Motorola’s Moto X smartphone has a 4.7 inch, 720p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a starting price of $349 for a model with 16GB of storage.

The company also offers a 32GB model for $399… but up until now that’s been as much storage space as you can get.

That changes on June 8th, when Motorola launched a Moto X with 64GB for $449.

moto x 64gb

Motorola’s new 64GB model will be available for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Republic Wireless at launch. And if you don’t feel like spending $449 on a phone you’re not sure you’ll like, it’s part of a limited time “Try Then Buy” program.

You can pay a penny, have a Moto X sent to you, and try it out for 2 weeks. Don’t like it? You can return it. Want to keep the phone? Your credit card will be billed after 14 days.

Motorola’s not kidding about the limited time deal though… the promotion runs from 11:00 PM Central time on Sunday, 6/8 through 11:00PM CT on Monday, 6/9. You get just one day to sign up.

Update: That didn’t last long. Motorola ran out of promo codes early Monday morning. 

As for the 64GB model, it should be around for longer than one day. Since the Moto X doesn’t have a microSD card slot, the extra storage is a welcome addition. On the other hand, while the Moto X runs the latest version of Android and has some special features such as an optional always-listening mode for Google Now voice commands, the phone is quickly approaching its first birthday. It might not be long before Motorola unveils a successor with better features.

via Android Police

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13 replies on “Motorola adds a 64GB Moto X to its lineup”

  1. glad they added more storage, especially considering the lack of an SD card

  2. if the opo EVER goes on sale the sales of this and many others will slide into the toilet..unless they LOWER their prices.

  3. The low res screen doesn’t really bother me, but come back with a microSD card in the next version and then I’ll pay more attention…I don’t trust cloud services.

  4. Moto X is dual core not quad and that’s quite relevant. After all dual core and 720p at a rather high price it’s what killed it at launch and Moto can do whatever it whats, nothing is reviving it now in the US. Outside the US they could drop the price to 250$ to make it competitive with the Moto G and it would sell .

    1. How is it relevant? What is it that a quad core phone can do that the Moto X can’t? I think people just want specs for the sake of specs.

      1. Ya, for some reason people think phones need 4+ cores while their PC just needs 2 max. Phone marketing succeeding I guess.

        The only high CPU usage multi-threaded thing I do is multi-threaded LZMA (de)compression within a Debian chroot. Running Debian in a chroot on top of Android also benefits from more cores.

        Other than that, I’d prefer a dual core especially if it can be clocked higher at the same TDP.

  5. 64GB this vs a 64GB oneplus one… yeah that’s not a competition that goes in Motorola’s favour. Custom stuff is nice but 64GB from day one would have been nice, as is, can’t see this attracting too many new customers.

  6. Would have gotten this instead of the 32 GB one last month. 1080p videos and 10 MP photos take up a lot of space in addition to other movies, music, apps and games I also have on it.

    If only it had a microSD card slot. I would put all the media on it instead. It’ll make getting stuff on/off the card easier by just popping out the card. MTP blows when transfering lots of large files. Wireless anything isn’t great either. I miss Mass Storage mode for the USB connection.

    Also, the Moto X has dual core Snapdragon. Not a quad core.

    1. I understand why Google went with MTP but it’s really slow when it comes to large and/or a lot of files compared to USB Mass Storage mode. I’d also rather have an externally accessible microSD card slot so I can transfer files faster by putting it directly into my PC. I have some that get 80 MB/s sequential read speeds which goes beyond the real world speeds of the USB 2.0 port most smartphones still have. I considered getting the Samsung S5 solely due to the USB 3.0 port but other personal issues with the S5 stopped me.

      Now that Google may no longer run Motorola, I hope the next Motorola flagship or the one after that gets an SD card slot, removable battery and USB 3.0. I don’t mind another dual core as long as it’s a current SoC especially if it’s clocked faster than quad core variants (more thermal room per core) since most CPU intensive tasks I do are mostly single threaded. Most background processes don’t take up CPU resources either.

      1. I don’t think UMS would work with Moto X, even if it was enabled, because of F2FS. Maybe on a Linux system that supported the filesystem, but never on Windows or Mac.

        1. I understand that. Using EXT4 and F2FS instead of FAT32 were some of the reasons Google had when choosing MTP since non-Linux users won’t be able read them using UMS. My main OS for most of my PCs is Linux based so I don’t personally care what Windows and Mac users need too much. Of course, I’m not saying Linux doesn’t have it’s own set of issues.

          Too bad MTP doesn’t perform very well for both Linux and Windows when it comes to long file transfers.

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