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We may have to come up with a new name for smartbooks… but probably not

In an effort to differentiate ARM-powered, always-on, low-power mini-laptops from the more traditional PC-like netbooks that have flooded the market over the past two years, Qualcomm started suggesting we refer to the new machines as “smartbooks” earlier this year. The folks at German company Smartbook AG weren’t too pleased with that, and a few months […]

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Google Chrome OS demoed on Asus touchscreen T91 MT

Earlier today you read about Dell’s customized Chrome OS image for users of the Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook. Now we’ve got another story about Google’s browser-based operating system. An Asus T91 MT convertible tablet-style netbook users has managed to install an early build of Chrome OS on his device, and he’s posted a video […]

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Kohjinsha’s crazy dual-screen netbook goes on sale December 11th

We’ve already seen it on video, and we’re still a little perplexed about Kohjinsha’s wild dual-screen DZ netbook. Nevertheless, the innovative (if not weird) slider is set to go on sale in Japan on December 11th for around $920. That seems a little pricey, but it’s double the pixels of just about every 10.1” netbook […]

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Newegg Black Friday deals include $199 netbook, $39 slim USB DVD-RW

It’s two days early, but who’s counting? Like many other online merchants, NewEgg isn’t waiting to bust out their post-Thanksgiving deals. For netbook owners, there are some nice storage options which have been heavily discounted. And yes, there’s even the obligatory sub-$200 10″ netbook. Here’s a quick peek: Gateway LT2022U 10″ netbook for $199 WD […]

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Rumor: Intel Atom Cedar Trail chips won’t be much faster

Over the past few decades, people have gotten used to computer chips getting faster and faster. And so it’s not surprising that some folks expect the next generation of Intel’s Atom processor to be faster than the version available today, and for the model coming after that to be even faster. But that’s kind of […]

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Pixel Qi to mass produce low power displays starting in December

Pixel Qi plans to begin mass production of its low power, high contrast 3qi displays next month. Pixel Qi’s technology allows a screen to be used in two modes. In full color saturation mode, you’d be hard pressed to spot the difference between a Pixel Qi display and a normal LCD. But in an ePaper-like […]