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LG Connect SDK lets devs stream to Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV (and LG Smart TVs)

There are a number of ways to stream photos, video, or music to your television. You can use a Roku, a Chromecast, an Amazon Fire TV, or television with built-in smart TV capabilities. Typically app developers that want to let you stream content from your phone or tablet to a TV have to use separate […]

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Lilbits (3-27-2014): Amazon TV box launching April 2nd?

Amazon’s almost certainly working on a set-top box that will let you stream videos, play games, and possibly run other apps on your TV.  Details about the device have been leaking for months… and now it looks like Amazon might be getting ready to put the rumors to rest and officially unveil its TV box. The […]

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Neil Young’s PonoPlayer hits Kickstarter, ships in October

The Neil Young-backed PonoPlayer portable media player is now available for pre-order through Kickstarter. While the list price for a PonoPlayer will eventually be $399, backers of the campaign can reserve one for $300… it just won’t ship until October. Neil Young and the folks at PonoMusic are targeting audiophiles who aren’t happy with the […]

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Google Glass Titanium Collection brings frames for prescription lenses, shades

Google Glass is a mobile device you wear sort of like a pair of glasses by placing resting the frame across your ears and the bridge of your nose. But what if you want to use Glass with a real pair of glasses? Google is now making that possible thanks to the introduction of the Titanium […]

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Motorola exploring cheaper, more custimizable smartphones

Motorola made some big strides in offering smartphones that are affordable and customizable in 2013. Now CEO Dennis Woodside says the company could go even further in 2014. In an interview with Trusted Reviews, he suggested future smartphones could be even cheaper and that customers could customize everything from colors to screen size. Motorola’s Moto […]

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Android ROM news: Gallery replacement, smart phone dialer, and more

Google and big companies like Samsung aren’t the only ones regularly adding new features to the software for Android phones and tablets. Startups like CyanogenMod and community supported projects such as OmniROM and Paranoid Android are regularly tweaking Google’s software by adding new features. Here are a few of the latest updates from the custom […]

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ZTE Eco-Mobius modular smartphone concept

Motorola isn’t the only company working on designs for a modular smartphone that could be easy to upgrade by simply popping out a camera, memory, or even CPU module and throwing in a new one. ZTE is showing off a concept it calls Eco-Mobius which could let you upgrade a smartphone or tablet without replacing […]

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TransMaker is a tablet dock for the Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 (crowdfunding)

Samsung sells some of the most popular Android phones and tablets on the market… but if you don’t feel like spending your money on both a Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet, there may be another option. Chinese company Shenzhen Migoal has developed a tablet dock called the TransMaker for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phones. The […]