With the exception of mini-laptops like the GPD Win Max, the largest screens we’ve seen so far on handheld gaming PCs have been the 8.4 inch displays used for some ONEXPLAYER models and the upcoming AYA Neo Kun.

But there may be a new model with a 10.1 inch display and an unusual-looking design on the way. A company called Meteorish has begun showing pictures and specs for an upcoming handheld with a big screen, plenty of horsepower and… an aesthetic that makes it look more like a Fisher Price toy than a device for hardcore gamers.

And honestly, it’s the unusual controller layout and color scheme that makes me think the Meteorish TJD T101 might actually be a real thing. Because while the company has only shared rendered images rather than real-world photos or videos so far, I can’t imagine why they’d bother mocking up something that looks so much like a toy if the company hadn’t already settled on that design.

I suppose there was no getting around the fact that the controllers are shorter than the screen, as it would be hard to reach the shoulder triggers otherwise. But the rendered images are a little too glossy, and the color schemes range from a rather simplistic white with blue and red accents to a rather odd-looking black with purple, yellow, red and green or yellow with purple and red.

Or maybe this is like scammers who intentionally insert spelling and grammar mistakes into their email messages in an attempt to weed out the less gullible marks. For what it’s worth, there are a few of those on Meteorish website (for example the handheld is said to have a “High-Speed TF Card Slo.”

Anyway, if we take the Meteorish website at face value, the company is promising a Windows 11-handheld with:

  • 10.1 inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel IPS LCD display
  • AMD Ryzen 5 7640U or Ryzen 7 7840U processor options (with up to 35W TDP)
  • 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB LPDDR5x memory options
  • M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 storage with 512GB to 4TB SSD options
  • 60 Wh battery
  • 100W charging
  • Hall sensing joysticks
  • Hall trigger shoulder buttons
  • Dual gyroscopic sensors
  • 2 x USB4 Type-C / 40 Gbps ports
  • 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A port
  • 1 x 3.5mm audio jack
  • 1 x microSD card reader
  • Stereo 2W speakers
  • WiFi 6E & Bluetooth 5.2
  • Fingerprint sensor in power button
  • 343 x 155 x 20mm (13.5″ x 6.1″ x 0.8″)
  • 890 grams (2 pounds)

The company says it plans to launch the TD101 through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in late August or early September, with at least two pricing/configuration options available:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 7640U/16GB RAM/1TB storage for $599
  • AMD Ryzen 7 7840U/32GB RAM/2TB storage for $999

It’s unclear if the prices listed on the Meteorish website are the retail or crowdfunding prices, but the $599 model would be competitively priced with the Asus ROG Ally and some other entry-level handhelds, although it’s still $200 more than the starting price for a Valve Steam Deck.

The $999 price for the higher-spec configuration puts that model in more direct competition with handhelds from AYA and GPD, which command higher prices for premium specs like more memory or storage than you can get from those handhelds.


At this point I’m still not entirely sure if this thing is a real product that’s undergone any sort of development or just a bunch of pictures. But hopefully that will become more clear closer to launch.

For now you can keep an eye on the project by joining the TJD T101 Club on Facebook or keeping an eye on the Meteorish website.

This article was first published July 13, 2023 and most recently updated July 25, 2023 with pricing and crowdfunding information as well as an update on the name: the handheld is now called the TJD T101 rather than the TJD T10. 

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  1. Its just obscene, i think we all feel the same way about this we do as with the N64 controller, its awesomely cool and all but doesn’t have to be out all the time oddly attracting attention, just leave it in a drawer somewhere cause its a bizarre crazy monster!

  2. There are handheld gamers looking for a 10″ screen – Surface Go, iPad equivalent, and also powerful enough to potentially be portable mini desktop pcs. So far some of the designs do make sense:
    + the top part is tapered off, to allow access to the shoulder/trigger buttons.
    +/- controller may need to be shifted further up incase the device is too top heavy
    +/- tapering or the little gap where the bottom of the controller meets the screen may need to be filled.
    – Color scheme layout is too complex and garish, if given a more uniform pallette i.e. The entire body is just one color, and some of the buttons are just another color it may drastically change the aesthetics making the device look more “professional” instead of many see as a ‘fischer price’ toy.

  3. At this size, I’d be looking at gaming laptops + controller. Or maybe see if all the fake reviews about those AR glasses actually have something to them (ie. smaller handheld + monitor on your face use case).

  4. I actually wouldn’t mind a humongous 10 inch gaming handheld like that… but not in this form factor. 😛

    See, all portables I had so far still felt like the screen was a bit on the small side for gaming, but also for comics and manga reading, plus watching videos.

    Biggest screen on a portable I had so far was the Switch… it’s 6.2 inches, right?
    Perhaps Aya Neo Kun would be enough.

    But I had a few Android tablets with 10 inch screens, which I carried around a lot. That size seems to be the perfect compromise for me personally. It’s a bit unwieldly and not very portable to be honest, but it kinda works for my needs.

    Just that it’d need either removable gamepads, or something like a clamp style gamepad.

    Thought I might just be asking for too much… I’d also want it to replace my desktop completely.
    In any case, I kinda like how these new ideas and options are coming around… not sure if this one is real, but it looks kinda fun.

    1. I think the best way to do portable gaming with a 10″+ screen is just to use a normal tablet (with a kickstand case), and connect an Xbox controller via bluetooth.

      Sure it’s not handheld, but I’d argue that a 2lb device isn’t either.

      1. The issue with that is that you have to actually sit down to use a tablet or a laptop, and even when sitting, handhelds still take up the least amount of space and are the easiest to hold onto.
        Not saying it won’t work, just that it’s not for everyone.

        However, I would like to think that someone trying to sell a ~10″ x86 handheld would probably move more units by including a keyboard with a 360 degree hinge and detachable controllers. In fact, an optimal design may involve the motherboard inside a beefed up screen section with the battery in the keyboard section, with holes through the keyboard section that the motherboard’s cooling fan can breathe through when the keyboard is flipped around. More optimal than these renders would be at any rate.

      2. Have a OneXplayer 2 which is an 8.4″ screen.

        You do get used to the size after a while.

        A good many reasons why 10″ screens is sought after is because many games, PC in particular, are not really designed for small screens – game fonts, menus etc.. are not scaled and difficult to read.

        The other is Windows 11 was really only optimized for 9″ screens and above.

        Also some gamers, such as myself, are looking for that handheld gaming PC that is potentially powerful enough to potentially also double as a portable desktop PC replacement.

        There is the GPD Win Max 2, which has many ports, storage slots and a 10″ screen could fit that bill for some, but it’s basically a UMC laptop and not as portable and easy to use as handheld form factors.

        The OneXPlayer 2 was and maybe still on the right track by offering a more modular approach – 8.4″ screen device that can, albeit thick, tablet have controllers working separately (need the controller attachment) or attach them so use can use the whole unit like a handheld, but OneNet-Book the makers have only made an 8.4″ screen thus far and is still too small for what they have shown that it could also do.

        TLDR; basically a few gamers want a ‘Surface Go’ sized handheld gaming/PC.

  5. When it comes to contemporary gaming aren’t you SOL if you are simply bored by all 1st person/action genres? I can’t think of many games where I didn’t end up deleting it after about 10min of playing and realizing I’d have more fun staring blankly at wallpaper.

  6. This form factor just isn’t it. If your going to go with a 10+inch screen a detachable design would be better. But even then as a handheld it doesn’t make sense to put a screen that big on it.

    1. why not?

      The GPD Win Max 2 has a 10″ panel.

      Surface Go and iPad are both 10″ screens.

      There are gamers out there that have different screen size preferences

      Some like pocketables 3.5″~6″ screens

      There are regular size handhelds 7″~8″

      There are those who like the OneXplayer 2’s 8.4″ screen and more.