The developers of the CyanogenMod version of Android are now offering nightly builds of the latest software for the HP TouchPad tablet.

Every night a new version of Android 4.0 featuring the latest bug fixes and other improvements will be available for download from the CyanogenMod website — but it’s important to note that nightlies are experimental builds and each new release could introduce new bugs.

HP TouchPad CyanogenMod 9 nightly

The HP TouchPad is a tablet with a 9.7 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel display, a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor, and 16GB to 32GB of storage.

Originally HP shipped the tablet with the webOS operating system. But when HP discontinued the tablet and started selling it for as little as $99, thousands of people picked up the cheap tablet and a group of developers figured out how to install Android 2.3 and eventually Android 4.0 on the tablet.

But the Android 4.0 software is still rough around the edges. The camera and microphone don’t work, for instance, and many users have problems with WiFi connectivity.

Update 6/15/2012: There’s a patch that allows the mic to work, and it may be incorporated into future nightly releases. 

Last month a developer started offering unofficial nightly builds of CyanogenMod 9 for the HP TouchPad. They took the latest version of Android 4.0 developed by members of the CyanogenMod team and incorporated the latest updates from the main branch of CyangoenMod 9 — which is also still in alpha.

Now there are official nightly builds available. It’s not clear whether these will eventually include fixes for the broken mic, camera, or WiFi. But if you want to try the latest version of Android available for the tablet and don’t mind running into the occasional new bug, you can keep an eye on the CyanogenMod website for updates every day… or night.

You can also keep an eye on the official merge status  to see what updates are being added to CyanogenMod 9 each day.

If you’re running webOS on your HP TouchPad, you can follow our guide for installing CyanogenMod 9 to start using the latest nightlies. Just use the file from the CM9 nightly page instead of the latest alpha.

If you’re updating from an earlier version of CyanogenMod 9 or another version of Android you can download the latest update to your device and use ClockworkMod Recovery’s “install update from zip” option to update.

via Android Police

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47 replies on “Official CyanogenMod 9 nightlies available for HP TouchPad”

  1. Installed. Upon reboot I get a screen with the following:

    CWM-based Recovery v5.0.2.6

    -reboot system now
    -apply update from sdcard
    -wipe cache partition
    -install zip from sdcard
    -backup and restore
    -mounts and storage
    -power off
    -+++++Go Back+++++


    CWM-based Recovery c5.0.2.6
    Back menu button disabled

    What do I do from here?

    1. Use the volume keys to move up and down and the power button to select, and choose the option to reboot. That should take you to the moboot menu where you can select cyanogenmod.

  2. I thought the release notes clearly mentioned that the cam & mic won’t work. There’s an update a fortnight ago that makes the mic work. Might wanna try that

  3. I have issues making Skype calls. When other partie answers the call it dropps immediately.
    I have CM 9 installed. any ideas how to fix it?

  4. Also, my Touchpad often gets disconnected from WiFi. Is this a problem with the device or the CyanogenMod9 upgrade?

  5. Any possibility that an update will released soon to have the Microphone work?

    also the Camera?

  6. there is a tabbed browser for webos…it’s the advanced browser on the hp apps store.  it’s not expensive and worth it.

  7. Hi Friends i have installed 
    CyanogenMod 9 with alpha2 using ACME Installer2. tablet is working properly but camera and mic are not working……. Now I uninstalled with ACME Uninstaller and tried to install 
    CyanogenMod 9 with update-cm-9.0.0-tenderloin-20120417-0800-signed.  but it went something wrong and goes to infinite loop what i supposed to do now. It is neither getting switched off nor connecting to desktop

    Pls…… help me  

  8. After the recent update on nightly build , my Google play store is not working. Has anybody noticed this . I tried manually installing again Google play store with no luck.
    Help me

    1. i have the same issue. i tried official alpha build, nightly build from 4/12, re-installed play store numerous times, tried older versions, cleared cache, wiped touchpad and started fresh and nothing works. it just opens and closes. any other ideas from anyone ?

    2. *UPDATE*

      i think i found a fix…

      download the latest gApps zip file to the cminstall folder on your TouchPad. 
      boot into recovery and install gApps with the install zip from sdcard option
      locate the zip and install.
      when you reboot you should see the old market place app.
      open it and log in and close it.
      open it again and it should now be the new play store.
      i dont remember if i had the play store installed or not previous to installing the zip so you may need to try both ways but i dont think it will matter.

      hope this helps you.  ive been searching over a week for an answer.

    3. Dear Rajmenonb 
        1st try to find out the latest Gapps form the net; make sure latest i hope it will work with you. if it didn’t!
      2nd-  then clear the dalvik cache using clockwrokmod.

      3rd- last and final solution is using an official nightly build, you can download official nightly builds form follow the link      or just google (caynogenmod touchpad) 

      All nightly builds do not work properly! But all official nightly build work properly because they are tested (OFFICIAL)
      wish you best of LUCK.  

  9. My touchpad is on 3/37 nightly build, but noticed some minor issues, not sure if everyone experienced the same:
    1.  when playing music or video, as soon as the screen turns off (sleep mode), the sound suddenly became choppy.  But when the screen turns back on, it return to normal.
    2.  when connected with bluetooth (media audio), the video plays very rough, frame by frame, feels like there is streaming via a very slow internet connection, although the videos is played from the SD card.

    1. i have had the same problem , when screen turns of it sounds very disrorted even when i had mod7

  10. Hi – I love android on my HP Touchpad, many thanks and respect to all involved. When I shutdown the tablet, it constantly reboots whether on USB power or stand alone power – it’s a real pain. Any ideas anyone?

    1. I have CM7 and does the same. Not much until a fix is done. I just close the lid so I don’t see this happening and keep the tablet plugged in or else the battery will drain over night.

    2. Hi, yes mine did the same thing but all you have to do is when you first turn it off keep in in hand and one finger on the volumn button. Then when it boots in to the Mod option just scrole down to where is says shut off and it will not reboot. Hope that helps.

  11. Hi..I managed to install latest nightly release and was working like a dream but after keeping it on standby for few hours, its wifi is not turning on. I tried rebooting several times but no use…can anyone please help?

    1. I found a fix, forget your connection, then yurn wifi off, once this is done just place it on standby and turn it back on and reconnect.  Its a pain but the only way it works for me.  Unless theres another way please inform us lol.  Hope it helps!

      1. I have CM7 and always turn off the wifi before turning off the tablet. So even if the tablet reboots, it will still work after turning on wifi.

  12. Is there a description of these nightly builds? What fixes are involved?

  13. Just installed the latest official nightly, but now cannot get into Play Store. Am I missing something ?

      1. tried re-installing it, but still nothing. also having a problem with wi-fi. only get a connection in 1 in 10 tries

        1. Installed the latest nightly and the latest g apps file and WiFi and Play Store now working as expected 😉

        2. Still facing problem install the Official nightly build of built date 08-April-2012  12-April  instead of the latest; Believe me ther isn’t any observable difference in between the nightly builds.

  14. This is great.  I have a touchpad and I’m pretty disappointed with the browser’s lack of tabbed browsing and, unfortunately, there’s no other browser under webOS.  Looking forward to putting ICS on it once it’s a little further along, hate to put it on now only to have to reinstall in a week or two.


  15. I love having android on my touchpad, best os for tablets! However, I installed a nightly and most of my apps disappeared, including google play. I reinstalled play and it would force close everytime, thus, I had to wipe my touchpad and start fresh. I think it’s a good idea to wait until another alpha release (that is if you don’t mind having to reinstall everything again)

    On the plus side though, battery life has doubled since re-installation. not kidding! I hope the new alpha will come out soon with mic and cam so I cam use skype!

  16. at about 3:00, Brad says to download the nightly right and enter recovery mode.  how do I download the 3/29 official nightly directly onto my touchpad?  I am currently running ICS with a 3/22 ROM.  I just did this a week ago using the basic instructions and have never done anything else or other build downloads. 

  17. i got hold of an hp touchpad but have no knowledge of any tablet at all.

    however, i like to try to install cyanogenmold-9 on my touchpad. since i have limited knowledge on tablet. should i install c-9 now or should i wait for awhile?

    1. Install CM9 alpha 2.  It makes this tablet much more useful as the apps available through WebOS are limited.  Just follow the directions on this site for installing.

    2. I’ve had my touchpad since they first went on the $100 fire sale and waited CM9 Alpha 2 to finally give it a go because I didn’t think they prior versions sounded stable enough.  For me, it works great.  Other than the non-functional mic & camera, I haven’t noticed any other obvious glitches.

      So personally, I would recommend upgrading to CM9 Alpha 2 and if for some reason it’s not great for you, you can always boot it into the standard Palm OS mode in the mean time and wait for a better update to come along.

      I would also highly recommend watching a YouTube CM9 install video while you do the upgrade.

      1. completely agree with everything you said here.  i cant go back to webOS anymore.  and if there are wifi-issues, as in wont connect to a known network, all i do is forget the network, turn off wifi, turn back on, then connect again.  

  18. can i install the official nightly over the unofficial nightly?  

    1. Yup, but it’s a good idea to make a backup using ClockworkMod first just in case anything goes wrong and you need to restore from the backup. 

      1. Is it important to install all nightlies? Or, if I just install the lastest nightly say once a week, will I be fully up to date? Thanks!

        1. Fixes can be very minor each day so there is no need to install each nightly.  When I was using the Nook Tablet with CM7 I ran one of the nightlies for months and months. 

        2. if it works well enough for you, you can also get by with not updating at all

  19. Nice.  I need to see some reviews of how the current nightly is working for people before taking the plunge.

    1. dalingrin mentioned the first nightly didn’t get all the updates. I’d recommend installing the 2nd one and up

      Erik Hardesty  –  This first official nightly is not completely up to date with the unofficial nightly. It will be by the time the next one though

      1. thanks.  I saw a few posts on the xda forums indicating it wasn’t working good for a few people so I plan on waiting a bit.

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