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ThinkTiny mini laptop sports a 1 inch display + pointing nub (DIY project)

These days you can find tiny laptop computers with screens as small as 7 inches. But Paul Klinger wanted something smaller… a lot smaller. So he built his own. The ThinkTiny is a miniature laptop computer with a 0.96 inch display and a design that’s heavily inspired by Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad style. There’s even a TrackPoint-like pointing […]

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Daily Deals (9-22-2020)

Think $1300 is too much to spend on a glorified flip phone, if even it is one of the few modern smartphones with a foldable OLED display? Right now B&H is selling the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for $880, which is more than $400 off the list price. That’s still probably too much money to […]

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Arduboy Nano is a (barely) playable game console less than an inch tall

The maker of the Arduboy line of handheld retro game systems has been producing pocket-sized gaming hardware for years. But the new Arduboy Nano goes beyond pocket-sized. It’s small enough to hang from a keychain. In fact, it’s so small that it’s probably extraordinarily uncomfortable to use for actually gaming. But it’s a fully functional […]

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LG introduces 77 inch flexible, transparent OLED display

LG Display’s latest OLED screen combines a bunch of buzzwords: it’s big. It’s flexible. It’s transparent. And if you add all of those things up you’ve got a display that will most likely be really expensive (albeit really cool). Don’t expect to see the company’s new 77 inch transparent, flexible OLED display in home TVs […]

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LG G8X ThinQ smartphone coming November 1st (Dual Screen case too)

The LG G8X ThinQ is a smartphone with decent specs including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, dual rear cameras, a 32MP front camera, stereo speakers, and a 32-bit HiFi quad DAC. But the phone’s standout feature is actually an optional accessory — the LG Dual Screen, a case that lets you […]

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The new Razer Blade 15 comes with up to a 300 Hz display, RTX 2080 Super, and Core i7-10875H

Razer’s most powerful 15-inch gaming laptop to date is coming in May for $1600 and up. The new Razer Blade 15 features a physical design that’s nearly identical to last year’s model (except for a small but significant keyboard layout change). But this year’s model features the latest CPU and GPU upgrades from Intel and NVIDIA, […]

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Huawei P30 smartphones up for pre-order in the US

The Hauwei P30 Pro smartphone, which launched last month in Europe, is getting strong reviews for some pretty amazing camera features including best-in-class low-light photography and support for 5X optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and 50x digital zoom. Like most Huawei phones, the P30 Pro isn’t sold by US wireless carriers. But if you’re willing […]

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LG smartphone with a rollable display could ship in 2021

Smartphones with foldable displays are still rare in 2020, but phones with screens that roll up are non-existent… for now. That could change next year. According to Korean news site The Elec, LG plans to launch a smartphone with a rollable display in 2021. Code-named “Rainbow,” the phone is said to have a screen developed […]

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Report: Apple places order for 70 million OLED displays (for iPhones)

There’s been speculation for a while that at least some versions of the upcoming iPhone 8 would be Apple’s first phones with OLED displays. If a report from Nikkei is correct, it seems like those rumors were spot on. Nikkei says Apple has placed an order with Samsung Electronics for 70 million OLED panels. A […]

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Oppo has a rollable smartphone too, and here’s what it looks like in action

For months, LG has been teasing its LG Rollable smartphone with a screen that expands to give you a tablet-sized device at the touch of a button. But LG’s smartphone business has been underperforming, and it’s unclear at this point whether the phone will ever see the light of day. But rollable smartphone technology? It’s […]