One of the first things that caught my attention when pictures of the upcoming Samsung NC10 netbook began to surface was its keyboard. While many netbooks attempt to save space by consolidating some keys and shrinking some others, the NC10’s 84 key keyboard doesn’t seem to make many compromises.

Unlike the Asus Eee PC, the NC10 positions the right shift key above the arrow keys, not to the right of them, making it easy for touch-typists to find. And by dropping the arrow keys a bit below the rest of the keyboard, there’s even room for dedicated page up and down buttons. Many other netbooks require you to hold down the Fn key while hitting the arrow buttons to access the page up and down features.

French site Blogeee scored some new high resolution images of the Samsung NC10, and I have to say it’s looking good. Blogeee also uncovered a few new details about the netbook, like the fact that the computer will support an external display with a maximum resolution up to 2048 x 1536 and 85Hz, has HD audio, and a 1.3MP camera.

We’ve also now got some dimensions to go with the  Samsung NC10: 261mm x 185mm x 30mm or about 10.3″ x 7.3″ x 1.2″. The netbook weighs 1.33kg or about 2.9 pounds.

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18 replies on “Samsung NC10 might have best netbook keyboard ever”

  1. I’ve had the NC-10 for nearly a year and the keyboard works well. The one change I would make is to put the Fn key on the right, say by switching it with the browser menu key, so that the brightness and sound arrows can be used with the fingers of one hand. An ideal arrangement for the bottom row might be:
    Ctrl Alt WindowsKey BrowserKey SpaceBar Alt Ctrl Fn ArrowKeys(as is)

  2. I LOVE SAMSUNG. very much, actually. 😀

    I hope that the Korean alphabet will be a standard print on the keyboard as I usually type Korean characters ^^

  3. Agreed with others that the keyboard layout is identical to the Acer. I am typing on my AA1 right now, and it’s so much more usable than my old Eee PC 701 4G, there just isn’t any comparison between the two.

    Because of the slightly increased dimensions, it’s entirely possible that the Samsung has full-sized keys, which would be nice. However, The additional half an inch in width would make it impossible to fit into my purse.

    The AA1 is already a tight squeeze! [=^D

  4. It looks nice. Hope to hear more when it is actually in customers hands. BTW, what is up with all those LEDs?

  5. I can’t wait for this one to launch early November here in the Netherlands. Haven’t seen any shops yet where to pre-order this NC10 in NL but it’s up for pre-ordering in the UK at since a while but we can’t order them from NL. I also want to buy this one because of the nice keyboard with almost fullsize keyboard features. And the Samsung looks! Now lets hope the quality is also fine.

  6. The Samsung comes with a 6 cell battery, which accounts for some of the extra weight.
    As for the “horrible” Aspire One keyboard :), it’s one of the two netbooks I’ve ever typed on (about 2 minutes) and I thought it seemed pretty tight and solid and would give me no problems.

    I also spent 2 or 3 minutes on an EEE PC 900 and tended to hit the touchpad with my thumb when reaching for the spacebar, but I figured I could get used to it in an hour or two.

  7. And, yet another happy Acer Aspire One owner here. This is clearly the same keyboard, with minor differences in markings. As with any netbook, the keyboard is slightly undersized and takes some minor getting used to. It’s extremely usable.

  8. > its keyboard is horrible and small

    Breaking news! Netbook keyboards found to be smaller than those on full-sized laptops!

    Joking aside, the NC10 keyboard does look quite nice. The Ctrl/Fn keys are in the right place. It has dedicated PgUp/PgDn keys in a sensible location. And, my own pet niggle, it has a real F12 key. Strangely, adapting to the many incarnations of the right shift key has never been a problem for me.

    1. Just out of curiosity, are you a “touch typist” or do you peep at those shift keys? (I don’t have a netbook yet so I don’t know how quickly I’ll adapt.)

      PS I’ve noticed also that the netbooks themselves are smaller, which may be related to the smaller keyboards 🙂

  9. Well I own the Acer, an I absolutely love the keyboard. It goes from edge to edge and takes up all the space it can on the case. It is very easy to touch type on. It is 89% of a full size keyboard, by no means “horrible and small.”

  10. i’ve seen the acer aspire. its keyboard is horrible and small.

    2.9 lbs sounds kind of heavy, that’s my only complaint for the samsung. they do make very nice electronics–unlike acer.

  11. The Acer Aspire One has the same keyboard, and I know I have seen others with a similar layout, specifically the right shift/arrow keys

    1. The difference is that the Acer Aspire One has an 8.9 inch display, while the Samsung NC10 has a 10.2 inch screen. That would lead me to believe that while it has a similar keyboard layout, the keys themselves are likely a bit larger and/or spaced further apart.

      1. The AAO has a huge bezel and this one does not — I bet that makes the widths (and by extension the keyboards) the same size.

        1. True, that. As I type, I notice the AA1’s screen extends to the middle of F1/Ins, eyeballing the NC10 pix puts that screen in Esc/Del territory.

      2. I compared the size of the two keyboards by sizing two photos until the two netbooks were the same scale. It is the same layout and yes… the Samsung keyboard is bigger as you surmised. The difference seems to be about half an inch wider and taller. The difference is not as much as the difference in screen size because the two have different size bezels as well. The Acer keyboard is about one and a half inches wider than it’s 8.9 inch screen while the Samsung keyboard only appears to be about an inch wider than its 10.2 inch screen.

        Regardless, I want to put my vote in for the Acer’s keyboard. It is just big enough where I do not have to struggle typing. My Asus keyboard always just too small and I made too many mistakes.

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