The MK812 is basically a mini-computer with a dual core processor and Android operating system. It’s about the size of a USB thumb drive, but you can plug it into a TV to run Android apps on a big screen, or basically treat your TV like a computer.

We’ve seen a lot of these devices in recent months, but the MK812 has a few features that make it stand out, including Bluetooth, a built-in webcam, and an external antenna which should help boost wireless reception.


Manufacturers seem to be on a quest to see just how many features they can pack into these tiny Android TV sticks. Less than a year ago you were lucky to find a model with a slow processor, little RAM, storage, and WiFi.

More recently we’ve seen models with dual and quad-core chips, Bluetooth, and even build-in cameras.

But many of these little devices have suffered from poor WiFi reception, which makes them kind of tough to use for watching Netflix or surfing the web on your TV. There’s only so much you can do with an Android device that doesn’t maintain a stable internet connection.

I haven’t personally tested the MK812, but the inclusion of an external antenna means it should at least theoretically get better WiFi reception than most Android TV sticks.

The device features a Rockchip RK3066 dual core processor, Mali 400 graphics, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of built-in storage. It has an HDMI connector which lets you plug the stick directly into your TV. The webcam is a 2MP camera.

The MK812 appears to be based on the same design as the Kimdecent B12, but that model doesn’t come with an external antenna.

While this Android TV stick has similar hardware to many others we’ve seen in recent months, it doesn’t seem to handle custom firmware developed for those devices very well — ArmTvTech forum member darvon1 reports that he’s only been able to get WiFi to work while using the MK812’s stock firmware.

MiniAndroidPC is selling the MK812 for $75 per unit.

thanks Jones Mamma!

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26 replies on “MK812 Android mini PC features webcam, Bluetooth, external antenna”

  1. I bought one but it has not yet arrived. They had a long production delay and then said it was sent via Hong Kong post…then that it was sent via China post. However, the tracking number produces no information. Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder what is going on. They were responsive to email before, but now they are not.

  2. took the plunge and bought one. just received this miniPC today and so far i am disappointed with it. the only thing that i have been able to do with it is log into my google account, almost everything else that i try crashes the unit. starting any apps, or google play, and sometimes even opening settings or app screen causes the screen to blank, and the unit restarts.

    at first i thought it was overheating (was getting almost too hot to hold in my hands…) so i stuck a CPU heat-sink on it, and that kept the unit cooler, however it still crashed just as often as before.

    sent pictures, and informed them of the issue, hope they have a solution for it, or give a refund (or replacement) if its turns out i got a DUD…

  3. Please update article, it is not 2G ram. According to their site it is 1G ram with 1G virtual memory from the ROM storage. This means they could have called it a 4G ram stick if they had used 3G virtual memory from the ROM storage. Clever marketing or fooling customers, you decide!

  4. the case looks like S21H that I bought and then it appeared to be something else… (1g of ram and suspected kernel-probably from ICS)
    I will wait for the company I can get my money back in case the thing would not be as advertised… with those chinese things it’s just your risk… Dell will issue something similar soon and ouya might be a good substitute as well – all for sub 100$ not so more expensive but with guarantee

  5. too little too late device manufacturers we have all moved on release this with an RK3188 and we can talk.

    1. didn’t get it.. can u be a bit more precise please. I almost decide to buy this one.. 10q

  6. I’m going to sit tight for now and wait for Ouya.
    I like the feature creep I’m seeing in the sticks right now, but the features are kind of all over the place at the moment.
    By April there should be a ton of stuff out there, or a whole new “thing” may take hold!

    1. manual has picture of version from few months ago.. This one with external antenna is from begining of February. If someone can confirm please do so, cause I would like to buy this one 🙂

  7. How would you use the camera if its going into your HDMI port on the TV?

    1. you’re going to have to make use of the side HDMI ports (if it’s available at that location on your TV)

  8. Magnetic mount antenna. Gosh, you can stick it to your car roof, or… let the cable twist and have it flop over, fall to the floor, etc. or just dangle in the air from its cord like the main unit itself. Or what? Screw an iron plate to the top edge of your TV set?
    They’re thinking all right, but I’m not sure what.

  9. I’m happy to see that someone is addressing the Wifi, but couldn’t they have just used a more common SMA connector along with an off-the-shelf Wifi antenna?
    I’m cringing at the cable length

    1. According to MiniAndroidPC, this is a new version that was released in February. It looks like they removed one of the two micro USB ports in order to make room for an antenna jack.

      1. please check links I posted.. I would really like to understand why name is the same.. ?? on links I share instead of antena connection (which I don’t have a clue how they implement) is smth like av connection.. Just hope somebody will get it for review soon.. did they maybe send it to u already?

        1. Because sometimes companies don’t change the name when they update a product. How many different MacBook Air models has Apple released without giving the laptop a new name?

          According to MiniAndroidPC, this is a revised version of the MK812 with the addition of an antenna. Nothing else has changed (except apparently for the loss of one of the microUSB ports).

          1. Thanks 🙂 sorry for late answer. somehow I wasn’t notified..

  10. They’re getting there. Now if they could just bump the processor and make it easier to put the camera somewhere useful like with that docking station I’d crack my (extremely reluctant) wallet.

    1. I’m also waiting for a better processor (without a bump in the current prices), so I can buy it for my parents to use instead of a full blown desktop or laptop.
      Quad core (or maybe even just dual core) A15 is what I’m expecting will be enough for them.
      Oh yeah, also need for Microsoft Office to be officially on Android as well. My dad needs it for his research papers, so hopefully that’ll show up soon as well.

      1. I have found Documents to Go to be sufficient for this purpose their import filter is better than open office…

        1. I’ve had some stability issues with opening files using Documents to Go, and sometimes Microsoft Office will have display discrepancies opening up docs saved with Documents to Go or other Android office software that I’ve tried.

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