Shortly after announcing that it was getting out of the smartphone operating system game, Cyanogen Inc pulled the plug on some of the key resources used by the developers of the open-source, community-based CyanogenMod operating system.

As promised, those CyanogenMod developers are continuing to work on their popular custom version of Android. But it has a new name: LineageOS.

While official builds of LineageOS aren’t ready for download yet, the team has a code review system ad github code page in place, and the team is working on getting together the tools necessary to develop a popular, widely-used operating system.

Unofficial builds of LineageOS are also starting to pop up.

The developers note that those unofficial builds may not have been extensively tested, so you should proceed with caution. But since this is an open source project, anyone with the necessary skills can download and compile the source code to run on a wide range of phones, tablets, or other devices.

One of the first unofficial builds I’ aware of is a version of LineageOS for the LeEco Le2 smartphone, compiled by xda-develoer forum member codewrkx.

Since this is an early, unofficial build, it should come as no surprise that some features don’t work. One big one? Audio only works when making phone calls, at least in the initial release.

Still, it’s nifty to see how quickly developers are making the transition from CyanogenMod to LineageOS.

UpdateUnofficial builds have started rolling out for a bunch of phones, and code commits give us a first look at the new logo for LineageOS, shown above.

via /r/Android and  /r/LineageOS


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8 replies on “LineageOS development begins, picking up the pieces of CyanogenMod”

  1. I wonder if there’s any chance that they could get the right to use the right to use the existing “system update” system so that existing Cyanogenmod users could easily transfer over?

    And if not, is there any security in place to make sure someone doesn’t make unauthorized use of that system?

    1. Sounds like a bad idea.

      It would be much better to “port” all official CyanogenMod ROMs to LineageOS right out of the gate, and try to entice the hardcore developers that maintain old devices for nothing but a smile.

      Next step would be to “port” all the unofficial CM ROMs to LineageOS, and attempt to make move these unofficial ROMs to the official chain. But that takes time and developers, two things that require $$$, and its not like there’s any money involved in CM….ah wait…

      Sounds like it would be easier to write off CM and LineageOS as failed projects and move to greener pastures like OmniROM, ResurrectionRemix, RemixOS and AOKP projects.

      1. I am not sure about omni rom, but I know that Resurrection Remix is CM based so without CM, (or now lineage) they can’t exist either.

        1. OmniROM is an OS based on AOSP, it literally is the brother of CM.
          ResurrectionRemix OS is a derivative OS based on Whatever-AOSP ROM is out there.

          So if there is a pure AOSP ROM for the Note 6, then someone could start working on a RROS based on that ROM.
          If there isn’t but there is a CM ROM for the Note 6, then that same someone can base it off the CM ROM and build a RROS.
          In some cases, RRemix OS can be built from the Stock ROM that shipped with the phone (eg/ OG Moto G’s very bone-stock rom).

          Killing off CM won’t have any effect on ResurrectionRemix project.
          Because the AOSP is still there, and its from Google, and its there to stay.
          As long as there are people making AOSP Roms for older handsets, there can be people deriving a ResurectionRemix OS from them. Or they can build one from scratch, if you’re determined and head to GitHub.

          The death of CM doesn’t really mean much for the Android Community.
          It was a relic. Ask any seasoned modder/developer out there.
          And it was a shame for the community, as they tarnished the reputation of open-source community by attempting to monetise on other people’s work.
          So its sort of nice to hear it officially announced dead.
          And there’s a slim chance LineageOS will be successful.
          ….just too many better things out there.

            Quoting official FAQ number 4: ” If RR developers obtain your device through donation or by purchasing it themselves, then they will probably build it for your device (as long as there is already a CM build for that device). Please do not make device requests.”

          2. Like I said, ResurrectionRemix OS is a derivative OS built upon AOSP.
            CM ROMs are based upon AOSP.
            Which is why most RROS have CM-base.

            It isn’t a requirement, it just is easier to pool resources than for RROS devs to write a AOSP from scratch.
            Its much much easier to obtain a CM Rom, clean it, and transform it into a RROS rather than build one from scratch.
            And the limiting factor for RROS or any Custom Rom project are developers and time, this is the reason why.
            The above quote doesn’t address the point I put forth.

            Here’s a tutorial on how to make a RROS:

          3. Okay you won, I was wrong, but I have just one more question then what does this mean? “Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM, Slim, Omni and original Remix ROM builds…”

          4. It means two things:
            1- The base rom. You could get a Slim Rom, extract the AOSP from it and recompile a RROS from it. Usual stuff. AOSP -> CM -> SlimROM.
            2- The feature set.
            There’s a buttload of Custom features in the Configurations Menu. Some are borrowed from other open-source projects, like ParanoidAndroid, CM, etc etc.

            One example is the Fling Navbar.
            It’s featured in the RROS, however it was built by the guys in DirtyUnicorn.

            Never meant to talk down, was just trying to clear the air.
            AOSP development in general won’t be affected by the loss of CM/LineageOS.
            They’ve been playing a minor role for years now.

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