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Installing Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on the HP Mini-Note

If you bought an HP Mini-Note hoping to wipe SUSE or Windows Vista and replace the operating system with Ubuntu, you might be disappointed to know that not everything works out of the box. But then, if you’re the sort of person who’s interesting in buying a brand new computer model and installing a brand […]

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Atom shortage could affect next gen ultraportable shipments

Intel’s upcoming Atom processor is designed to be an energy efficient CPU that will provide moderate performance and plenty of power savings, allowing low capacity batteries to run a little longer. So it’s no wonder many PC makers who plan to launch low-cost ultraportables this summer want to put the Atom CPU in them. But […]

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Surcouf La Révolution: Overpriced French Nanobook

France’s Surcouf plans to launch an ultraportable notebook that looks a lot like the Everex Cloudbook because they’re both built on the same VIA Nanobook reference design. But just so you don’t confuse La Révolution with the Cloudbook, this one comes in white or gold. Or at least, it’s got some gold coloring. I’m going […]

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Side by side shots of the Eee PC, Cloudbook, and Mini-Note

And here I thought my house was starting to fill up with little computers. While I’ve got an Asus Eee PC and HP Mini-Note, Flickr user Robert Nelson has me beat. He’s got both of those computers, plus an Everex Cloudbook. So if you’ve ever wanted to see how the three computer stack up against […]

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Would you pay $3200 for an insanely modded Eee PC?

One of the coolest things about the tiny Eee PC is that it’s extraordinarily hackable. You wouldn’t think you could fit so much junk inside of its lilliputian case, but hundreds of people have added touchscrens, Bluetooth, additional memory, and other components to their Eee PC units. If you’re not an expert with a soldering […]

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Install Windows XP on a netbook (USB stick method)

Update: Before you try all of this, you may want to try using WinToFlash, a utility designed to create a bootable Windows flash drive for Windows XP/Vista/7/Server. If this works for you, you can skip the section on preparing a flash drive and jump straight to the installation instructions. Also, keep in mind, these notes were […]