One Netbook’s first tiny gaming laptop designed specifically for gaming is set to launch later this year. The One GX is expected to have a 7 inch display, detachable game controllers, and a design that looks more than a little like a scale model of recent Alienware gaming laptops.

While One Netbook has been a little shy with detailed specs for the upcoming mini-laptop, the company has recently shared a series of pictures and short videos highlighting the design.

Two of the latest (1)(2) show that not only will the One GX have a backlit QWERTY keyboard, but it’ll also support per-key RGB lighting, which makes it the first laptop this small to sport that feature.

One of the new videos also includes a few blink-and-you’ll-miss-them shots of the detachable game controllers. Without the controllers, the One GX looks like a tiny laptop with a rather large exhaust fan on the back of the computer. With them… it looks like a tiny laptop with game controllers stuck to the sides of the keyboard.

The idea is to offer a Nintendo Switch-like device that can be used with or without the controllers attached. That could help set the One GX apart from other mini gaming PCs like the GPD Win, Win 2, and Win Max, all of which have controllers built into the design.

But it could also make the One GX feel less like a gaming laptop and more like a laptop with a game controller that’s almost literally tacked on as an afterthought. Unlike a Switch, the screen isn’t actually between the controllers, it’s above it. And with the controllers straddling the keyboard, it could be harder to switch between keyboard and controller input with your thumbs on this device than it is on a GPD Win series computer.

Anyway, most of the recent updates from One Netbook have concerned the One GX design. The company hasn’t had much to say about the specs.

Late last year One Netbook said the One GX would be powered by an Intel Tiger Lake processor. But those aren’t expected to be available until much later in 2020. So if One Netbook plans to ship the One GX in time to compete with the GPD Win Max that ships this summer, it’s likely that the One GX could a use current-gen Intel Ice Lake processor instead.

The company has also said the One GX will have an HDMI port, USB Type-C and Type-A ports, an M.2 SSD, and a 12,000 mAh battery, and it will be available with optional 5G and/or 4G LTE modems — although it’s unclear whether they’ll support global wireless bands or just Chinese networks.

There’s still no word on the price or release date for the One GX.

One GX mini gaming laptop: Everything we know so far

via /r/onegx and @OnenetbookO

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16 replies on “One GX 7 inch gaming laptop will have an RGB backlit keyboard and detachable controllers”

  1. Are you going to get a review unit with 4G/5G? Is it too early for review units be sent out anytime soon? I guess there’s been some things moving around/changing recently based on what’s been gradually revealed. Could be a while before things stabilize.

  2. I hope those LEDs can all be turned off. Otherwise, seems like a nice UMPC.

    Are you getting a review unit? Hopefully, they send you a 4G model to test.

  3. I’m liking the that matte black version minus the green keyboard letters (I hope that’s just the keyboard backlight and I can just set it to white).

    Please keep a lookout on what LTE bands this will support. Thanks.

    1. The black one with 4G looks interesting. Hoping it supports US carriers.

  4. Interested in this as a UMPC. Whether this supports US Verizon LTE bands or not will be the deciding factor for me.

    That RGB keyboard lights seem useless.

    1. Same. If the LTE model supports US carriers, then I’m definitely buying this. I hope the black version will be one of the ones they release.

      It’d be nice if they sell a version without the controllers for cheaper. I don’t plan on getting this for gaming.

    2. For me, the main thing that makes this stand out from other modern UMPCs is the built-in LTE. Although, the below quote has me concerned:

      although it’s unclear whether they’ll support global wireless bands or just Chinese networks.

      Hopefully, One Netbook uses a global 4G modem that supports US bands. Otherwise, I’ll go for the Surface Go 2 LTE instead. It’s not as small but it’s the next smallest device I know of with built-in LTE.

  5. I’ve seen niche pc products before but this ranks high up the list. This thing is gonna be like $1200. Good luck on getting people to buy this. If I want a gaming laptop, I’ll buy a gaming laptop (or if I need something smaller a GPD win or a Surface). This thing is aimed at “serious” gamers (what does that even mean) but with an 8 inch screen. That appeals to, like, 500 people on Earth.

    1. Spot on. Mini laptops are niche, gaming laptops are niche. Put them together and you have the smallest niche ever witnessed.

  6. I’d honestly rather have this layout than the Win Max’s, but it does hinge on how good the D-pad is.

    1. Interesting because I think the opposite. The Win Max has a larger screen, battery and keyboard which will make it better for if you do choose to do some productivity on it. Plus any hit it takes in overall larger size vs the GX is negated by having the controllers built in. Also if you are not a college kid, you will appreciate more the toned down appearance and lack of go faster stripes on the Win Max.

      The only thing that could swing it for me is Tigerlake.

      1. It looks like the lighting can be turned off. With that turned off and the controller detached the One GX looks more suitable for business meetings and office work than the Win Max

      2. They keyboard is a “nice to have” on something like this, I’d be fine with a thumbboard like the Win 2 so it’s a non factor. And gaming stuff looks corny but this is no worse than a bright yellow Switch Lite, so who cares? What makes this for me is that by having joy-con style controllers, this can have a control layout that doesn’t cluster everything at the top of the keyboard in the most cramped way possible, and will probably let it balance in the hand a bit better. It also potentially makes those controllers replaceable, which is nice given the way cheap analog sticks can age. But again all this is pretty dependent on the actual controls, and the preview render was not encouraging.

      3. The tech may be nice, but this thing is ugly and garish. It’s gonna be hot, overpriced and the battery life will be about as long as your favorite TV sitcom. No thanks. GPD for the win (pun intended).

        1. The black plus turning off the LEDs seems okay. Other than the back exhaust, it doesn’t look too gaudy.

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