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About 10 years ago I picked up my first SD card. It was the size of a postage stamp, and it could store 16MB of data. That was enough room for 4 songs! Yeah, it was tough to get excited about it even a decade ago. But flash storage has come a long way since then, and now I’ve got a few 4GB and 8GB SD cards littering my office and I don’t think twice about how much data you can store on something so small.

But I got that feeling all over again last week when the folks at Samsung handed me a microSDHC card and SD card adapter on the way out of a press conference. While an SD card is about the size of a postage stamp, it’s hard to find anything small enough to compare a microSDHC card to. It’s maybe tiny bit fatter than the eraser on a pencil. And it can store 4GB of Data… that’s almost as much as a DVD! See, seems a bit more exciting when it’s really tiny and capable of storing some real data.

OK, so microSDHC cards aren’t brand spanking new, and they come in even higher capacities. But this is still the first one I’ve held, and it’s pretty nifty.

Still, as cool as this little memory card is, I don’t need it. And I try not to make a habit of taking gifts from the companies I cover here at Liliputing (believe it or not, I actually return most products after I review them). So I’m going to give this MicroSDHC card away.

Here’s how to enter. Just leave a comment below. That’s it.

Only one entry per person, please. And while, I’ll ship the prize anywhere in the world, don’t expect me to overnight it. It’ll get there when it gets there. If you’re a friend, family member, or someone I’ve worked with at a current or previous job, please don’t enter.

I’ll randomly select a winner after the contest closes tomorrow morning at 10:00AM Eastern.

Update: The contest is over. Congratulations to chaburchak, who was randomly selected from more than 100 entries!

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116 replies on “Mini-giveaway: 4GB micro-SDHC card + SD card adapter”

  1. To think that I lost my first huge, in size, CompactFlash card years ago. It is still somewhere in the house.

  2. Wow a white mSD card. me like πŸ™‚ I normaly use my sisters nailpolish to “colour” the end off the mSD card so i can see what mSD card are in my gadjets.

  3. I have too many devices and too few cards so I split them between devices awkwardly and annoyingly…

  4. I could use another SDHC card, I’d give it a loving home in Iowa.

  5. I love this website that keep me up-to-date on this fast paced world of electronics. I bought my first netbook (ASUS 1000H, XP) in the summer of 2008 after seen it and reading about it here.
    Good job guys and keep it up!

  6. I wonder how the information density in the Micro SDHC card compares with that of our brains.

  7. Oh, my first 125 mb cost me about $60 or $70. I thought it was a great deal.

  8. I won’t be in the market ( hopefully) for a laptop for quite a while, but your blog is one of the few I check on almost every day.

  9. I like the little micro sd cards. It is amazing how much one can get on such a small flash drive. I use one in my Palm Centro. I think it is cool that one could put an os on one and use it to either boot from or install software from it. What we thought was big years ago is small and out of date now.

  10. Great giveaway, big giveaway, small giveaway, tiny giveaway… it does not matter. Bring it on and count me in please! πŸ™‚

  11. I don’t have anything that takes a tiny card like that. On the other hand…it would be a good excuse to buy something that does, right? So yes, please! πŸ™‚

  12. all this “flash” stuff is cool, but don’t you miss 5″ floppys πŸ˜‰

  13. They are a pretty nifty technology…I still have some OOLLLDDD 400mb Hard Drives sitting around, pretty amazing to see how technology has changed in the last 15 years… πŸ™‚

  14. Is it a class4 or class2 device? If it’s class4 then it’s perfect to use it to install Moblin as to test it on my Asus 1000H.

    Thanks to your reviews I bought my little but great Asus eeepc 1000H.Now looking for a new ION one. Great Site!

  15. Typing this on my iPhone. Would be nice if apple let us expand the storage with an sd card but this prize would certainly go nicely with the camera I got this past Christmas

  16. It makes me think of the “massive” 2GB hard drive that I bought to start college with. I think I had the largest drive of anyone on my floor in the dorms.

  17. The beauty of the microSDHC/adapter combo is that it can used as/in one, two or all three sizes of SDHC slot. I too have outgrown the 2GB microSD card that came with my current smartphone and am ready to upgrade both. Count me in!

  18. Damn, memory has come a long way. This would help a great deal in alleviating my phone’s acute memory shortage. πŸ™

  19. It’s the fear of what comes after the doing that makes the doing hard to do.

  20. LOL, I could use one of these for music on my phone. Nice giveaway Brad. I totally understand your policy too… I’ve made purchasing decisions just because one vendor took me out to a nice dinner, and the other didn’t, and the two products were a toss up… We made the decision for rational reasons based on business needs, but I can say that the steak dinner made me happier in the end with our final decision. These things weigh on your back brain, when you take them.

  21. …been shopping for a 16gb or 32gb microSDHC, but I’d take a free 4gb one any day of the week. Both my cell and the wifey’s use microSD.

  22. Never can have to much memory…. looking forward to the release of the 32 GB microSD cards to drive the 16 Gb ones down in price.

    Like you I marvelled at my 8 GB microSD card and reflected on running an entire hardware design team of a 10 GB SCSI RAID disk array roughly 10 years ago.

  23. Ooh.. I’d love to get a new card. I kinda lost my last one where I was supposed to rip band of brothers to watch on my nokia 5800.

  24. This would go nicely in the woefully empty microSD slot in my 3G stick. As others have commented, thanks for making this worldwide :O)

  25. Having a couple of these of 4GB capacity around, to quickly reinstall a couple of different versions of an Operating System, is invaluable. I’d like to be included in this contest.
    Thank you

  26. Anyone good at numbers?
    What is the “bandwidth” of a 747 with the cargo hold packed to the limit with these?

  27. the first microsdhc card I saw made me think of the fingernail on your little finger.

  28. Hey, yeah, giveaways are great!
    And yup, I can make use of it. My MP3-player will be quite happy!

  29. Small is cool. Smaller is cooler. I tell my daughter that my first computer weighed ten times what her notebook weighs, was the size of a dog carrier, and had less computing power than her cell phone but I don’t think she actually believes it.

  30. I still remember the first microSD I’ve seen, the sensation of “WOW, THIS IS FREAKING DAMN SMALL!”.

    And I wonder if anybody has eaten a microSDHC by mistake.

  31. I still remember paying $80 for a 4gb flash drive. Oh, if only i could tell my younger self to wait!

  32. I was just checking the local ads for a deal on 4GB microSDHC card! I’ve out grown my 2GB. Please pick me!!!

  33. i guess i must try this somehow. 4GB is still a lot for some of us today..

  34. I have never bought a micro-SD of any kind before, so I don’t have any on-hand. I need one for my daughters cell phone, so this would be a nice prize to win.

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