MeeGo is the new Linux-based operating system borne out of the ashes merger of Moblin and Maemo. While the two groups merged just last month, the folks at SlashPhone are reporting that the first version of MeeGo will be available by the end of March.

The new build will be compatible with Intel Atom-powered netbooks as well as the Nokia N900 internet tablet which currently runs Maemo.

It’s not entirely clear what the new OS will look like, as a lot of the project is “still under discussion.” But it doesn’t sound like it will be long before talk turns to action.

Are you looking forward to seeing MeeGo? Or are you happy with your current netbook operating system choices?

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18 replies on “MeeGo Linux for netbooks coming this month”

  1. IMHO, any netbook *nix user should be interested in this merger and more specifically in the product, MeeGo, as light-weight and easy to use linux systems are very high in popularity amongst users.
    On my MSI, I ran Win7 and Jolicloud and I spent 50% of my netbook time on each. They are both fast to boot, easy to install and required no tweaking (except for downloading some drivers) for the hardware to be fully functional. In joli I have some trouble with skype and citrix. Off topic: I am really shocked at how well Windows 7 work on the MSI (speed, stability).

    My short experience with Moblin 2.1 was that is was somewhat buggy (I used the Dell version since it allows for easily accessing the console and package manager) and shortly after that I switched to Jolicloud for my linux os.

  2. I dont look forward to MeeGo because Im happy with the various Linux I have on our 4 netbooks at home but having used Moblin, it is nice and sleek and Im sure will appeal to the smartphone crowd.
    I think that the fact that Nokia partnered up with Intel is important though because of the role both companies play in their fields.
    Let’s not forget that Nokia also is HEAVILY involved in Linux through their Qt framework which is the foundation of the KDE desktop so its not like they dont have a clue in this field.

    I have no use for diminished OS like Android and MeeGo obecause I do too many things on my netbook but for some people those limited operating systems will be plenty for smartphones, handhelds, tablets, MIDs and smartbooks, and competition is a GOOD thing.

    Since we use KDE at home, I tried the KDE4.4 netbook offering and I prefer it much more to last years Plasma-based custom netbook options they had come out with and it looks like it will be the one we will most likely use.

  3. Acer 751h
    -Added 1gig to 2 gigs RAM
    _Got rid of bloated software and XP to 7
    Bought on ebay a cheap 9 cell battery for 8 h browsing
    Added jolicloud on double boot because of intel GMA 500
    Perfect notebook and 2 fast OS,Jolicloud seem more responsive

  4. I tried Moblin awhile back, and left unimpressed.

    Jolicloud seems to deliver where Moblin falls short. I’m eagerly anticipating the final release.

  5. With Microsoft trying to stop WinXP and Win7 being too much for the older netbooks, I want to try MeeGo on my older Asus EEE 701a netbook.

    I am hoping to try ReactOS on my older netbook but they are working on it so it could be installed from an USB optical drive.

  6. Moblin looked very nice but, alas, it was not very productive. there were issues with the wireless and most of the Fn keys on my samsung NC10 so i dropped it. I got involved in the project itself with the translations but everything seemed very disorganised and the leader of the project had no idea what was going on in other areas of development and nothing about the merger and is going to happen now. I like the fact that the project gets a serious backing from Nokia so hopefully things move forward. I would have preferred them to keep the Moblin name instead of this MeeGo, which sounds plain silly.
    I will certainly try it on, but for now, I am sticking with Jolicloud and Ubuntu (ok, I confess, i also kept the windows, but only because I have some expensive windows software installed).

  7. its a while since I ran up Moblin for a look, but I soon removed it from my system. I didn’t like the interface a bit, or the fact that I was quickly dropped down into Linux to solve things which a consumer would have no chance with, or desire, I imagine.

    I (happily) didn’t invest in an N900, but do have the N770 and N800 Tablets. They are OK in many ways, but slow, and not very consumer friendly..

    I’m afraid I don’t see much hope for the ‘MeeGo’ combination where consumers are concerned. Android OS should wipe the floor with MeeGo, if Google gets its act together ref. the Marketplace & Experience apps, though time could prove me wrong ..Nokia & Intel are two enormous organisations after all!

    Reading through recent threads on the Moblin forum don’t add a lot to my optimism either..

  8. I have an Eee PC 900a netbook which has a 4GB SSD and it will be interesting to see what they come up with. I heard good things about moblin on the atom, but loading it into my netbook via flashdrive failed so I hope they fix that problem (most netbooks don’t have an optical drive so flashdrive or SD card are the only install options). I’m using easypeasy right now and its much better than the bloated OEM Xandros and seems to be more compatible with my mouse pad than regular ubuntu. I could never fix the jumpy mouse pad problem under ubuntu.

  9. I used Moblin 2.1 for a couple of weeks. It was fast and had some interesting features such as previous screens. The social networking wasted 33% of the screen. Out of the box, it supported very few netbook features. I went to Ubuntu and Ubuntu Netbook Remix, which had everything working right away. I may now change to Linux4One to get even more specific machine support. I won’t be going back to ANY version of Windows.

  10. Yes, I am looking forward to the release. I like having dual boot machines, it’s like getting two computers in place of one.

    On XP my ASUS EEE 1001AH is okay, it stutters sometimes, takes a while to boot and sometimes locks up. But okay is the right word for it.

    Ubuntu is better than XP, codecs available for quicktime and flash, quicker boot than XP. Opensuse looked really good but the restore session feature meant that at one one point it could not get past the boot up.

    But purpose-built OSs such as Moblin boot much faster, the machine is much snappier, like it has a different personality. But Moblin could not play all the media I like and it did not take long for dependancy problems to make it un-updateable.

    Android would not boot on it. Right now I’ve got JoliCloud. I am impressed. Fast, effective. Still missing a lot of codecs and the flash won’t install. But this is beta release.

    What else should I try? I’ve still got the XP restore CD so even if I trash the install I can go back to the beginning.

    1. Hello,

      flash should be installed out of the box, regarding codecs, you should install vlc from our app center.

      in any case make sure you have the most recent version of jolicloud, you can update in my jolicloud or go to terminal and type this
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

      happy joliclouding

  11. I was playing with Moblin right up until this announcement, and generally I liked what Intel was trying to do. I’d never played with Maemo. I can say for a fact that the names of all of these projects are horrid, and if they go to market aren’t going to do well. I have yet to ask anyone if they’d be willing to use a computer drive by MeeGo and get a positive response, although I did get one person who thought I was talking about the Amiga and got very excited. I referred him to the open source Amiga project, and kept asking. Oh well, we’ll see how this plays out. I’m curious to see what they produce. I was a lot more excited by Moblin actually, and am slightly LESS so now that the projects have merged. I don’t know why, that’s just how I feel.

  12. An Intel guy was at SCaLE 8x this year talking about MeeGo. From what he was saying, a lot of the partnership is still conceptual. He was running Moblin 2.x on his notebook that was displaying the presentation and I like the interface, but he wasn’t at liberty to discuss much on whether it will use one interface over the other. They had some mock-ups of what it will look like and it retains the Moblin style but they wouldn’t confirm if that was how it would stay. They also had very little info regarding security, applications, or features. I am curious WHAT they are releasing this month and and I am quite sure it will not be what is finally released.

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