Chinese tablet maker Onda has introduced a new Windows tablet with an 8.9 inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel display, an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, and a price tag of around $200 or less.

Actually, the Onda V891w sells for just $130 in China, but you’ll have to pay a bit more if you want one shipped to the United States.

onda v891w TinyDeal sells the tablet for $193, and you can pick one up from AliExpress for $170 and up.

The Onda V891w features an Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. It has an 5MP rear camera, a 2MP front camera, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and a microSD card slot.

Onda’s new tablet has a 5000mAh battery, a 5-point capacitive touchscreen and an IPS display with wide viewing angles.

Measuring 0.35 inches thick and weighing less than 1.2 pounds, the tablet is more compact than a typical 10 inch Windows tablet, but it has a larger screen than many cheap 7 and 8 inch models which could make it a better option for watching videos or reading comic books or digital magazines.

via CNGadget and FreakTab

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28 replies on “Onda V891w is an 8.9 inch Windows tablet for under $200”

  1. The price on TinyDeal has fall down to $178.99, I think this price is reasonable.

  2. $170 and up? What are you smoking??? Try $350 and up. Had my attention at smokers price.

  3. The specs vs price re impressive. At least on paper it is. I’d be interested in reading reviews of this and read how good it actually is. For example build quality, screen quality (number pixels isn’t the only nor the main metric of a good screen to me, storage speed and wireless performance).

  4. The battery on this 8.9 inch screen is only 5000mAh. Running at this resolution and screen size, I’m guessing 3-4 hours of battery life – at most. This battery size is good for 8 inch 1280×800 tablets – and even those don’t get much beyond 6-8 hours, depending on use. For a 10inch tablet, you want at least an 8000mAh battery.

    Now if they released Windows for the Ramos i9s, which is an 8.9 tablet with 1920×1200 like this Onda, but with an 8000mAh battery, I would be all over it. Great price, good quality, and excellent battery life. Ramos said they would release Windows for the i9s, but I haven’t seen it yet. Just be sure to check the specs real well – battery life included – on these Chinese tablets. A lot of them skimp on the battery, even though they are using higher build quality now.

    1. Listed for $159.90 with a 7800 mAh battery. And there seems to be some confusion on whether or not it has a HDMI out connector, apparently it might not.
      And I really don’t see the big deal about these sub $200 8.9″ FHD models, since the ONDA V975w with a 9.7″ 2048×1536 has been around for like 3 months for $220.

      1. Interesting. The site I saw the battery info on said 5000. 7800 is a lot better and puts it average with tablets of this size. 7-8 hours should be about right.

        My main concern with these tablets is screen quality and battery.


    This Win8.1 tablet is cheap also but the camera is not as good as Onda, Selling at 699RMB ($114.27)

    Am thinking to get one of this tablet also since I’m going to china for a trip.

    And also this by Ployer is 599RMB($97.92)

    Think soon enough we will be able to pick up even cheaper tablet or some with a better spec but screen size will always be less the 9″ -.-

  6. Going bigger and cheaper is the wrong way. I would pay three times that, if they made a 6 inch with those specs.

      1. Does it make any sense to have a similarly powered and priced phone in my pocket, but to be stuck to android ? Windows is perfectly usable in a small disply with metro apps, and I could emulate most android apps in a BlueStacks-like environment and you could use it as a main device, plug it in a tv or monitor and have your stuff with you on whatever you want. Remember the OQO ? From the very beginning of Tablets I taught they were the stupidest product ever, You have an exact replica of the hardware from the other device you carry around in your pocket, and you use it just for driving that larger display, as if smartphones don’t even exist. What do I need another set of front and back cameras for ? What do I need a CPU, RAM, WIFI, if I already have them? How stupid is that ? Tablets should have been a wireless display with a big battery in it, for you to stream the output from your main device on. A handheld Cromecast, Miracast, DLNA, universal display. Asus have the wright idea with the Padfone! Now if they were to just make the phone with a x86 atom that can run Windows, That’d be great.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I feel exactly as you do. 2 devices are silly when 1 can do both. If you are saying you would use the desktop when docked or hooked up to an external monitor then I totally get ya. I would love that too….
          But TBH I don’t think you will get that. Phones cap out at 5.5″ and tablets start at 7″. Tablets will have the desktop (from what I understand) but phones will not. MAYBE there will be a 6″ choice but tbh I don’t see it happening.

          1. I could see it happening… 🙂 All I have to do is… stick the insides of a Meegopad T01 behind a smartphone replacement display, with a HDMI to MIPI-DSI shield, and sandwitch in a flat LiPo from an ultra slim USB power bank, get to the capacitive controller somehow… it would be next to impossible, but not realy… It would cost like $400 to $600, or even more if I go the OCULUS Rift DK2 route, which would be the ideal way to go, with that 5.7″ 1080p SUPER Amoled from the Galaxy Note 3, and the fact that I would only have to make the sides of the casing and use a Note 3 back cover, for a GLORIOUS, albeit slightly thicker, Windows 8.1 running Galaxy Note 3 🙂

          2. I was hoping this would happen with the Dell Venue 8 pro and Lenovo thinkpad 8. I have pretty good eyes so the desktop is fine for me on those systems even without a dock. but the Dell expensive KB attachment was IMO badly built and had no mouse option. And Lenovo didn’t try to build one at all.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Onda V891w is an 8.9 inch Windows tablet for under $200

    1. WACOM is VERY expensive tech which makes it impossible for this price point. There are tablets that can do that but the price bump will be high

  7. I hope they are more stable than the first batch of Win 8 tablet that got release by Onda. Tons of BSOD issues.

  8. Waiting for similar specced tablets from OEMs like Asus, Lenovo, Acer for $199.

    These OEMs had full HD android tablets for $200, why don’t they make a windows version? Windows is also free right?

    Windows bay trail tablets will provide great performance and they will definitely get windows 10.

    1. Psst.. come here. I think I have what you need..

      *Opens left side of coat*

      This is the Asus T100, a combo laptop/tablet, with similar specs. I can let you have it for around $200.

      *Opens right side of coat*

      Or, if your looking for something closer to a netbook, the Acer E3-111 would be a good choice. I can also let you have that for around $200.

      Maybe the Acer Iconia W4 would be better for you. I’ll cut you a deal on this one… $200, Unless you want more storage space.. that’s gonna cost ya.

      Windows is free on devices with screens under 9 inches.

      1. I am hoping devices like this keep going down in price then i’d be in the market for a cheap low-consumption download server to leave on all day and night.

        1. The cheapest I’ve picked up so far is the Winbook TW800 at $99. The biggest limitation was that it only had 1GB of ram, the TW801 has 2GB and is $40 more.

          1. I’d be in the market at $40-$60 for a cheap low power comp i don’t care about…I am surprised intel didn’t price their baytrail stick pcs at lower prices since the winbook TW800 can be had that cheap…

          2. That’s because Intel is not building or pricing those baytrail stick pcs. 🙂 Oh, and good luck on the cheap comp.

        2. I did some power consumption tests on the winbook TW801, a Z3735D tablet with an 8′ screen. The model I got is sucking down 11.4W at the wall while charging. Wether the device is on or off. I have desktops that consume less power than this.

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