The Samsung ATIV Tab is an upcoming tablet with a 10 inch display, a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core processor, and Windows RT operating system.

It won’t ship until after Windows 8 and Windows RT are released on October 26th. But if you happen to be in the UK, you can pre-order one from Clove for £549 including VAT.

Samsung Ativ Tab

That’s nearly $890 US, but the tablet will probably be cheaper when it hits the States. First, if you factor out the Value Added Tax, the price is closer to $738. Second, companies make a habit of treating Pounds, Euros, and Dollars as if they were equal… so it’s more likely that the ATIV Tab will sell for closer to $549 or less in the US.

The tablet has a 1366 x 768 pixel display, a 5MP rear camera, and a 1.9MP front-facing camera. It has 2GB of RAM and the model Clove is taking orders for has 32GB of flash storage.

It also features GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

The tablet measures 10.5″ x 6.6″ x 0.35″ and weighs 1.25 pounds.

via Tablet News

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9 replies on “Samsung ATIV Tab Windows RT tablet up for pre-order (in the UK)”

  1. Ouch… Even at a $549 price point in the U.S. this is a no go. The Asus Trnasformer line, Acer Iconia, Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPad all trump this in price. Not to mention that with all of the Android and Apple products you have a huge ecosystem backing it. Not looking to good.

    1. You’re right.
      RT doesn’t offer anything more than novelty than Android or iOS does.
      So, this is overpriced

        1. I know, I realized it as soon as I posted the comment.
          I even edited it before I saw your reply.

      1. While RT is quite a bit more limited than Windows 8, it’s still more than just novelties it’ll be offering.

        Also, $549 or less is arguably not overpriced compared to other ARM tablets. Since there’s still plenty of high end Android tablets that are priced over $500 and the iPad 3 with 32GB configuration costs $599 for a proper comparison!

        1. Using an iPad 3 as a proper comparison to anything is nonsense. From strictly a hardware standpoint Android tablets offer the most off the shelf horsepower and flexibility. An Asus Transformer Infinity 32 gig for $499, Transformer Prime 32 Gig for $449 and Galaxy Note 10.1 16 Gig for $499. In any case these Android tablets have far more bang for buck and a better ecosystem backing them. You’re also touting Office on RT as a selling point which in reality it’s not. It offers nothing more or less spectacular than many applications available for both iOS and Android that have the same functionality. Oh and yes the Blu-Ray argument! I would love to see that thing power an optical drive. For that matter I would love to see someone with a tablet lug one around. Microsoft and its’ manufacturers are trying I’ll give them that but I don’t see any of these devices taking off at all for multiple reasons.

          1. I’m not a fan of Apple but a Tegra 3 has less graphical performance than even a dual SGX543MP2 in the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 doubled it to quad SGX543MP4. While the screen resolution has yet to be beat by anyone!

            Leaving the Tegra 3’s only advantage being quad core CPU performance but that’s not by as large a margin as the graphical difference.

            The Transformer Prime is the old model that had issues like weak GPS and is already starting to depreciate. So the actual comparison would be to the Infinity and the 32GB is $499!

            Mind you need the dock station or adapter for a few features like the USB port that will be common on all Windows tablets. So that further alleviates the price difference.

            Many ARM tablets are only starting to offer 2GB of RAM and higher drive capacities, but Windows tablets start with 2GB of RAM and RT starts with 32GB capacity drives.

            Also, since you mentioned the Note 10.1… It jumps to $549.99 for the 32GB model, which again is where Windows RT tablets will start in capacity and go up to 64GB.

            While if the US price estimate is accurate then it’s being priced approximately the same as Android systems.

            The only valid point you have is that RT will not have that much of a app ecosystem on release but that’ll change over time.

            Android didn’t start out with many apps either but look at it now! While there’s always Bluestack to add a good number of android apps to Windows.

            ” You’re also touting Office on RT as a selling point which in reality it’s not. It offers nothing more or less spectacular than many applications available for both iOS and Android that have the same functionality.”

            Sorry but you’re exaggerating the worth of mobile office solutions. Some of them are pretty good but they’re limited by the OS they’re running on.

            Like even a basic version of MS Office on RT will still be far more able to do things like print to any printer than you can on Android without a app for the specific printer.

            While also many of those Android office suites are pay for apps. Mind MS is including that version of Office with every RT device. So no one needs to purchase it separately unless they get the x86 Windows 8 devices.

            “Oh and yes the Blu-Ray argument! I would love to see that thing power an optical drive. For that matter I would love to see someone with a tablet lug one around.”

            There are portal Blu Ray players, have been for years, and yes… These Windows tablets can power those drives as they will have standard full USB 2.0 ports! Something that’s very, very, very rare on most ARM tablets.

            Besides, you only need a lot of power if you intend to burn discs but to play them doesn’t require much power at all.

    2. How is this a no go? Price is right in the range of many equivalent specification Android tablets and is cheaper than the 32GB iPad 3 that cost $599!

      So they obviously aren’t trumping it in price, if it actually comes in at $549 or less.

      While the app ecosystem may be small but it’s growing and unless Windows 8 is a failure it should grow at a rapid rate after launch.

      It’s also not like the RT tablet will be useless out of the box with the limited desktop and Preview install of MS Office and Student 2013 RT.

      They’ll also have a fair number of XBox Live offerings, option to use MS cloud services, and the benefits of using a more powerful OS that help with things like being able to print to any printer without needing a special app, support for DRM that will allow to play even Blu Rays directly (can’t do that with Android), better peripheral device support and standardizing of USB 2.0 means a heck of a lot more USB options that you won’t even need a adapter for versus both iOS and Android devices, among other benefits.

      So even though RT is the more limited version of Windows 8 meant for general consumers and to compete with iOS usage, it’s still a more capable platform with more potential than other Mobile OS were designed for…

  2. As excited as I am about the upcoming Windows 8 Tablets and Microsoft Surface, I strongly feel their pricing structure and Microsofts lack of distrubition outlets for the Surface are going to hurt the sale of these devices.
    If and that is a very big IF these devices were tried, tested, and proven Yeah things would probably work out but I just don’t see it happening this year anyway.

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