2017 is the year AMD chips became viable alternatives to their Intel counterparts again, and not just cheaper options. The company’s new Ryzen chips based on Zen architecture offer huge performance gains over previous-generation AMD chips as well as improved efficiency. So while Ryzen desktop and mobile chips aren’t always quite as fast as comparable Intel processors, but they’re closer enough that most users probably won’t care.

But that’s 2017. What about 2018? According to leaked product roadmap pictures, it looks like we can expect AMD to begin launching 2nd-gen Ryzen chips as soon as February.

The first of those chips will be “Pinnacle Ridge” processors aimed at desktop computers. According to TechSpot, and moepce.net, the new chips should offer higher top speeds, improved power consumption, and possibly support for faster memory as well.

Ryzen 7 2000, Ryzen 5 2000, and Ryzen 3 2000 chips are expected by March, while lower-power chips should come in April and an enterprise-class Ryzen Pro 2000 chip could hit the streets in May.

The leaked roadmap also suggests that we could see new laptop chips in the coming months, including a Ryzen 3 Mobile APU and Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 chips aimed at gaming laptops.


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10 replies on “Next-gen AMD Ryzen desktop chips coming in early 2018”

  1. Looks like this is the version of Ryzen to buy… I usually wait until the 3rd gen, to allow all the bug fixes from the first gen silicon to be fixed.

    1. No, Ryzen v1.0 is the one to buy in 2017.
      There’s nothing wrong with it, and it offers better value than Intel did.

      While I agree, that early adopters are the ones who bare the biggest risks and costs, I don’t condone people from skipping a good product. Just do a quick review from a reputable source(s) on the subject before buying, and you’re usually covered.

      Anyone who bought a Skylake, Kaby Lake, or Core-X chip and motherboard at the retail price in 2017 was ripped off. That’s how disruptive it is to actually have legitimate competition in the field.

      1. Whenever possible, support the competition (AMD). Not because you are supporting the “underdog”, but because you help keep legitimate competition alive. We all win with better pricing and more choices.

  2. Brad, seems like your site has gotten a bit whacky lately. When I loaded this page, as well as others, the page will start scrolling in its own I’m guessing from the ads. I cannot stop it unless I go back and click on this page again and hope it doesn’t do it again by chance.

    Your site also gets stuck at 99% every page… Get your ads fixed. I’m using chrome on Android as I always have.

    1. Huh, that is not something I’ve seen. Any chance you can grab a screenshot and/or right-click, do an “inspect element” and find the code for the ad that you think might be the problem?

      This is definitely not a behavior that we expect, and it’s not one that my ad networks allow. But it’s hard to fix if we can’t figure out which ad is causing the problem, if it’s an ad at all.

    2. I am seeing it too. There is some kind of lag loading the page when using chrome on android.

      1. For me it’s just the loading of comments that’s a little slow. If I scroll the page as soon as it’s loaded I see no comment. Then the page is injected with the comments, a bit of reshuffling occurs, and it’s finally in its full glory.

    3. I just futzed around with Chrome on Android and navigated from the front page to a bunch of articles, no issues. OG Pixel running Android 8.0.0.

    1. It’s Ryzen 2, or Zen+.
      Basically the original Ryzen microarchitecture on a new lithography. Expect increase of chip density/battery savings around ~30% and an increase in performance around ~15%, from the jump going from 14nm to 12nm. So we might see IPC gain from 0.1%-5% (which is nice), and an increase of frequency from 3.9GHz to around 4.4GHz. Basically means a Ryzen r5-2600 will be roughly equal to a Core i7-8700, just much cheaper and longer supported. Whereas the Ryzen r7-2700 will be slightly faster than the Core i7-6900k and Core X-7820.

      Zen 2 will be a new/advanced microarchitecture. It may be released on 12nm lithography, or it may jump to 7nm wafers. These will still be supported on 2017’s AM4 motherboards, all the way to 2020.

      In 2021, I believe AMD will introduce a new revision, AM4+ or AM5, and possibly use that to support the new generation (5th or 6th ?) of AMD CPU’s.

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