Google’s next tablet is almost certainly going to be a model with an 8.9 inch display and an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. The Google Nexus 9 be built by HTC.

We know that because NVIDIA and HTC have pretty much said as much.

What we don’t know for certain is when the tablet will launch or how much it will cost. But the folks at Bright Side of News think they have a pretty good idea.

google nexus 9 maybe

According to their sources, the HTC Nexus 9 will launch on October 15th. That’s when pre-orders will open. The tablet should be available in stores starting November 3rd.

According to Bright Side of News, the tablet will sell for $399. That makes it cheaper than an iPad Air, but more expensive than many Android tablets. On the other hand, it’ll also be more powerful than many Android tablets.

NVIDIA’s 32-bit Tegra K1 chip is one of the fastest ARM-based processors on the market, and some reports have suggested that the Nexus 9 will use the 64-bit version. That’s a dual-core processor based on ARMv8 architecture and featuring the same 192-core graphics as the 32-bit chip that’s already shipping.

Google Nexus phones and tablets tend to have reasonably low price tags, but if the Nexus 9 has a high-resolution display (some reports suggest it’ll have a 2048 x 1440 pixel 4:3 screen), a bleeding-edge processor, and other premium features, $399 might be as reasonably low price for the tablet.

What do you think? Would you buy a Nexus 9 for $399 if it had a high-resolution display, an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, and the latest version of Google Android?

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25 replies on “Report: Google Nexus 9 coming Oct 15 for $399: Would you buy one?”

  1. That price is way too high even for a tablet with this specs. I wouldn’t even consider it above $299. The only interesting thing in it is the Denver K1.

    I would be much more interested in a Denver K1 based netbook/laptop with a full desktop Linux on it. (maybe a Chromebook which has a proper Ubuntu/Mint based distro port on it). That could replace my aging XE303.

  2. After purchasing a Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 2nd Generation 10 months ago, I’d definitely NOT be buying another android device that doesn’t integrate well with my windows laptop or my macbook pro, In fact I will put both of them for sale on ebay next week, never used them for more than 1 month, to be honest android ecosystem get boring and boring, each new processor have new exciting features but the current software can’t really benefit of it. Currently Moving to windows 8.1 platform for tablets, Just got an Asus T100 w/ windows 8.1 (Bay Trail-T Z3775) for $299 and it’s an amazing device, Also got an ultrabook Lenovo Flex 2 14 laptop(14″,Core i7,256Gb SSD,1080p screen) when I want more power and still remaining mobile, keeping my ipad air for music recording and keeping my Nexus 5 for making calls and sending texts. For Serious IT work nothing can beat a windows or mac laptop/system, Also Linux can be easily install on both of them when you need to do some real network/Web/SQL administration.

  3. while windows tablets are getting cheaper, for me there’s no reason to buy these expensive gimmicky android tablets. id rather buy yoga windows tablets 🙂

  4. Since its a Nexus and Greedle forces manufacturers not to put Micro SD card slots into Nexus devices, I won’t buy it at any price. Go die in a fire, Google…

  5. It would have to be exceedingly fabulous to command that money from my pocket realistically. Though I am curious to see what goes on with the possible Denver k1. Off hand I’d say that I’d rather go for the nvidia tablet for the money as it has some interesting flexibility with the stylus and gaming potential.
    Now – the questions are:
    Will the N9 have a stylus?
    Will it support the nvidia gaming options?
    Will the Nvidia tablet shortly get updated to Denver? It’s supposed to be pin compatible I think.
    What about Android TV – how will that work? Will it ever launch? Will it be available as a mode on a tablet? Will the tablet have a dock and/or hdmi output to facilitate that?
    Some of that is way out there but possible and would perhaps sway me to spend that much on this Nexus.

    What will tick me off is if they just soft launch it with no event at all. Makes it seem like an uncared for toss-off product on their part.

    All the comments about how people would rather a Windows tablet are interesting. The only reason I’d be interested in a Windows tablet is to run it as a powerful-enough support option for some dated hardware and services in the mix which certain members of the household are set on hanging on to.
    For actual use as a tablet on a device that size I’d go Android over Windows all day long. The problem is that I can get good for quite a bit cheaper. And that might be good enough. I’d also have to be looking at that Lenovo 13.3″ for $100 more. Though with their Android skin I’m not sure on that one anyway.

  6. Not sure a 8.9″ screen is a good idea, you cant put it in a coat pocket like a 7″ tablet. Which leaves you wondering why they didn’t make it 10″ to give you the bigger screen which you will be using no doubt at home.

  7. Pretty much what others have said, that price if true (& it will be significantly higher in the UK) is far too high in relation to how useful Android is to me & I suspect that is a feeling that will be echoed by many, I’d also be very surprised if they included the no-brainer that is SD storage.

  8. First, 2048×1440 isn’t 4:3. Its AR is 1.42, which is between 3:2 (1.5) and 4:3 (1.33).

    Second, as others have said, tablet pricing (for non-iPads at least) have dropped dramatically over the past year, and $399 for a tablet isn’t “reasonable” anymore.

    Even 2 years ago, the Nexus 10 had a higher res (2560×1600), a larger display, the best SoC for its time, with the same $399 pricing. It went nowhere. I don’t expect this Nexus 9, if the pricing is true, to get that far.

    This would also bode ill for the Nexus 6 if it follows the same “premium” pricing. Let’s face it, the main reason why Nexus toys were well-liked was because they were cheap but good. This, at a time when there was a dearth of “cheap but good” phones & tablets. That is no longer true. There are plenty of cheap, well-made phones available. As for tablets, demand has tapered off after the initial novelty. More simply, Google has focused Android for phones, and tablet functionality has languished.

  9. This is going to fail like the fire phone. Do they not realize that nexus devices are mostly popular because of their value? $250-$300 is reasonable.

    1. I am with you 199 250 this would look impressive. 299 and up seems excessive for a tablet. It’s not a ultra book which have fallen like a stone in office. When I think 400 I think laptop

  10. Completely out of the question. I would sooner buy an 8 inch Win8 tablet. Android isn’t useful enough to me to spend more than $150 on a tablet anymore. Put an m-sata slot in it, and we’ll talk

  11. The specs are great and I’m sure that is a superb runner too.
    The problem I ran into with the 2012 Nexus 7 was that now old chestnut that is lack of external storage for my media files.
    The cloud isn’t everywhere but my own storage hardware can be.
    It’s that simple.

  12. The lenovo yoga tablet 2 10 inch is $400. I would rather buy one of those than these. They are refurbished nexus 7 for $130 on ebay. Very good price for the tablet. I was hoping for 8 inch version with same screen ratio for $200 but instead we get a 9 inch 4:3 ratio tablet for 2x as much running android instead of windows.

  13. Nah, phablet + laptop is my combo of choice, a tablet doesn’t fit in my use cases.

    1. Same here. Large tablet can’t replace my PC. Can’t wait until Shamu gets here.

  14. Really hard to buy either an ipad or an android tablet when something like the Yoga 2 10 incher gives me a fully functioning Windows PC (with keyboard cover for $400). This is coming from someone who has owns both Ipads and android tablets.

    1. +1. After using both Nexus 7 and Venue 8 Pro, would never again buy an Android tablet, especially for $399. Since I got my Dell, haven’t once touched the N7.

      1. Same here. I also have the Dell Venue 8 Pro and it’s the latest in a long line of Windows tablets I’ve owned. I can do so much more on it than I could do on a Nexus 9 or iPad. Plus, I’ve been in love with digital ink and handwriting recognition since Evernote was a paid, Windows only application.

        For casual gaming, I suppose a phone OS tablet might make sense (the Windows Store still lags here) but I do what gaming I do on my phone, Xbox 360, or Alienware PC.

        1. For phone I still prefer Android KitKat/L, but Nexus 7 will be my last Android tablet (unless there is a fire sale on Tab S/N9 lol)

    2. I have recently tried a Bay-Trail based 2-in-1 tablet/laptop (Medion brand, I don’t remember the exact type). It was with a fHD IPS screen and decent quad-core x86 SOC so I thought that it could somehow replace both an Android tablet and a low-power laptop.

      The tablet part was ridiculously heavy compared to a similar Android tablet. In fact, it was so heavy that it was not comfortable to hold it event for a short period (like 30s). The desktop part was the shitty Windows 8.1 experience (Metro apps mixed with desktop apps…etc)

      After a day or two, I took it back and bought an Android tablet for half the price (I also have a laptop so only the tablet part needed a solution). The general tablet experience in Android mops the floor with Metro any time.

      Moreover, the app selection were nowhere near Androids, the Windows tablet’s media player choked on half of my video collection which are played flawlessly on BSPlayer/Android.

      Based on this experience, I don’t see much reason anymore to buy a hybrid or a dedicated Windows tablet which is much worse in tablet mode than Android. When Windows provides a similar general tablet user experience and app selection, I will reconsider, but certainly not in the next couple of years.

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