intel has yet to release fully developed the drivers for it, but they’re apparently focused on getting the drivers ready for Windows 8 and Windows 7 is a secondary priority right now.

          Overall, Cedar Trail is still part of Intel’s original slow 5 year product cycle for the ATOM, but next year’s 22nm update will be when they switch the ATOM to the more mainstream 2 year cycle and give it many of the same enhancements that are usually reserved for their high end Core i-series processors.

          So 2013 is when we’ll likely see a real change in netbooks.  Provided of course they remains a separate and specific part of the market and don’t merge with the mobile/tablet space by then.

          While the only thing we really have to look forward to this year is slightly more powerful versions of Medfield for low end tablets and Clover Trail to replace Oak Trail for likely Windows 8 tablets.

          1. Another difference is the support of the HDMI port because of, as you mentioned, the improved GPU.
            It also means even Flash (in streaming mode) should run smoother.

            As for the crapwares, they are one reason for your computer to be slow, another is the softwares  automatically launching on startup and the last (but not the least) are all the useless services/processes windows run in backround.
            Like why the heck is there a touch screen service running on a netbook??

          2. Oh, and I forgot the size of your Ram of course.
            The gap of performance between a said netbook with 1 Go of RAM n the same with 2 is significative to say the least.

          3.  Well, the driver issue also effects Flash.  Since Adobe hasn’t updated their player yet to support the new Cedar Trail GMA.

            Though dual core performance, especially the higher clocked N2800, should still be able to play most youtube HD videos.

            There just won’t be the normal benefit of the hardware acceleration, but at least regular video files are fully supports and it even supports Blu Rays.

            Intel also has model numbers listed for slightly faster 1.7GHz N2650 and 2GHz N2850 that’ll probably get released along with Windows 8 to help motivate sales during the near the end of the year. 

            While max TDP is suppose to only go up 0.1V for each of those higher clocked chips.

            -The Touch Screen service might actually be referring to the Touch Pad… It’s not always easy to tell whether the services is useful or not.  Some like the “Instant On” are actual improvements for example.

            -The 1GB of RAM is mostly a hold over limitations because it’s a requirement of Windows 7 Starter Edition, but, along with better drivers, Windows 8 doesn’t appear to have any such limited version. 

            So hopefully those Windows 8 systems will be either easier to upgrade come with more RAM by default.

            While Windows 8 should also be easier to run than Windows 7… It’s just a question of whether it’s too tablet optimized and not enough desktop usefulness but we’ll see pretty soon if there’s still hope for them to get it customizable enough to satisfy most users.

  3. looks as if one is far better off in europe where almost all new or upgraded models are already available from different vendors.  

    1. The reason why is that the margins manufacturers make on netbook in Europe are much higher.
      They pull it off by  creating an outrageous parity of 1$ = 1€… But its all taxes included.
      But, at least, we get them.

      This netbook is actually a very good one.
      2 G0 of Ram n a ‘real’ W7 is refreshing for this screen size.
      But without an USB 3.0 port, its frustrating.
      Also matte display or not? And same old outdated and ridiculous 1024*600 resolution?

      1.  Probably still the same old 1024×600 screen, it’s still a bit too early to be expecting a update as the higher resolution screens still have a bit to go before they get produced in large enough quantities to fit into netbooks low pricing range.

        While it’s likely they won’t be really motivated to switch until Windows 8 comes out and starts making them an actual requirement.

        Though it’s likely to be matte, which is much more popular in the rest of the world than in the US.

        For USB 3.0, since Cedar Trail is still using the same NM10 Express chipset, you’ll only see it on systems with the more premium N2800.  Since they have to add the USB 3.0 controller and it’s easier to justify a price bump with the N2800 than the N2600.

        Though for now many system makers are only updating older models.  So we won’t be seeing too many offered with USB 3.0.  Especially with the push to offer systems at even lower price points than last generation releases.

        While even the AMD Fusion models usually don’t all offer USB 3.0 despite the Hudson-M3 boards natively supporting it. Since even with the E-350/450 systems I’ve only seen Asus offer models with USB 3.0 ports, at least as far as netbooks go…

        1. Thanks for your answer.
          Lenovo offers an USB 3.0 w/ their latest netbook too.
          I guess we have to wait n see.

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