Want a Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbook with a 160G hard drive, 1GB of RAM and Bluetooth? Tough. Right now the only configuration available comes with an 80G hard drive, 512MB of RAM and no Bluetooth. But jkOnTheRun’s James Kendrick has been checking out a review unit that has Bluetooth and more RAM and a larger HDD than yours.

Putting aside the fact that it seems ridiculous for laptop makers to send out review units with better specs than the models consumers will be able to purchase, it looks like Lenovo is more than capable of releasing a souped up version of the IdeaPad S10. And Kendrick reports that according to a new spec sheet from lenovo, the company plans to do just that.

While there’s no mention of Bluetooth on the sheet, it looks like higher capacity hard drives and additional RAM will be on their way soon, as well as a 6-cell battery. Right now only a 3-cell version is available. No word on pricing yet.

Update: As several people have pointed out in the comments, the future is today. You can already get a Lenovo IdeaPad S10 with 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and Bluetooth in some locations. In the US, Circuit City is selling a 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD model with no Bluetooth for $450.

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13 replies on “More powerful Lenovo IdeaPad S10 coming soon”

  1. If/when a 6 cell battery comes available, will one need to buy a different S10? Meaning, can I buy the one now, with the 3-cell, and then, later, buy the 6-cell as an accessory purchase? Will it work with the laptops Lenovo currently offers?

    1. Typically computer makers do offer higher capacity batteries as an accessory
      for existing models. They tend to stick out the back a bit more, and cost an
      arm and a leg. If you buy a netbook with a 3 cell battery, expect to spend
      at least $100 to pick up a 6 cell battery if and when the manufacturer makes
      them available. You might be able to find a cheaper one on eBay from a third
      party battery maker.
      On the other hand, if you wait for the manufacturer to begin selling
      netbooks with 6 cell batteries, the price may not go up as much as $100. But
      then again, it might. It’s a bit of a gamble either way.

  2. When the Chinese computer maker Lenovo bought the IBM PC division in 2005, the headquarters remained in North Carolina.
    You would think this would give them an edge over Asian owned *and* headquartered companies with their customer service and communication. Apparently not so.

    (However, I’ve had almost the exact experiences with XM Radio (US owned), being fumbled between out-sourced reps (nice, but with hands tied) and uncaring, occasionally hateful US reps. I was also badly ripped off buying directly from XM then having them refuse to cancel the sale when I found a much better deal from another dealer.)

  3. with all due respect, this post is confusing.

    mine is already come with 160GB and 1GB RAM, and bluetooth. i upgraded the external RAM to 2GB.

    but i paid RM1799 for it (thats about US$520)

    1. In France, the only config available is the 1GB RAM / 160GB HD, 3-cell battery. Priced 399 euros.

      For the RAM, there is a 512MB soldered, and an additional 512 MB. If you replace it by a 2GB, the internal 512MB is disabled, thus the max addressed is 2GB.

      The HD is fast and works silently. It can be easily replaced by a SSD.

      1. How can you order S10 in France? I think the release for Europe is scheduled later this month/year. Or did I miss something? Perhaps some link would help… Thank you!

  4. i’ve been watching this forum for a while, having ordered an s10 direct from lenovo in august. i was patient, figuring things would settle down, and i’d be happy. well, i’m not. we’ve all waited 2 months. insult to injury, the 160gb HDD, 1gb RAM model is *already* selling for only $30 more than what we paid for the 80gb HDD with 512mb– go check circuit city’s website. yes, you’ve been suckered, and you matter less than customers of the box stores. but i figured, rather than settle for less, it’d be worth trying to cancel my order. because after all, customers turn to the direct outlet out of loyalty to the thinkpad heritage, and lenovo will respect that, as any good company would.

    unfortunately, mine shipped the exact same day the new machines went on sale. still i thought, surely they’ll be flexible about allowing a return, perhaps minus the restocking fee, so i can buy the better one they still don’t sell. then everybody’s happy. right? customers are worth retaining, as we all know, and 15% of $450 is only $62 or something. unfortunately lenovo does not share this opinion.

    this, however, is only the start of the story. a negative answer handled correctly might be acceptable, under certain circumstances. unfortunately, lenovo doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about customer service. in fact, lenovo customer service is the worst i have ever encountered, bar none. try calling them: you’ll get a call center overseas. fair enough, except they aren’t empowered to make ANY decisions. after a few frustrated calls, with nobody bothering to take any notes on why you’ve called, you’ll likely give up and ask for a supervisor. too bad! “none are working at this time,” probably because they don’t actually have any in the same country as the operators. they definitely can’t put one on the phone at any hour. one may eventually call you back, but not in the promised 24 hours. it took 5 days in my case. and when this long-awaited call comes, this person– perhaps based in north america, as mine apparently was– will have exactly as much authority as their frontline operators: zero. she will also be much less polite, and speak in MBA jargon about how she will “bring your feedback forward.” that is the full extent of her powers, to bring up your complaint at the next “management meeting.” apparently the rules from home office are very strict.

    so if you’re still reading, this is my advice: don’t buy from lenovo. period. and if you ignore that, at least don’t but it direct, for your own sake.

    1. i think just don’t buy directly from the website. it makes me feel better to go to a PC store for a laptop.

  5. They are going to need to make these spec changes and keep it under $500, or people might as well buy the Asus 1000H which has all these features already (w/o express card) for $480.

  6. I hope the RAM is a sinlge 1GB replacing the earlier soldered 512K, thus making the upgrade to 2GB (the maximum recognised by the motherboard) sohrt and simple.

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