I admit it: the PsiXpda looks pretty damn sexy over on ReadWriteWeb’s post this morning. But – as is the case with so many sexy things – it just costs too damn much money. Also, I’m pretty sure there already was a PsiXpda. Yep, here’s a picture of one that was made way back in 2005.

The RWW lead compares it to the recently scuttled Crunchpad (which was also going to cost too much), but most Liliputing readers would see this more as a competitor to the Sony Vaio P or newly-announced Fujitsu UH900.

Here’s what I’ve gleaned about the PsiX internals from their website:

  • Intel Atom Z510 CPU at 1.1GHz
  • 1GB DDR2 memory
  • 16GB SSD
  • 5″ 800×600 pixel touchscreen display
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Webcam
  • mini and full-size USB ports (1 each)
  • Micro SD reader
  • 1850 mAh battery

By comparison, you can pick up an 8″ Vaio P on Amazon for $799 right now. The Vaio P sports a faster 1.3GHz Atom cpu, 2GB DDR2 memory, and 64GB SSD. Hmm…Twice as much ram, four times the storage, and a 20% quicker CPU?

Did I mention the 5″ screen? I hope so. Honestly, you’d have to strap me to a chair, pry my eyelids open, and play classical music in a loop in order to get me to use Windows XP on a 5″ screen. I don’t care if the PsiXpda is touch-sensitive. How, exactly, am I supposed to accurately tap start menu items in Windows XP when they’re less than half the size of my fingertip?

I’m sure there will be some people out there who would pay $830 for the PsiXpda. Those people are called suckers, and P.T. Barnum said there was one born every minute.

Hey, maybe there is a market for this thing after all!

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Lee Mathews

Computer tech, blogger, husband, father, and avid MSI U100 user.

11 replies on “PsiXpda is $830 worth of why-did-you-buy-that?”

  1. I’m afraid that you are MISSING THE POINT:

    The PSIXPDA is the same size as the former PSION S5MX (I just measured it because I still have two of them), which I carried in my pants pocket for years, after carrying the LZ64 then the S3, S3a and the S3c for years and years before the S5mx.

    Do you think you will carry in the pocket of your pant a Sony Vaio P which is 9.7 INCHES by 4.8 INCHES versus a PSIXPDA which is only 7 inches by 3.5?

    What is the use of buying a “pocket” computer if it does NOT fit in your pocket???

    Whatever the price, if it does NOT fit in my pocket, I am not interested. The old PSION S5mx and now the PSIXPDA do fit in my pants side pockets!

    Dr. Knight

  2. The difference is, this one’s a phone. I’ve been waiting years for a full-OS computer I can slip into my pocket and also make calls on.

  3. I have been using Psions since 1992, and own two Series 5s. The PsiXpda bears no resemblance to any of the Psion handheld computers because it is a rebadged Asian TABLET UMPC!! What attracted us hard-core Psion fans was the clamshell form factor, allowing you to put the device in your pocket, or drop it, and still protect its wonderful though monochromatic screen.
    I have been using the UMID M1 mbook since Dynamism began supplying it, with Win XP, the same screen size as the PsiXPDA, a stylus but no mouse (which doesn’t matter for us Psion users), a 16GB SSD, a webcam, microphone, microSD card holder, WiFi and Blue tooth and a 5-hour battery. The entire well-working package costs 450 US Dollars. Even with 3G, the short battery life of the PsiXpda renders it useless. It is simply an attempted exploitation of Psion UK loyalty and I, for one, won’t (ever) buy it!.

  4. Lee
    You are, like so many others, completely missing the point. This thing is supposed to ultraportable. Hence it is small. The Sony VAIO p is neither of these things. It is also slow and quirky. I bought one several months ago and have used it about twice. I am so unimpressed with it that I can’t even be bothered to try to sell it.

  5. @Lee: I’ve read a grand total of 2 of your posts, and both involved bitching about “PCs with tiny screens”.

    Coincidentally, 90% of those who come here do so to read about PCs with tiny screens. Haven’t you figured out the whole “Liliputing thing”?

    We can read specs. We’re also familiar with the Sony VAIO P series (which you also name dropped in your other bitch-ed).

    Perhaps you provide just the facts for now, and save the editorial for later, when you’ve figuredcoutcwhat this site is all about.

    (Posted from a Fujitsu U820, with no lasting ill effects)

  6. The difference is the size. The Vaio is listed on Amazon at 4.8×9.7×0.8 inches (122x246x20 mm) and 1.4 pounds (635 g). The PsiXpda is listed on its spec sheet at 174x84x25mm and 430g.

    Honestly, this strikes me as the same argument as “netbooks will never succeed when you can buy a 15″ laptop with better features for the same price”. Size *is* a feature.

  7. I bet to differ. I find that smaller form factors lend themselves well to a 5″ screen. Personally, I picked up the Viliv S5 last summer and haven’t looked back. It doesn’t do every single job, but I have larger machines for it – it is, however, a kick-ass portable. It’s up to individual users. Even with my poor eyesight, I find 5″ + 1024*600 to be quite manageable

  8. I just became a subscriber to your site this week and let me say this: any fool can yap a bout a product based on specs (even rumored ones). And any blogger can tell you why an announced product is a lousy deal.BUT provide the reader with alternatives to sucky products AND do it in an entertaining manner and now you’re providing a service. I thank you, good sir. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Craig – glad to be of service!

      I try to write things that I’d like to be reading – and if I heard about a potentially cool device like this, well, I’d want to be told that there is a better alternative out there for $40 less. 🙂

  9. I agree that it cosst way too much for what one is getting. One would think it would have a bigger SSD for that much money. One could buy 2 or even 3 other netbooks and still save money. At that price, I doubt it will go far.

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