The MeegoPad T01 is a little computer-on-a-stick that looks like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromecast. But it’s not just designed to let you stream music and movies to your TV: it’s a full-fledged (albeit tiny) computer that runs Windows 8.1.

Actually, the MeegoPad T01 comes with both Windows and Android pre-loaded. You can switch between the operating systems.

We first heard about this little computer in October when it launched in China, and now it’s available for purchase in the United States for as little as $100.

meegopad t01

DealExtreme is selling the MeegoPad T01 with 16GB of storage for $100. A 32GB model sells for $110.

Both models feature 2GB of RAM, an Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core Bay Trail processor, microSD card slots for up to 64GB of removable storage, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

Update: You can also order one from Amazon… or if you want a similar device with a better-known brand name, the Intel Compute Stick is set to launch in 2015 for $89 and up. 

Update 2: Note that at least some versions of this stick ship with an unlicensed version of Windows 8.1, which means you’ll need to either supply your own operating system or pay for a Windows license. 

There’s an HDMI port on one end, which lets you plug the stick directly into a TV or monitor, and a USB 2.0 port on the other end which you can use to connect storage, a keyboard, mouse, or other accessories. There’s also a micro USB port, but that’s used to provide power.

The MeegoPad T01 isn’t the most powerful Windows computer money can buy. But it’s certainly one of the smallest — and based on my experience with Windows and Android devices with Bay Trail processors, it should be capable of handling HD video playback and basic computing tasks such as web browsing and document editing.

If you want a device with a few more ports and an Ethernet jack you might want to look at the Zotac ZBOX PI320 pico… but that little computer costs about twice as much as a MeegoPad T01.

via CNX Software

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58 replies on “MeegoPad T01 Bay Trail Windows mini PC now available for $100”

  1. Customers who ordered Meegopad T01 licensed Windows 8.1 with Bing version on Your s are on the way. For your peace of mind, here is the first ever visual proof of Licensed Windows 8.1 with Bing on Meegopad T01. The serial number sticker on the Meegopad T01 is service ID from manufacture, KEEP IT for future exchange for legitimate, re-activation code from Microsoft, if you need to re-install Windows.

  2. Hi guys!
    I’m writing this from my MeegoPad T01. Yup, just arrived this morning. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the first 1000 users 🙂 Out of curiosity I ordered the 16 GB version (got it for $98 + $6 shipping). It needs about 5 minutes to set up when you first turn it on. I expected a WiMBoot configuration, but alas, it’s a regular install, 4GB recovery, 10GB data, 5.3 GB free out of the box. The Windows installed is pretty new, I think it should be from around November, didn’t have to install a lot of updates. The OS is not activated, there is no registration code in the box and the preinstalled product key is invalid. There is also no Office preinstalled. Makes me wonder why couldn’t they install the Bing edition, they get that for free. Also WiMBoot should be a default. The device itself is pretty neat, I got a black version (even thou I ordered the white one, never mind), glossy and much nicer than on the renders. There is actually 2 USB ports, a full sized and an OTG. A third one is there only for charging. The WiFi is an RTL8723BR in case you wonder. The WiFi speed and signal strength is pretty good actually, I’ve seen worse in A+ brand notebooks. It gets warm, around 40-45 C. I guess there is no point testing the performance as it’s exactly the same as many tablets and pico-PCs nowdays, but just for the record, the FullHD killa sample .mkv renders without a hickup, and I’m browsing using Chrome 10+ tabs open and it’s fast and fluid. There might be cheaper or better specced options (with an activated OS), but I’m pretty sure there is no smaller right now.

    Do you plan on getting one Brad?

  3. I have had the MeeGo T01 for a week now, and I have to say I am impressed! I do like Windows 8.1, but I decided to put Windows 10 tech preview on it. One issue I ran into is that it stripped out all of my drivers. The website is all in Chinese, and even web page translators don’t help too much with getting the driver file. If you are luck enough to find the download and start it, the transfer speed will be between 5KB/Sec – 15KB/Sec for a 200MB RAR file. So if you are modifying the OS, make sure to get the drivers first. I was able to use an Intel driver install from HP’s website for the Stream 7. The only thing it left out was the Bluetooth adapter, which I was able to get from HP’s website too (can’t remember the product, but the download was right around 20MB.)
    I have to say, it’s a great little product for the price.

      1. Phil. I did similar to you and did a fresh OS install on this (only had it a day!) That link isn’t working anymore can you find the update link or even put it in dropbox for me please?

  4. its been a while, and this little thing comes with 32gb rom 2gb ram and intel bay trail cpu quad core, funny thing came out before intel’s own, its available at with free shipping plus, H3AV4 with coupon free make to female hdmi adapter

  5. This sounds like a wonderful replacement for my two year old dual core android tv stick. I hope liliputing can post a followup article on how to legally activate Windows on this device.

  6. You guys are forgetting that this comes with both Windows and Android!!

  7. So I just bit the bullet and ordered one. My use case is slightly different:
    I travel internationally a lot using my iPhone as my only computing device. I have accepted the limitations as the cost of traveling super light, and didn’t really want to buy an extra tablet for carrying around. Occasionally I want more than the restrictive iOS bullcrap can give, so I can plug this into a TV or simply switch it on and remote in from my phone to do a jailbreak, or run a windows app, or do any of the things my iOS device just can’t do.
    It’s not going to do any of these things particularly fast or particularly well, but It’s not my main device, it’s small and runs off my existing USB charger.

  8. I hate to be a “negative Nancy” here, but for $110 it’s a very difficult sell, considering you could get a 8″ tablet, for $10-$20 more.

    1. In my case, I prefer a dongle because it works better as a workstation setup. There are no Windows tablets on the market in that price range which allow you to plug in power, and HDMI out simultaneously. There are ways to do it with USB video out, but the setup is cumbersome.

      Also in my case, if it was a tablet, it would be used plugged into a monitor for most of its life. The added benefit of being able to use a tablet on the go doesn’t appeal to me, because I don’t like the idea of a tablet being sitting on a charger for most of its life.

      1. Another plus is that you don’t need to use up another electrical outlet to run this thing. I doubt the output of a USB plug would power a tablet sufficiently to keep the battery from slowly draining. Some tablets would probably refuse to use the 200ma most USB ports output.

      2. I don’t understand what meant to say here… “There are no Windows tablets on the market in that price range which allow you to plug in power, and HDMI out simultaneously.”… For $139 you can get a WinBook TW801 or VOYO A1 Mini, both of which have HDMI-out and support charging while USB is in use.
        Here’s a video of a Russian guy using his A1 Mini as a desktop with the tablet display turned of from Windows settings. The HDMI is actually a secondary display option and not just a mirror, you can use the tablet display for whatever, while playing a game or a movie over the HDMI display.

        1. I’m not really interested in buying a Windows tablet from a company I haven’t heard of.

          I do have a Dell Venue 8 Pro, I’m just not interested in using a tablet for that purpose.

          1. Paul Thurrot from Windows Weekly on TWIT speaks very highly of the Winbook tablets.

      3. The PIPO W2F also seems to have that ability to display via mini HDMI and charged. Going for $140 on tinydeal right now.

    1. As i saw the shipping out day is on 12.12. It was a presale almost on evey auction with meegopad t01.

    1. Maybe I should consider upgrading my edge a sketch, I am getting tired of shacking it for rebooting

  9. Doesn’t it come With MeeGo Linux? Otherwise there is probably a trademark problem of some kind? Why is the article calling it a Windows PC when it doesn’t come with WiIndows, per the name?

    By the same argument people can call the Atom based Android tablets, Windows tablets, but we can’t be sure if they can boot of something to be able to have Windows (x86) installed on them. Someone that is either ignorant or a bit of an idiot researched this article.

    1. It ships with both Android and Windows pre-loaded and does not run Linux.

      The MeeGo Linux distribution has been discontinued and the companies that had been backing it have largely moved on to Tizen or Sailfish although there’s an open source continuation of MeeGo called Mer.

      Yes, the MeegoPad T01 has a confusing name, but it’s hardly the first product to have one.

  10. I just wish it had an audio out port because my computer monitor doesn’t have built in speakers.

    1. HDMI video/audio splitters are hard to find and are often very expensive. Alternatively you can opt for bluetooth audio receiver for your speakers and just do it through bluetooth? That’s like $10+ if you buy it off aliexpress.

      EDIT: maybe not, it looks like you can get an HDMI audio extractor for about $22~ $30 on aliexpress.. which isn’t too bad I guess.

      1. Can’t I just plug a 4 port USB hub in and use a USB to audio in/out?

        1. Yes, I was totally overthinking things.. lol. I searched for this when I was using Android sticks and Android didn’t have native USB Audio support.

    2. Your monitor doesnt have an Audio-out jack? Most monitors with HDMI will pass through audio to a headphone jack.

      1. I will look again but I don’t ever remember seeing such a thing.

        1. I hope you just missed it, because I haven’t seen a monitor in years without one.

  11. I’m always critical of the press pounding on Samsung for plastic cases, so this may sound hypocritical, but here it should be mentioned. In something that small you need heat dissipation and metal would be much better at that. I’m beginning to wonder how small is too small.

    1. Windows tablet with the same cpu have it encased alongside batteries and other heat-dissipating components that’s wrapped in plastic. I’m not sure how this is more problematic?

      1. I didn’t say metal was necessary for larger devices, and in my support of Samsung using plastic for the S3, S4 and S5 suggests I don’t think it is necessary. But in general a larger device like a tablet has more ability to dissipate heat, and smaller devices have less ability so you’ll need to do more. You even mention tablets having “other heat-dissipating components” inside the case. This appears to be a very small device, so this device would be more appealing to me if it had a metal case.

        1. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying, larger devices may not necessarily have better heat dissipation. They have other elements that generate heat (i.e battery, LCD, etc). Larger devices are either in your bag, your pocket, or have one face in contact with a table or something (and usually not the side with the glass, which is insulating..) This device is going to hang suspended off your TV. Unless your TV generates an excessive amount of heat, I really don’t see a problem with this. Also, many of us have been using the same quad-core/octa-core Android sticks in the same packaging just fine. So this should not be an issue.

    2. You could always put the thing in a bottle of vegetable oil. 🙂

      1. except that vegetable oil spoils and will stink quite horribly after some time. Any submersible liquid cooling setup built to last uses mineral oil.

  12. I actually had a ZBox Pico, but returned it. I experienced pretty awful Bluetooth problems, and couldn’t boot to external media (USB DVD drive, Bootable USB Flash drive). Just picked up this little guy…can’t wait to see how it works.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I’m glad that I avoided the Zbox Pico. I was concerned it would not support USB booting.

      1. I’m impressed with it so far – but I’m not trying to use anything but its built-in copy of Windows.

          1. It’s the exact same hardware as the Asus T100, which I have. Absolutely no problems running windows programs or HD content. Heck, even the old atom dual cores could run HD (I had the Acer Iconia w510 prior)

          2. It can definitely play back full HD. I have MKVs on my PC which are 25gb+. Obviously it can’t play it back over wifi, but I have a USB Ethernet dongle which I plug into my home network and it can easily perform the task. I also tested smaller 4gb-8gb files over wifi, and depending on your signal strength, it can handle that as well.

      1. You’re probably right, and I did get the ZBOX for $170 during a Newegg coupon deal. Just adding a USB hub and USB/RJ45 adapter to this would put it around the same price.

        I’d probably be more tempted in a Windows stick if it was built by one of the higher-end (relatively speaking) Android stick builders like Tronsmart or Rikomagic. I wonder if we’ll see a flood of Windows sticks over the next year…

        1. Don’t mistake popularity with quality. Rikomagic is not a very high quality company. They’re decent considering the competition, but don’t set your expectations too high.

          But you’re right, I would feel more comfortable buying one of these from a brand as well known as Rikomagic. That way if there were any major issues, the community support would be better.

          1. Heh, like I said – “relatively speaking.” If someone like Asus or HTC made an Android stick (with an eventual lead-up to Windows sticks), I’d never look at any of the import brands again.

    1. I’d argue that these are booting from a really dodgy BIOS so don’t feel too bad.

  13. I’ll definitely be picking one of these up. Ive been waiting to replace my RK3066 dongle (running Xubuntu) with something more powerful.

    You can tell that the 2nd picture is vertically skewed to make it look thinner. The USB port is too thin 🙂

    1. Yep. When it was introduced in September it was already clear that this is a reference design for rebranding. Also the picture with the hand is misleading it’s actually way bigger. Or it’s a giant hand, dunno.

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