The Samsung Galaxy Tab is considered by many to be the first real competitor to Apple’s iPad. Sure, plenty of other tablets are available for purchase — and have been since long before Apple introduced the iPad. But like Apple’s tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a thin and light slate from a top-tier electronics company with a mobile operating system designed for finger-input (and phone-like devices), 3G and WiFi capabilities, and a high quality capacitive touchscreen display.

Of course there are also some key differences. The Tab runs Android, which hasn’t wasn’t really designed for larger-than-phone devices, while the iPad runs a version of iOS that has been customized for its larger screen. The iPad has a 9.7 inch display, while the Galaxy Tab has a 7 inch screen. And the iPad only officially works with AT&T’s mobile network in the US, while the Galaxy Tab is available from five major wireless carriers.

So how is the Galaxy Tab doing about a month after it was launched? According to a report in the Korea Herald, Samsung has sold about 600,000 units worldwide.

That might not sound like a very big number, when Apple has sold about 7.5 million iPads since April. But it’s really not bad for the first month, and it certainly puts Samsung on track to sell more than a million units by year’s end.

I’ve got the T-Mobile USA version of the Galaxy Tab sitting on my desk and I’m hoping to put together a review soon.

via BGR

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10 replies on “Samsung: More than 600,000 Galaxy Tabs sold”

  1. Really, who cares about 1080p on a 7″ screen? Maybe I just don’t get it.

    Everything is about trade-offs. I love my tab: It is much more portable than the iPad, and I can carry it without looking like a dweeb. But I’m not carrying it to watch movies or keep the kids entertained. (I was at a restaurant, and a couple had TWO iPads: One for each grade school kid! And they said they were going to buy a third one for the baby).

    A nice leather case keeps it from slipping (almost everyone I see with an iPad has a case, too).

    Only run into a couple of issues so far: I’m having some trouble connecting to my company’s VPN, and android’s DNS doesn’t like the non-fully qualified domain names on our intranet.

  2. I do agree we shouldn’t trust news about Samsung coming from South Koren news sources. At first, I do think it’s a good idea to buy a Samsung tablet, but then I found there are many other tablets online. Samsung is not the choice on table.

  3. When it comes to Samsung, you shouldn’t trust news from Korean newspapers. Samsung, the biggest company in Korea, has a major share in advertising which is the main source of income of Korean newspapers. It also has huge power over politicians. So Korean newspapers (3rd biggest newspaper company belongs to Samsung) rarely produce negative news against Samsung.

    1. So you are in support of my “if it looks like bs and sounds like bs, then it’s bs” suggestion? Seems like you are. I’m beginning to realize how gullible the blogosphere seems to be. Make a BS news story about some up and coming product, and you will get it posted all over the internet. No, not because the story has crediblity, but rather because it’s content fodder. Of course I can’t back my claim that the 600,000 units is complete sh!t, but then again, this is the internet. This is where sound reporting has taken the backseat, and then the backseat behind that one. Anyways, I’ll trust what you’re saying about Samsung because it supports my “sounds like…” theory.

      Have a golly good day everyone!

  4. I’m wondering something. I’m not saying the demand isn’t there. But these small production runs and seemingly manufactured “hype” make me curious. For this 600,000 I wonder how many were bought in bulk. The carriers make a commitment or a pre-order? Is there actually 600,000 people out there who bought them, or are they just shipped and sitting in warehouses waiting for the customers to buy them up in a sweaty, sticky, frenzy? I mean sure it “sounds” good, but I’m skeptical of the “reality” of the 600,000 sold. Looks like BS and smells like BS… chances are it’s BS.

  5. I just tried one. Its so crap. Really crap. Then I tried the ipad, it was a million times better. Smoother strokes and better interface. Samsung Tab is like a toilet.

    Btw, Brad, still waiting for you to do a review on the Archos 101.

    I think when tablets are concerned, only 2 shine. The Archos 101 and the Apple iPad.

    The china no name made ones are so dodgy, no idea whether the company would be in business when one claims warranty. Secondly, we do not know what parts are used as well, whether there is a danger of an explosion or not. We all know what happened to the milk from china.

    1. Both the Archos 101 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are Android tablets. The SGT is actually more feature rich and a tad more powerful than the Archos 101. So if you were really that displeased with the SGT then I’d imagine you would be even more displeased with the Archos 101.

      Unless of course your main point of complaint is due to size?

      Otherwise the main appeal for the Archos 101 is that it’s cheaper, offers a 10.1″ wide screen capacitive touch screen, is pretty thin and light, low price for features offered, and has a built in kick stand that most tablets lack.

      But unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Archos 101 lacks access to Google Market, has no GPS or digital compass for navigation, and maxes out at 720p video playback.

      Though the SGT does have a poor design point in that its casing is too smooth and can slip from your grip if you’re not careful. Something that will be hopefully addressed when the dual core version comes out, along with the larger version that is also expected next year.

      All present Archos 8th Gen tablets also are presently limited to Android 2.1 and the expected 2.2 update is still pending with no confirmed date for release.

      You can check out the Archos Fan Forum for more information…

      1. You do know Archos devices easily support Google Marketplace (just search gApps4Archos.apk on Google), GPS works through 3G/WiFi tethering (most situations you want GPS you also want 3G thus tethering with Archos anyways), the Samsung Galaxy Tab does not have a useful 1080p playback as far as I have seen (not supporting high profile high bitrates 1080p h264/avc in mkv with dts audio basically means 1080p is useless on galaxy tab).Archos 70 Internet Tablet, other than being 3x cheaper than Galaxy Tab, is 26% lighter (weight is important if you don’t want to get tired holding the tablet for long times), it’s thinner, it has a kick-stand (also important for all kinds of uses), built-in standard HDMI output and USB host without needing Samsung-like proprietary docking stations (another $99?), Archos supports real video codecs that are used on movies you can download online, especially when it comes to surround audio playback in mkv.

        1. Yes, I know but the Market access is not official, the GPS tethering does not work with all apps, the HDMI is mini and not standard (so you need a cable with both connnectors or an adapter), USB hosting requires a Micro A connector, and I’ve already run into videos that the Archos can’t play.

          Mind you, I got the Archos 70 for my dad and we like it but there are things they could have improved and there are solid reasons why the SGT is twice the price.

          In any case the link to the Archos Fan Forum was provided and anyone interested can gather more details from there.

    2. Of course you are the kind of person who cares _ONLY_ about aesthetics, not about true usefulness of things. Otherwise you would have easily understood that iPad is rubbish with respect to the SGT. No technological comparison, the SGT is light years forward the iPad, and SGT is an _OPEN_ system, it doesn’t enforce you to buy (and pay!) anything from stores, all useful applications are free. iPad is just a toy for rich people, a gadget usefult for nothing, a pure waste of money. SGT is another universe and _TECHNOLOGICALLY SUPERIOR_!

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