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LeEco gears up for a US launch (smartphones, smart TVs, and more)

Chinese company LeEco offers a range of products in its home country including smartphones, smart TVs, smart bicycles, and more. Now the company is getting ready to do the same thing in the United States. LeEco has been showing off some of its China-only products at events in the US since the Consumer Electronics Show in January. […]

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Amazon Prime Day deals (7-12-2016)

Prime Day is Amazon’s answer to the question: why isn’t there a Black Friday-style shopping holiday in the summer? Last year the company offered deep discounts on thousands of items, and this year for the second annual Amazon Prime Day the company says it’ll offer at least twice as many deals… although some will surely […]

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Vizio introduces portable “smart audio” systems powered by Android

Vizio is launching a new line of smart audio devices that are basically Android boomboxes with a touchscreen display where you used to find the cassette deck. You can also use the Vizio Portable Smart Audio systems as portable Bluetooth speakers for your phone, tablet, or other device — but what sets these little guys […]

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Vizio Co-Star LT is an $80 internet media streaming box

The Vizo Co-Star LT is an $80 box that you can plug into your TV to stream movies, TV shows, music and other internet content to your TV. It supports dozens of apps including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant VIdeo, YouTube, Vudu, and iHeart Radio. In other words it’s a lot like the original Vizio Co-Star, […]

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Vudu Spark is yet another TV streaming stick… this time from Walmart

Want to stream movies or TV shows from online video service Vudu to your TV? You can use a Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, or any number of smart TVs or set-top boxes from Samsung, LG, Vizio, and others. Soon you’ll also be able to use something called the Vudu Spark. It’s a small HDMI stick that you […]

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Deals of the Day (3-18-2014)

When you think of notebooks, Vizio may not be the first company that comes to mind. But the company entered the PC space a few years ago with a line of reasonably affordable ultrabooks… and if you’re willing to pick up a model with some not-quite-state-of-the-art specs, you can now grab a 14 inch Vizio […]

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Shedding “cheap” image, Vizio prices new notebooks at $1090 and up

Vizio may have made a name for itself by offering decent TVs and other consumer electronics  at relatively low prices. But the company seems to want to make a play for the premium space with its latest ultraportable notebooks. Vizio introduced a new line of notebooks with touchscreen displays at CES in January. Now the […]