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Google’s next Chromecast will support Bluetooth, have better WiFi reception

Google is preparing to update its entry-level media streamer for the first time since 2015. Variety spotted an FCC listing for a new model called the NC2-6A5B. The key differences mentioned in FCC documents? An improved antenna that will boost 5GHz gain from 2.1 dBi to 4 dBi and support for Bluetooth. That could make […]

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Daily Deals (3-17-2021)

Google’s $100 Stadia Premiere Edition bundle includes a Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia game controller. The bundle is designed to let you stream PC games from Google’s Stadia service to a TV. But you can also use the Chromecast ultra as a standalone 4K HDR media streamer, and the Stadia Controller can be used as […]

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Google’s Stadia Controller now works with Android devices

When Google launched its Stadia game streaming service last year, the promise was that you’d be able to stream games to a Chromecast, web browser, or supported Android phone. But Google’s Stadia Controller wireless game controller was only compatible with Chromecast devices at launch. In May Google finally added support for using a Stadia Controller wirelessly with […]

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Google Assistant for phones gains Chromecast support

Have a Google Home smart speaker and a Chromecast? Then you can talk to the speaker to play music or videos on any Cast-enabled device. “OK Google, Play Game of Thrones” beams it to your TV, or “OK Google, play Tom Petty on my Living Room speakers” should send music to your ChromeCast audio device. […]

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VLC 3.0 media player launches with Chromecast, 8K support

Popular multimedia app VLC has just been updated to version 3.0. Among other things, the update brings support for streaming videos from a PC to a Chromecast… even in formats not natively supported by Chromecast hardware. Other highlights include support for 360-degree video, 3D audio, and hardware-accelerated decoding for 4K and 8K video on supported […]

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Google’s ADT-3 Android TV developer kit with Android 10 now available for $79

The Google ADT-3 is the first Android TV device to feature a version of Google’s smart TV software based on Android 10. First unveiled in December, the little TV box is aimed at developers who want to make sure their Android TV apps are ready for the software that will roll out to supported devices […]

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This 4K Android TV stick probably isn’t the next Chromecast (but it looks pretty nice) – Updated

For some reason Google has two different smart TV platforms. You can buy a $35 Chromecast and plug it into your TV to stream music, videos, and other internet content, but you’ll have to use your phone, tablet, or computer as a remote control and navigation device. Or you can buy a device that runs […]