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Sony updates Vaio Z laptop, hopes people still want high-priced ultraportables

Netbooks, CULV laptops, and ultrabooks have all demonstrated that just because a laptop is small doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. But by definition, most of these affordable ultraportable laptops are less powerful than high-end laptops. Sony is hoping there’s still a market for small but high performance (and high priced) laptops. The company […]

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Intel plans to have Atom Cloverview chips ready in time for Windows 8 launch

Microsoft is working on its next-generation operating system designed to run on touchscreen tablets as well as it does on laptop or desktop computers. Intel, meanwhile is working on a next-generation Atom chip designed to work in tablets, netbooks, and other low power devices. See a trend here? This next part should come as no […]

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Acer AC700 Chromebook to ship this month

Acer has announced that its first Chrome OS laptop will be available this month for $349.99 with a 3G capable model coming later this summer. The company had planned to deliver the Acer AC700 Chromebook on June 15th, but after missing that target date, Acer sent out a press release announced the imminent launch of […]

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Can’t afford your own netbook? Borrow one from the library

Netbooks are low cost portable laptops that can function as secondary computers for some folks — or primary computers for those who may not have the money to buy a more powerful machine (or the interest in spending that kind of money). But something neat happens when you make computers more affordable and more portable: […]

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Enable Google Talk Voice and Video chat in Chrome OS and Chromium OS

Confusingly, when Google builds a new product the company doesn’t always make sure it plays nicely with the company’s existing (and often extremely popular) offerings. Take Google Chrome, for example. When the web browser was launched (and even to this day), frustrated users still want to know why they can’t access their Google Bookmarks out-of-the-box […]

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Official Android 3.1 update for the Acer Iconia Tab A500 tablet leaked?

We’ve seen the Acer Iconia Tab A500 Android tablet rooted, patched with custom software, and unofficially updated to Android 3.1. But now it looks like Acer is working on an official software update for the tablet. A leaked copy is starting to make the rounds and a number of folks at the xda-developers forum have […]

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DIY Eee PC BIOS Resurrection

Most of the time when someone says they’re trying to update or downgrade the BIOS on their computer, they simply mean they want to change the software running on the BIOS. But sometimes that’s not so easy to do without physically modifying the BIOS chips — and that’s exactly what Eee User forum member naviathan […]

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Closer look at the Archos 35 Home Connect – Video

The Archos 35 Home Connect is sort of a cross between a clock radio, a portable stereo, and an Android smartphone. Seriously. It’s little little device with a 3.5 inch touchscreen display, two relatively large speakers, and Android 2.2 Froyo. It can stream music from thousands of internet radio stations, view weather forecasts, or simply […]