Now that tools are available to root a Kindle Fire running software version 6.3 the hard way, the developer behind the popular Kindle Fire Utility has put together an easy method for rooting a Kindle Fire and making other changes.

Update: Kindle Fire Utility can also root Amazon’s software version 6.3.1. You can find more details and in our article on rooting a Kindle Fire with 6.3.1 software.

Kindle Fire Utility 0.94

Kindle Fire Utility 0.9.5 is now available for download from the xda-developers forum. You can use the app with a Kindle Fire running software version 6.3 or earlier, and here are just a few of the things the utility can do:

  • Root a Kindle Fire
  • Install the TWRP custom recovery
  • Install ClockworkMod recovery
  • Install the FireFireFire Bootloader
  • Lock or unlock the wallpapers
  • Change the boot mode (for normal, fastboot, or recovery modes)

Although Kindle Fire Utility includes an option to install the Google Apps including the Google Play Store, many users are reporting that this doesn’t work with Kindle Fire Utility 0.9.5.

You should still be able to install the Play Store manually. Just follow the instructions for installing the Android Market from about half-way through our article on sideloading apps on the Kindle Fire.

Once you use the Kindle Fire utility to root your tablet you should be able to download the Vending.apk or another version of the Android Market/Google Play Store, copy it to your tablet, and use Root Explorer or a similar app to change the file permissions so that it works properly.

The Kindle Fire Utility is designed to work on Windows computers. Theoretically all you have to do to use the utility is:

  1. Download the latest version of Kindle Fire Utility to your PC and unzip it to a folder.
  2. Connect your Kindle Fire to the PC with a USB cable.
  3. Double-click the install_drivers.bat file on your PC to setup your computer to recognize the tablet.
  4. Double-click the run.bat file to start the utility and follow the on-screen prompts.

But if you run into difficulty getting your PC to recognize the Kindle Fire, you may want to follow our guide for rooting the Kindle Fire manually for instructions on installing and configuring adb.

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50 replies on “Root Kindle Fire 6.3, install Google Play Store with Kindle Fire Utility”

  1. Hi Ace,

    I got problem during installation. I got stuck i the Setting recovery bootmode part, for about 30min now. I did check in the device manager and its a composite ADB device.

    Are there any additional steps that I will be doing or how long will I have to wait for this setup. Thanks in advance.

  2. I find it ironic that your comment is better than the article. Kudos to you.

  3. While attempting to solve an issue with Android Market not installing on my rooted 6.3.1 Kindle Fire, I ran into a LONG delay with KFU (.95) …this is where I made a mistake. I unplugged the usb cable. Now the device is stuck on the Kindle Fire Logo. The unbrick utility 1.1 will not recognize my device. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. if u want to get it back do this 

      in command prompt or CMD

      cd c:kindle fire utilitytools
      c:kindle fire utilitytools> fastboot -i 0x1949 oem idme bootmode 4000c:kindle fire utilitytools> fastboot -i 0x1949  reboot

      this will get rid of the Yellow FireFireFire bootloader screen and the Kindle fire stock bootloader screen 

      more help email: [email protected]

  4. Ok, I’ve had my fun but now I want my free Instant Videos back. How do I unroot back to stock 6.3.1?

  5.  Ace your instructions helped me tremendously.  After rooting the only problem that I am having is involving my kindle app.  It will not recognize any of my books.  I am using the app through go launcher.  Even if I try to use the stock launcher my books are not being recognized there either.  Do I need to sideload them to a different folder?  I have tried both documents and books.

  6. Iam a New Kindle User. What is Permanent Root ?? Does that mean i cant Unroot ?? 

    1. and what is Boot Mode ?? fast and all ?? What does it mean ? Please Help me 

  7. Hi,

    I have rooted my KF per instructions at

    These instructions are similar to what in but updated for KF 6.3.

    Now that Android Market has been replaced by Google Play and I am located outside the US and have no access to the Amazon Apps Store, I cannot purchase Root Explorer or anything. My qusestions are as follows:

    (i) How do I install Google Play on a rooted Kindle Fire (6.3)?
    (ii) Where do I get the required files from? 

    I bought this gadget a week back on my trip to the US. Have no US Credit Card and I can do nothing but browsing on this device!

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  8. Hi,
    I need urgent help. Just got my kindle todasy and went through tutorial to use the rooting utitily. My kindle  got stuck at loading screen and wouldn´t shut off. I waited until the battery ran out. Waited for few more minutes and plugged in the data cable. The kindle now won´t stop blinking. I did waited for the battery goes dead again, recharged then for about 30 min and nothing has changed. The loading screen keeps blinking and nothing seems to be happening.  Please advise!!

  9. Got stuck in ´loading screen´after trying to run the utility. I waited until the battery was dead and did what you suggested. It will only turn it back on to the ´loading screein´again. Please help me!!

  10. Unable to ‘see’ the Kindle when plugged in. I have software version 6.3 and the driver installed but when the Kindle Utility message said ‘offline’, I tried manual driver install but ‘Other’ device in Device Manager list was not present. I’ve been using the liliputing guides ( before discovering nat3mil on YouTube. Help!

  11. The easiest and fastest way to root your Kindle 6.3. Worked perfectly for me. Thanks for making it available.

  12. Ok i got this under control for now. i was able to locate my kindle after turning it off n on a ton of times

  13. I  hit 
    install_drivers and my kindle was plugged in. now i just have the kindle fire start screen and nothing. my comp wont read my kindle. any help???

    1. go to  device manager and remove android phone / android composite ADB Interface. After that install_drivers with kindle unplugged. once done plug the kf in and should be all set to root.

  14. Ok – I’m at the place it says “Don’t even think about turning off or touching your kindle” and it’s stuck.  I’ve installed the drivers a few times and the device menu is calling it an Android ADB Interface.  What now?

  15. I have installed the drivers without any trouble, but when i try to run the root my kindle it says it can not find my kindle

  16. Dear Steven:
    I have bought a Kindle Fire with system version 6.3 inside.
    Tried your guide to root with latest version of Kindle Fire utility,
     but always failed.
    See the screenshot below:

    Check my “device manager” & I did not find anything abnormal inside
    Is there any process I missed? 

    1. U must uninstal the “Android ADB Interface”
      then install google inc usb

  17. Ran the Kindle Fire Root Utility.  At the moment I have a $200 paperweight.  I was able to “Install Permanent Root with Superuser”, and “Install Latest TWRP Recovery”.  When running “Install Latest Clockwork Recovery”, It said completed (just below saying device disconnected), and was stuck at the Kindle Fire logo screen.  Now it is not recognized by my computer so I am unable to do anything with it.

    I was running 6.3.  Anyone have any suggestions on how I should proceed? 

    I have tried to run “Kindle Fire Unbrick Utility V1.1”, but its no use since the device is not recognized by windows. And yes, I did retry running the install_drivers.bat file. Also tried to manually add the drivers, but the device just shows up as unknown device in the device manager

    1.  steve, i had the exact same problem as you yesterday. I have found a solution for it! Just let your kindle run out of battery. Then when it is dead plug it into your computer. Then it should turn on and off repeatedly.This is normal. Charge it for a good 20 minutes than plug it back into your computer and right click computer and hit manage. Than your kindle should come up under other devices just install the driver again and your good. Hope this helps.

      1. Awesome!  I am trying it now and will post the results when completed.  Thanks Zack!

        1. ok, I found out what was up with my root attempt….

          My KF was stuck, waiting on an image to boot.

          While sitting at the KF screen, I ran “fastboot -i 0x1949 boot twrp-fire-2.1.0.img”…

          It booted into TWRP and then I was able to load remainder of apps I wanted (vending.apk, googleservicesframework, etc.).  When complete, run “adb reboot” and good to go.

          FYI…if you are just following steps laid out by others, best not to try to root your device…this is an advanced task and not for noobs…trust me..I bricked two and fixed one after finally getting a basic understanding of ADB. But then again, you gotta start somewhere!


          Also, I was able to get finished using ACE’s post above. ACE, you are the man!! Thanks for that post. The only issue I had was being unable to launch GO Store or Android Market. Eventually just flashed with Android 4/Cyangenmod 9…which works great!!!

    1. Try loading from device manager and browsing to the drivers folder that was extracted from the initial download.

  18. Tho i have Market installed, im unable to download anything at all through it. every download comes with a “Download unsuccessful” message.

  19. Ok some tips for people having trouble.

    1. Make sure you run the driver installation *when your kindle fire is unplugged*. Then plug it in, then run “run.bat” 

    2. Then basically follow the below instructions (gotten from ) 

    I got one of these kindles from the sale and was able to get root. I’ve unrooted and tried again and got root again so there are two different problems. 1 – Sometime superuser.apk doesn’t get installed and 2 – The Play market doesn’t get installed. I used 2 different methods to over come this. hopefully they’ll help.First steps to root with Kindle Fire Utility 0.9.51 – With the kindle not connected run the install_drivers.bat2 – Connect the kindle and push disconnect when it comes up3 – Run option 2 – “Install Permanent Root with Superuser”4 – Run option 5 – “Install Latest FireFireFire”5 – Run option 3 or 4 – “Install Latest TWRP/Clockwork Recovery”Option 2 (More involved)After the initial 5 steps:1a – run the extras option and Install google Apps / Go launcher EX (the last three will fail but that’s ok)1b – close Kindle Fire Utility and open a command prompt (start button type cmd)2 – In the command prompt type: “cd ” now drag and drop the tools folder that is inside the Kindle Fire Utility folder. (make sure you put a space after cd before you drop the tools folder on the command prompt.) This will auto fill in the path to tools folder. Push enter.3 – Type “adb install ” Drag and drop Superuser.apk downloaded from This auto fills the path to Superuser.apk and push enter (you must have the Android sdk installed for this AND be running it from the directory in which the “adb” command can be found in Program Files or Program Files (x86) under Android; alternately you can sideload Superuser.apk)
    4 – Now you need to install a root file explorer of your choice. I used ES File Explorer. *Important* the version of ES File Explorer from the amazon market is too old and will not work. Go To: and downloaded the latest version.4b – Install the .apk you just downloaded by typing “adb install ” and drag the .apk from your downloads folder and drop it on the command prompt and push enter (or sideload ES file explorer)5 – Now you need to enable your kindle to drag and drop files to it. On the kindle: Tap the top status bar and tap “USB is Connected”6 – go to the Kindle Fire Utility directory -> apps -> system. In this folder there are three .apk’s GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk and Vending.apk Copy all three to the root of your “sdcard” on your kindle. (Drag and drop to your kindle)7 – On kindle tap disconnect. You should see ES File Explorer icon on your carosel Tap to open it. In ES File explorer Tap menu at the bottom and tap settings.8 – Under “Path settings” Check the box “Up to Root”9 – Under “Root settings” Check the box “Root Explorer” Tap “yes” on the popup and tap “allow” on the super user window.10 – Under “Root settings” check “Mount File System”11 – now your ready to copy the files. Tap back to go back to the sdcard. Tap “Select” on the top toolbar. Select by taping the three .apks you copied over. Once all three are selected Tap “Copy” on the top toolbar12 – Tap “Up” on top toolbar. Tap “system”. Tap “app” and Finally tap “Paste” on top toolbar.13 – Reboot your kindle and you should now have the Market working on your kindle.

    1. Thanks!! Finally I got Android Market on my KF! The main problem now is that I can only run the Play Store through the Go Launcher app. Do you know how can I access through the Kindle Launcher??  And, Is it possible that you can’t access all the apps on the play store?? For example, I look for Google maps app but it didn’t appear.

    2. this worked for me, thanks. I was about to throw my hands up in frustration but find your post kept me from going insane.

    3.  I have rooted my KF, however I cannot make /system read write, so really nothing works. Any suggestions?

    4. Hi ACE
      Thank you for your advse which s very informative. I have a kindle for and followed your advise and got stuck on the screen Pleae select or hit to exit. I did not know what to do after that. You reply at [email protected] will be appreciated.

  20. I was wondering if I do this in order to install Google Play, can I use it (or something else) to unroot in order to get amazon streaming as I’m an amazon prime member?

  21. Fast root, works great.

    BUT…like others, no Google Play Store, which is the major reason I rooted anyway … so any mitigation for this?

    1. It looks like there are a number of people having problems getting KFU 0.9.5 to install the Android Market/Google Play Store. But I believe you can still install and configure it manually by following the steps for installing the Market from this post: 

      Ignore the bits about rooting the tablet if you’ve already done that, but the section on installing the Market should be helpful. 

  22. Rooting is the easy part that works.

    Lots of “Google” apps do NOT work on the Kindle fire, including the Google Play Store (tried several variants of the Vending app.. all install, all launch, and all bail when you attempt to register the device), Foursquare (which won’t even install, presumably failing location services checks, as a Rooted Kindle doesn’t have any), Google Plus (which installs but will not allow account creation – button does nothing). 

    Likely best bet is to cyanogen-mod the Kindle Fire, you’ll have base android, not kindle-droid-sans-google.

  23. Roots ok, but when I load the google apps and the launcher, Im missing google play. anyone else?

  24. Great and fast tool to root your device!) I liked it)
    Thank you to this post)

    1.  Since the 6.3 update came along just last week I was waiting until other users are satisfied with the root success of the utility.  Did you have any problems with yours?

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