Notion Ink isn’t expected to begin delivering Adam tablets to customers until next month at the earliest. But a Dutch developer received an early unit to help him work on apps for the platform, and he’s posted the first real-world unboxing photos to hit the web.

The Adam tablet features a 10 inch display, NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, and Google Android 2 operating system. Some models will be available with a low power transflective Pixel Qi display which is viewable both in direct sunlight and indoors. There’s also a 3G option. All told, the Adam tablet has some of the best specs of any Android tablet around, which has led to quite a bit of pre-launch buzz, although the company also had a bit of turbulence with its pre-launch event, with some folks even wondering if the whole thing was a scam.

While a few unboxing shots might not put everyone’s suspicions to rest, it’s nice to see something aside from the videos put together by the Notion Ink team to confirm that the Adam tablet may be real and ready to ship soon.

via Android Community

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17 replies on “Notion Ink Adam tablet unboxed”

  1. Wow! I am so stoked about this tablet. I also heard from a very reliable blog that they are adding an incredible new feature, by popular demand. That feature will be to actually sh*t Tiffany cufflinks! Just like that guy in that movie says! Incredible! (Unfortunately it moves the ship date back a few months. Boo. I can not wait that long!)

    Update!!!! I just found out from a very, very reliable blog that, due to concerns people have expressed about battery life, they are going to add a “Mr. Fusion” reactor, which I had seen in a movie once but did not realize was real! That’s really handing it to the haters!! Evidently, “Mr. Fusion” is in really, really, really short supply right now, so this will set the shipping date back to May, but when it comes out, no other tablet will match it! I’m hoping the reopen the preorders because I’m going to pee in my pants if I don’t get the chance to lay down my credit card for this visionary product!!!!!!

    1. OMG well written zorg – as in, I don’t know if you’re sarcastic, high, or for real – i usually am all of the above lol, but…i, i dunno. funny tho…I’m a nerd, talk facts..eZ

  2. This is going too far…. Really? An unboxing of a developer´s unit? Who would have thought that something sent out to a developer would ship in a box?

    We will know that the Adam is real once Liliputing receives their free copy, reports it, then posts a real unboxing — for the strange cheerleading that is taking place on this site.

  3. It is quite annoying/ridiculous that there is a “sold out” state at all.

    They should be able to ensure a steady production of the Adam so that ordering/sales can be continuous.

    1. I’ve heard that so many times, exactly that same comment and every time I stabbed myself with a fork in the eye because HOW, if you THINK for a NANOSECOND, can a startup company be so good at estimation in production and budget for something not yet proven, – as in, do we really know what are the real numbers of pre-orders, could be 10 million – didn’t Apple, worlds most advanced company go short many times? how about every other CE company in the world, that did great – selling out is a good thing. From now on I’ll just copy/paste this text to all you lazies – indeed annoying and ridiculous !!! BYE

      1. apple rarely has demand problems these days. THESE DAYS, though, they’re a fabulously profitable company that can afford to build up huge capacity on new models. and as you’d no doubt point out, and the iPhone 4 illustrates, even they occasionally have their issues.

  4. Pics have already been pulled and the post has been removed.

    Notion Ink: Still holding the cards for the biggest piece of vaporware since Duke Nukem Forever.

    1. Exaggerate, much? Duke Nukem Forever has been pending release for, what, 12 years? The Adam has had one or arguably two release delays (one of those by a couple of weeks).

      BTW, if you pay attention you’ll know that when developers agree to become part of a development program, they agree not to show the hardware to anybody. It’s called a Non-Disclosure Agreement [NDA], and most companies take them pretty seriously. Screw Apple on an NDA, for example, and you’ll be lucky to get out of it with your shirt.

      So, yeah, the pics were pulled. Color me unsurprised. I’d love to have seen them and seen his thoughts, but he’s probably reeling under nastygrams from Bangalore about now, so I’m going to cut the guy some slack.

  5. Sadly, it looks like I won’t be able to order a Pixel Qi w/ 3G version for two months or more. Sad for me, but good for them I guess.

    I suppose if they had waited until Jan 9th to set up pre-orders they would have had more things ironed out and more would have been known. Yet…..

    Everyone likes a ‘heroes journey’ story.

    Making a mistake is okay even if you make a wild out of control leap beyond your current strength, such missteps of the hero are part of the story. When your critics over extend themselves and start spewing BS they just make ‘your story’ better again. Early missteps, overwhelming enemies, and the reveal of a powerful weapon (Adam) all makes the Notion Ink story better and better with time.

    In ten years, who knows Notion Ink might be ‘the Apple’ of India. Then people will boast, “I was there! I pre-ordered an Adam sight unseen. I KNEW before anyone else.” And among those boasters will be the sniveling unbelievers who just wanted to not have been so wrong.

    1. The timing here was absolutely crucial, live or die move – not just to make adam ‘availabale’ and noticed by holiday shopping season, but make it all that more noticed and available because in few weeks after its preorder, Jan 05, 200 new tablets will be introduced at CES, as the market explodes and saturates. Having adam announced for global preorder at the right time, Notion Ink has successfully put adam into forefront of consumer consciousness and made a strong presence (which is KEY here) – a split second before everyone is told they need to buy a tablet by some 80-100 companies releasing one – absolutely ingenious, Apple-like move. Oh btw, there were a few glitches on the website’s pre-order system – WHO CARES !

      1. Live or die? Not so much. I hear that one a lot, and I just don’t buy it anymore. Pushing too hard and doing it badly would have been a much bigger mistake than missing because you were trying to iron out details.

        The really big mistake would have been to continue taking orders when the capacity was exceeded. That they stopped taking orders is actually a sign they’re real: Con men would have kept on taking orders.

        1. I’m not sure if you agree or not, but missing in action during this vital time of the year where millions of zombies (us) go out to spend D ca$h is a no no, even though Adam is one of the more superior and complete mobile computers than most of upcoming releases (still yet to see what HTC, Motorola and Apple have in store for CES) – if not hardware wise, at least the love-wise or the attention to detail and polishing out software and hardware, like Apple does.

          1. Thats a joke right? Like the iPhone 4’s polished testing of short-circuiting antenna when held in the hand like a ‘phone’ ! (unfortunately i have an iPhone 4 and wish i hadn’t had it. Luckily I have a Mac Pro too, and i love it… point is… a product is good or bad, not a company)

    1. Well, technically, Android 2 isn’t even specific enough – there are some differences between 2.0 and 2.3.

      (just adding a quick note, that’s all)

  6. Never doubted them for a second. I got my pre-order in with no problem.

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