The Minix NEOG G4 is a USB thumb drive-sized computer with a Rockchip RK3066 dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and Android 4.0 software. An Android 4.1 update is in the works.

DealExtreme is now selling the NEO G4 for a little over $76, with free shipping included.

Minix Neo G4

Like the UG802 and a number of other Android mini PCs, the NEO G4 features HDMI and USB ports for connecting a monitor or TV and a keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals. In other words, you can plug in a display and input device and use it like a cheap, tiny desktop computer.

The NEO G4 also features built-in WiFi. There’s a microSD card slot for additional storage.

While the specs don’t look all that unusual, the NEO G4 gets a pretty strong recommendation from zulu99, the developer of the Droidmote software that lets use an Android phone or tablet to remote control another device (in other words, you can use your phone to control the NEGO G4 or other Android mini PCs).

Zulu’s tested at least as many mini PCs as I have in the past few months, and he says this is one of the fastest and best built, with strong WiFi performance and low heat output.

Unfortunately since this device has a Rockchip processor there’s currently no support for Linux or other non-Android operating systems.

You can check out a few hands-on videos from Zulu99 below.

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17 replies on “Minix NEO G4 dual core Android Mini PC now shipping for $76”

  1. Well, I bought it and I’m having a fantastic experience.

    I recently had a MK802+ (1GB RAM), which I had a terrible experience since its hardware is really slow in every way, and software is buggy as hell. Totally unusable, only useful for tinkering and nothing more. All alternate roms are not really better than stock so MK802+ was terrible for me.


    -Minix G4 is really really fast, games and apps work without a hiccup.

    -Boots up really fast too.

    -Wifi signal is fantastic and games like Dead Trigger download without problems really fast.

    -Stock rom is super stable, they obviusly tweaked everything to work witout problems and has a nice alternate interface to work with the remote.

    -Graphic acceleration is super fast, all games look and feel really good.

    -Google Play Store comes preinstalled and tweked just fine, so you can download right away many apps.


    -Despite being at 1080p on the LCD, the internal resolution is 720p upscaled, so its not really 1080p, so unless they prepare Android to show full 1080p not scaled, the device is still 720p.

    -I noticed the brightness on this device is set too high (I have a calibrated LCD so my PS3, 360, PC and previous MK802+ shows perfect color accurracy, but Minix G4 does not and it doesnt have an internal brightness to tweak.

    -I still dont understand why this devices do not come with a shutdown button/app. Is it really safe to unplug the device when its running? A common doubt for all Android sticks.

    -Mouse pointer is a rocket: its ugly.

    -USB hub that worked just fine with MK802+ doesn work right here: it disconnects my devices after a while so I have to unplug and reconnect it. I bought ither USB hub and it works…

    -Android 4.1.1 is taking to long to get released (they promised it was going out on November).

    Other thoughts:

    I havent rooted the device and havent installed Droidmote Server yet, but as other users said, this is the best Android Stick to date. I bought it on and it took 1 month to arrive.

    1. they have a whole serie of android stick

  2. I find it laughable that a device named MINIX is running a customized version of Linux. 🙂

    1. I think is pretty the same but –
      I found g4 in for 65.15$ and have 8Gb internal + the remote look better
      probox in the other hand have only 4Gb internal and i found it in for 89.99$

      both look like nice sticks but i think i will buy minix neo x5 have 110$ 3 usb is not a stick so i think there is no heating problem cause i want to run linux .

      1. today I ordered probox2 ultimate because I know this one can support shutdown function. neo X5 is too large and a little bit expensive to me. thanks for your suggestion!

        1. hi can u write a bit about ur experience with proBox2? 10q a lot

  3. No Linux support, no deal. Simple as that. (well, at least for me)

    I will wait for an iMX6 or AmLogic stick, those have much better chances to have proper Linux running on them.

  4. My G-Box Dyno experience was horrible, but I just received an MK-808 yesterday and hooked that up and so far it’s FLAWLESS, BUG-FREE and over 2X more powerful than the G-Box Dyno. No XBMC but a lot of other apps (GoogleTV, YouTube (G-Box Dyno would not run the YouTube app)).

    The RockChip RK3066 with it’s dual-Core CPU & QUAD-core Mali-400 GPU puts the Stick-PC on par with a Samsung Galaxy SII from 2011 which was the performance leader last year. So they’re a year behind as far as cutting edge Smart-phone performance, but that gap seems to be narrowing with each passing month.

    1. Minix is already an operating system made by Andrew S. Tanenbaum. It’s already trademarked. I wonder how long they’ll skirt by without a lawyer knocking on their door. See

  5. Hopefully the firmware is better than KimCrap’s…….er KimDecent’s.

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