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Comparing the Mini-Note, Eee PC, and Classmate keyboards

While plenty of web sites have put the HP Mini-Note, Asus Eee PC, and other low-cost ultraportables through the paces with benchmarks, comparisons of video performance, and startup times, the folks at Laptop Magazine have been asking another crucial question: Which ultraportable has the best keyboard? Laptop happens to have access to an Eee PC, […]

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Digital audio editing on low-cost ultraportables

When I’m not writing about tiny computers, software, personal video recorders, or the environment, I’m a radio journalist and occasional audio engineer. And every now and again, my worlds cross. A colleague recently wrote to ask for my advice on setting up a field recording kit, complete with a digital audio recorder, mic, cables, headphones, […]

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The HP Mini-Note high-res display: The good, the bad, and how to fix the bad

I’ve mentioned a few times that there’s one major problem with the HP Mini-Note’s display: It’s almost too sharp. While the 7 inch 800 x 480 pixel display on the Eee PC is a bit too small to hold full web pages or some applications, the Mini-Note has the opposite problem. It’s 1280 x 768 […]

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HP ships Linux Mini-Note with XP drives and Linux restore discs – in Hong Kong

Order an HP Mini-Note running Linux in the US and you get a Mini-Note running Linux, a power cable, and that’s about it. There’s no system restore disk, and no drivers for installing alternate operating systems. While you can find drivers and software for Windows Vista on the HP support site, there’s no official support […]

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Installing Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on the HP Mini-Note

If you bought an HP Mini-Note hoping to wipe SUSE or Windows Vista and replace the operating system with Ubuntu, you might be disappointed to know that not everything works out of the box. But then, if you’re the sort of person who’s interesting in buying a brand new computer model and installing a brand […]

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Atom shortage could affect next gen ultraportable shipments

Intel’s upcoming Atom processor is designed to be an energy efficient CPU that will provide moderate performance and plenty of power savings, allowing low capacity batteries to run a little longer. So it’s no wonder many PC makers who plan to launch low-cost ultraportables this summer want to put the Atom CPU in them. But […]

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Surcouf La Révolution: Overpriced French Nanobook

France’s Surcouf plans to launch an ultraportable notebook that looks a lot like the Everex Cloudbook because they’re both built on the same VIA Nanobook reference design. But just so you don’t confuse La Révolution with the Cloudbook, this one comes in white or gold. Or at least, it’s got some gold coloring. I’m going […]