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Popular Science upgrades an Eee PC

The folks at Popular Science have posted an article on Eee PC hacking. They upgraded the RAM, added an internal Bluetooth module, and slapped some extra flash memory into their unit. And to be perfectly honest, absolutely none of this is new. People have been making these mods since day one. But the picture that […]

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UK mobile carrier PowerUp gives away free Eee PC with contract

I can’t say this ever occurred to me before, but an Asus Eee PC is cheaper than an iPhone. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to see wireless carriers subsidizing Eee PCs. After all, it’s cheaper than subsidizing some cellphone models, and carriers have been doing that for years. So here’s the deal. If you’re […]

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Identical ultraportables heading to Brazil and Germany

German computer makers One and Brazil’s Positivo are both set to launch low-cost ultraportable computers. And while I’m tempted to make a separated at birth joke, there’s likely a good reason the two computers look exactly the same: They’re probably just rebranded versions of the same computer. Either that, or they’re both based on the […]

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CTL 2Go PC hits Amazon: Pre-order a Classmate 2 for $400

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a Classmate 2 PC, but you’re not a student in a developing nation, there’s hope for you yet. Amazon has posted preorder pages for the CTL 2Go PC. This laptop is built using Intel’s Classmate 2 reference design, but unlike the original Classmate, you don’t need […]

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Shocker: Asus warranty doesn’t cover exploding 3rd party batteries

OK, seriously, did anyone think that their Asus Eee PC warranty would cover damaged by third party peripherals? Last month, high capacity batteries for the Eee PC started showing up on eBay. These 10400mAh batteries have twice the capacity of a standard Eee PC battery, meaning your laptop should run twice as long on battery […]