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Google and NVIDIA are bringing game streaming to iOS (via the web browser)

There are a growing number of ways to stream console-quality games to a smartphone or tablet… as long as they’re running Android. Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Amazon have all launched game streaming services in the past year, and Apple’s App Store policies have kept all of those companies from making iPhone or iPad apps available. […]

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Daily Deals (11-19-2020)

Amazon is selling the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 inch Android tablet with an S-Pen for $220 and up today. The retailer also offers the option to throw in a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds true wireless earbuds for an extra $100. But if you’ve had your eye on those earbuds, you’re better off picking […]

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Gigabyte BRIX mini PCs with AMD Ryzen 4000, Intel Tiger Lake chips coming soon (Updated)

Gigabyte’s BRIX line of computers are small form-factor desktops that have historically been powered by Intel processors… with a few exceptions over the years that have featured AMD chips under the hood. This year with the AMD and Intel duking it out in the power/performance/price race like never before, AMD seems to be hedging its bets. […]

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Doctor Who coding toy packs a SiFive RISC-V processor

The BBC Doctor Who HiFive Inventor is a new kit designed to help kids learn how to write code that can control robots or interact with IoT hardware. It’s an interesting little educational platform, but one of the things I find most interesting about the kit is that it’s one of the first consumer-oriented products powered […]

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FydeOS beta brings Chromium OS to the PineBook Pro (Android app support too)

The PineBook Pro is a $200 laptop with a 14 inch full HD display, a Rockchip RK3399 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and support for a bunch of different operating systems… most of which are GNU/Linux distributions. But you can also turn the laptop into a Chromebook-like device by installing a new beta […]

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Ubuntu Web Remix is a Linux distro that puts Firefox front and center (Chrome OS alternative)

Global Chromebook shipments are on the rise as folks around the world are stuck working, studying, and binge watching from home. They tend to be affordable, reasonably responsive, and fairly simple to learn to use. But a key selling point for some is a turnoff for others – Chromebooks put Google’s Chrome browser front and […]