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Breaking: Trendy new products more exciting than older once-trendy products

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that one day tablets will outsell PCs. He has good reason to think so, because iPads are out-selling Mac computers by 3 to 1. And it appears an awful lot of people got new tablets during the 2011 holidays. Juniper Research predicts that by 2016, PC makers could ship as […]

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Apple sold more than 15 million iPads last quarter

Over and over I hear from tablet makers that there’s not really a tablet market yet… there’s an iPad market. While it seems like every day a new Android tablet is announced, nobody is selling as many tablet as Apple yet — and Apple’s numbers just keep growing. The company released its quarterly earnings report […]

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NOOK Touch hack adds USB host support (plug in a keyboard)

Ever wish you could use a USB keyboard with your NOOK Simple Touch eBook reader? Yeah, I didn’t think so… but it’s still pretty cool that it’s possible. Hacker verygreen has figured out how to enable USB host support on Barnes & Noble’s eReader and he’s posted details on how to do it at the […]

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JXD S7100 Android gaming tablet reviewed (decent performance, lousy battery and screen)

The JXD S7100 is an Android tablet designed for video games. It has a 7 inch touchscreen display, but what sets it apart from other tablets are the game controllers on the left and right side of the screen. The tablet also has a custom user interface designed to help you download and sort through […]

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Deals of the Day (1-24-2012)

Ultrabooks are getting a lot of attention these days, but they’re not the only thin and light laptops available for under $1000. Today the Microsoft Store is offering the Samsung Series 9 notebook for $300 off, bringing the price to $999. This laptop is an ultrabook in all but name, sporting an Intel Core i5 […]

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Orchard introduces Toughlet rugged tablet with sunlight viewable display

Orchard has introduced a new rugged tablet designed for outdoor use. It has a 7 inch Pixel Qi display which can function as a full color LCD display or a high contrast (nearly black and white) sunlight viewable display when the backlight is turned off. The current model has a 1.2 GHz Freescale iMX5 ARM […]