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The upcoming Orange Pi 5 is a credit card-sized computer that looks a lot like a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B at first glance. But this little computer from has a faster processor, faster wireless connectivity, support for more RAM, and a few other characteristics that help it stand out.

First announced in July, the Orange Pi 5 is expected to ship in December, and it’s now available for pre-order. The little computer is the latest in a line of single PCs computers from Shenzhen Xunlong sold under the Orange Pi brand, and it’s the most powerful to date.

That’s largely due to the Rockchip RK3588S processor at the heart of the Orange Pi 5. It’s an octa-core chip with four 2.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A76 CPU cores, four 1.8 GHz Cortex-A55 cores, Mali-G610 MP4 graphics, and neural processing unit (NPU) with support for up to 6 TOPS of AI performance.

But the system also features up to 32GB of LPDDR4x memory, which is four times more than you’d get from a top-of-the-line Raspberry Pi 4,  HDMI 2.1 video output and a microSD card reader for removable storage as well as an optional 32GB eMMC flash storage module on some configurations.

Orange Pi 5 prices started at under $70 for a model with 4GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 32GB of storage in mid-November, but have gone up a bit since then. You can also pay extra for a model with 8GB, 16GB, or even 32GB of RAM.

Ports on the Orange Pi 5 include:

  • 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C (with power delivery and DisplayPort 1.4 support)
  • 1 x USB 3.0 Type-A
  • 2 x USB 2.0 Type-A
  • 1 x HDMI 2.1
  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1 x 3.5mm audio
  • 1 x DC power jack (5V/4A power supplies supported)

There’s also an onboard microphone, a 26-pin header, MIPI D-PHY and MIPI CSI connectors for cameras or displays.

The Orange Pi 5 measures 100mm x 62mm (3.94″ x 2.44″) and weighs 46 grams (1.6 ounces).

The Orange Pi 5 is up for pre-order from Amazon or AliExpress, with several configuration options available:

While there are no onboard wireless capabilities, the board has an M.2 connector that can be used with an optional custom WiFi 6 + Bluetooth 5.0 module. You can pick up a bundle that includes the Orange Pi 5 + wireless module from Amazon:

This article was first published July 15, 2022 and most recently updated December 9, 2022 with more information about pricing and configuration options.

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34 replies on “Orange Pi 5 single-board PC is available for pre-order (single-board PC with RK3588S, up to 32GB RAM)”

  1. I am concerned about the sales practices of Orange Pi Shenzhen Xunlong. I pre-ordered the Orange Pi 5 Plus 32GB complete kit from their Amazon official store about two weeks before it was due to ship Nov 6. I felt more comfortable paying a premium to Amazon rather than buying $25 cheaper on the official Aliexpress store. Received a USPS tracking number (even though my shipping address is in Asia outside the US) Nov 5 that says “carrier picked up the package” on Amazon and the charge posted to my credit card. On Nov 9 they sent a message that because “the chip market is currently out of stock of materials and has greatly increased in price” they are unable to ship my order. Seems this is a paper launch? I don’t approve when Chinese companies game Amazon and provide fake tracking numbers to release funds. This is the 3rd time a Chinese mini PC company has done something like this to me. First was Youyeetoo on Amazon right when chip shortage hit during pandemic and I ordered an item in-stock at Amazon warehouse but my order got a fake tracking number to a completely different state so then it could be refunded (demand allowed them to take back something already sold it could be resold at scalper prices?) Second time was a listing on Lazada without multiple configuration options (I chose that to reduce possibility of mistake) where I ordered Beelink SER 5 Pro with metal case but got a plastic case instead, a $50 difference and didn’t get resolution on that and had to eat it. Bad sales practices to enthusiasts that are the only evangelists doesn’t help expand a niche market. Hard to find both reputable sellers and cheap prices. This article made me aware of their 32 GB offering and helped convert me to a customer, but now I will be less inclined to Orange Pi in the future. Hope this helps somebody considering a purchase.

  2. It does NOT have any wifi or bluetooth, this article is incorrect.

    You’re supposed to stick a wifi+bt card in the (only) M.2 slot if you want any kind of wireless connectivity. (OK, I know, you can also use a USB dongle; or a ESP-01 connected to the serial port, LOL)

    See this picture from the aliexpress site:


    1. Thanks. I’ve updated the article to reflect that fact, and added links to listings where you can buy an Orange Pi + wireless card bundled together.

  3. @Brad Linder: Heads up. The new floating videos over top of the articles have prompted me to enable Adblock on your site. And they’re not even ads. But it’s the only way to remove the annoyance of your own videos floating over your articles. Not everyone can handle the distraction of video over top of what they’re reading. Some of us have vision impairment and have 200% zoom to comfortably read, making that floating video quite large. So… lose the floating videos or lose the ad revenue from a segment of your visitors. Sharing this out of respect for you.

    1. Thanks for the feedback William. FYI, the videos aren’t new – they’ve been around for about a year and a half since I switched from Ziff Davis to Cafe Media for advertising. They can be dismissed by hitting the little X in the corner.

      But I totally understand if you’d rather not have to jump through those hoops. Most of my income comes from advertising on this site, and those video units do include ads that bookend original video content from Liliputing. But there are other ways people can support the site if they’d prefer to use an ad blocker: https://liliputing.com/support-liliputing/

      1. They haven’t been persistently jumping over the content even after I close them until yesterday. Though it’s possible I haven’t scrolled down far enough to trigger that behaviour until just recently with the Orange Pi article. It re-opened 3 times, and each time it played even though I had both paused and dismissed it. It’s doing it again, covering up this form as I’m typing it…

        1. That sounds like a bug, not a feature. I’ll get in touch with the folks at Cafe Media to see if they have any suggestions!

          FWIW, that’s not something I can replicate. What browser are you using, and is this on a computer or mobile device?

          1. They are annoying. I find videos of hands fondling devices quite off-putting; about the last thing that’s going to make me want to buy one.

  4. To low a price would start hitting their own RK3399 single computer boards sales.

    1. SBCs don’t have batteries because they’re not supposed to be portable and anything with decent life would vastly increase the size if they mounted it to the board directly. If you want a battery you can add one easily enough, you’d just have to bolt it on.

      1. not batteries, socket for lipo
        look at orange crab small fpga and it HAVE lipo socket if you need you can use it or power normal from usb

        this is small device and probably in 50% situation using it as mobile

        1. That’s just a connector. You could almost certainly connect a battery to two of the GPIO header pins on any SBC that has them and use that instead, or use the barrel jack in this case. The fact that a battery uses lithium polymer cells doesn’t mean it requires any special connectors.

        2. “this is small device and probably in 50% situation using it as mobile”
          No, you’re probably not. For one thing, it’s using a pretty power hungry setup. This chip draws enough that they had to go to a 20W power supply. That will need a large battery. Second, what are you doing with it while mobile. It doesn’t have any peripherals, so you’d need to power those off a battery as well. This isn’t supposed to be a laptop, and if you want to make it into one, you can do the work yourself. Those who want to use it as a desktop or server won’t need any builtin battery hardware.

    2. Finally someone who also thinks these things needs batteries.

      I am searching for usb stick size linux computer with builtin battery, and I found one but it’s discontinued and not “open” yet.

      There even exsists SD card with builtin wifi and linux..

      The orange crab is very good suggestion, I will look into it, someone else other suggestion?

      1. You want a computer the size of a flash drive that has a battery? What other hardware do you expect it to have, and how long do you think the battery will last? Maybe I can see a point if it’s just running a WiFi network or something, but you won’t have input or output systems on something that small, so for most use cases you’ll have to connect it to something it won’t be able to power. Your battery will be dead in fifteen minutes. Why do you want a battery? Maybe there is something that will work for your use case that is useful enough to someone else that it’s been built.

  5. OK this is messed up.
    32GB soldered MMC. Just put 16MB SPI and M.2 slot on the bottom.
    Barrel power plug. EU is pushing USB-C.

    And then you get decent Personal Computer (PC) with ARM Inside 🙂

    1. @guilever said: “32GB soldered MMC. Just put 16MB SPI and M.2 slot on the bottom.”

      Maybe as a condition of access to their SoCs Rockchip is pulling an Intel and mandating dumbed-down non user serviceable RAM and storage on board to protect their higher-end product prices?

  6. The 26pin header looks pretty weak compared to RPi4. I was hoping for quad-spi and some lvds on the header pins. This could be a kick-ass signage board.

      1. @Anton said: “What does a signage board need QSPI for?”

        Multiple LED matrix panels maybe?

  7. Filling in a typo in your description:

    and neural processing unit (NPU) with support for up to TOPS of AI performance.

    I went to the orange pi link, the answer is “up to 6 TOPS”. That’s fairly good performance, depending on what the pricing is for this model.

  8. “coming soon”, huh? Whatever became of the ROCK5 Model B? How about the Orange Pi 800? I realize it’s hard to come up with much in the way of prospective information from small manufacturers in China, but it would be interesting to see some follow-up on those models in particular and a summary of the history of various SBCs — those which actually showed up in the marketplace and those which didn’t (haven’t). I gave up on the notion of getting a cut-rate RK3588 and am hoping to receive a three-year-old TV box with an Amlogic S922X in it being offered at a steep discount by an eBay seller in China with no completed transactions soon (though all I have is a month-old tracking number).

      1. No IT does nit. Onkyo engineering samplera arę sent.

        OPI800 looks Luke dead project

      1. “Product unavailable”. I see that the RK3588 is substantially more powerful than an Amlogic S922-X/A311D2, but it’s also way more than $60. No price is shown at your link.

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